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Are you qualified to take on difficult cases?

Do you feel you need more qualifications or more credentials to take on pathological or challenging cases?
Do you feel your homoeopathic school was not adequate when it comes to working with certain conditions?

You might be surprised to find out how much my own training as a medical doctor really helped when started working with pathological cases in my practice.

Let me know your thoughts on this....


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Hi Shilpa - absolutely love your inspiring videos and all you do for us, your fellow homeopaths :) I totally agree with all you´re saying in this video :*

My very best to you,
Guðný Ósk
Iceland School of Homeopathy

I am glad this helped Gudny.
Best wishes for your homoeopathic journey.

I think you are wonderful with your homeopaty lessons and life lessons. You are right. Thank you for sharing with us. Mariana, Romania

It's a pleasure Mariana.

Dear Shilpa. You have encouraging words. Thank you for uplifting our spirit and upbuilding your student's confidence!
Jocelyne, Canada

I am glad my experiences helped Jocelyne

Thank you Shilpa. U hold our hands and kick us in the backside with your words of wisdom. Inspiring as always.


Thank you, Shilpa. Paralysis has been so easy to fall into. This video has been very helpful.

Shilpa, Love your passion, your willingness to share your own personal journey and point the way for others to be able to reach their own destination.

Thanks Marydell.

Irshad Ali
I have much gained from your lecture
homeopathy is not an easy job,but practice made perfect , if the teacher like you