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Isopathy - Key to Simillimum

Isopathy and Homoeopathy

I never really acknowledged Isopathy during my homeopathic medical training. It seemed too basic and one sided as compared to the deep multidimentional classical homoeopathy I was studying.

Ian Watson's quote that "Homeopathy was never meant to be that simple" summarised this well!!

Hence when I was asked to cover isopathy as one of the topics for my year four students around 6 years back, I wasn't sure how would I structure it. All I was clear about was that I did not want to present anything that I had not experienced clinically in my practice.

Thus started my own research on isopathy and its comparitive study with homeopathy filtered through my own clinic.

I did find loads of information on Isopathy. But what was interesting was that although none of the homeopaths really appreciated Isopathy, it did not deter them from experimenting Isopathy through their practice.

Isopathy in Homeopathic Practice

I realised that Homeopaths had incorporated isopathy in innumerable ways in the form of using nosodes, sarcodes, tautopathic, homeoprophylactic remedies and so on.

It seemed to be used as a default complementary strategy whenever they had struggled to address the issues through constitutional or "classical" ways.

Directly or indirectly we used it when patients who had been never well since a particular infection are prescribed relevant nosodes as inter currents.

We also used it when stimulating, inhibiting or balancing specific organs through relevant sarcodes.

We address annoying drug side effects, ill effects of substance abuse, reducing the severity of allergic reactions or chronic poisoning effects of certain toxic substances through tautopathy.

Thus the list goes on...

Isopathy, a Subset of homeopathy or more?

Most authors consider Isopathy to be a subset of homeopathy.

So if someone was suffering from side effects of Iron tablets, then isopathically the remedy Ferrum Met can be used to reduce the symptoms
Whereas homeopathically any remedy that produced symptoms similar to excess Iron in provings should cure these symptoms eg Pulsatilla has been used for Iron abuse according to law of Similars.

Hering mentioned that in his seven years of experience using Isopathy he had never been able to cure but rather only ameliorate symptoms using Isopathy. Deeper effects were seen only with homeopathics.

So accordingly, Ferrum Met removed only those symptoms which were caused due to excessive Iron whereas Pulsatilla because it is chosen on the totality of Symptoms along with those of excessive ferrum created a much deeper change and possible cure.

Isopathy and Homoeopathy- Is it a fair comparison?

While I knew there was logic here, there was something missing for me. From my own clinical experience I realised this was an unfair comparison and conclusion.

Have you wondered about what could happen when the isopathic remedy itself was the patient's simillimum?

For example what happens when an Apis constitution is stung by the honey bee.
Then if he or she happens to be given Apis in a potency, what would unfold ?

Now let me share you a case from my acute clinic.I saw this patient around the same time I was reseraching isopathy and it was the first time I got some clarity into this topic.

Through time there was an even more deeper question that came up -

Why does a Apis person shows symptoms of Apis poisoning even without being ever stung by the honey bee as far as they could remember!

Have you wondered about our unique relationship to the source of our simillimum?

In my next blog I will share with you an interesting insight which will change the way you look at Isopathy ie - how we can actually confirm whether the isopathic remedy is indeed the patient's the simillimum!!

I would love to hear your thoughts? How do you associate isopathy and homeopathy?


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The history so remote I would consider it homeopathic.
Very interesting.

Hi Shilpa. I think that Merc was homoeopathic in the truest sense. The symptom totality matches the medicine totality, according to the Law of Similars. There are many causations to disease. Even if the Mum suffered Merc poisoning, it was the taint of this that would have been passed down. Not the crude poisoning. Disease causation stimulates the miasm to produce symptoms according to the person's miasm and susceptibility. This is expressed by the organism in their own unique way. It is this state that is being treated, so I don't see that this can be isopathy. I see isopathy as giving the same substance not the most similar, and does not necessarily take into account the totality of symptoms. Eg. Glandular Fever virus for Glandular fever - even if the closest match was Carcinosin from a homoeopathic perspective. In saying that, I have recently given Ferrum met to someone who has haemochromatosis, with good effect. BUT, constitutionally, he sits within the Ferrum series. Yes, he could be Ferrum because of his high iron levels creating a state like Ferrum, but beyond that is his body expressing his internal imbalance with dis-ease, of which haemochromatosis is a part of.

This is a very interesting topic. I have had cases where the source is evident in the patient's history but, as with this case, it is only in hindsight that it's significance is recognised. And I guess its not always as 'causative' as such ... for example I have a patient who suffered such intense dysmenorrhoea that she habitually presented to her emergency department to 'get a shot of morphine'. She has done very well on Morphininum, not because of this story, but due to her heightened sensitivity to pain, history of violence, and paralytic responses to fright and shock (e.g. she has suffered episodes of 'sleep paralysis'). So I understand this isn't isopathic as such, but it does show how the source of the similimum can 'show its hand' in a variety of ways, perhaps sometimes causative but other times more by association.

I would think it was homeopathic - agree with Michelle's statements about the taint and the individuals susceptibility.

I think it could as well be rare isopathic case, the lower potency remedy clearly unlocked some pattern developed over the years. I would also look for syphilitic features in this case manifested constitutionally?

I feel this was homeopathic. Just as with infections (miasms), poisons can engraft on the body and be passed down, if they have a big impact.
Is isopathy any less effect than acute prescribing which may only manage the problem?
I feel isopathy is just another tool in our extensive tool box. It can help in the overall outcome.

For her MOther it was discrasia and would work - Isopathicaly; for a girl it was inherited - so it would work homeopathically because it is also her similimum! BZ

As long as you're talking about isopathy, it's a good opportunity to mention what Jiri Cehovsky calls autopthy, where he has his patients make remedies out of their saliva or breath:

I'm tempted to order his remedy-making glassware, based on old designs by Fincke, but the shipping cost from the Czech Republic to the USA is very high.

Is anyone else familiar with this system?

After trying this out on my own for a long time, the results have been disappointing.

I was also very interested in autopathy, but never ordered the kit. It's still a subject of great interest to me. For example, I have fed back milk to a doe goat with an infection, especially an udder infection, and it always helps to clear up the illness more quickly. A well-chosen remedy then finishes it up.

Hi Shilpa,
I would consider this homeopathic and Merc would be her constitutional remedy as well.

Hi, lately past life trauma has come up a lot in my environment...It gets a bit tricky, but to me the person (the soul inhabiting this body) cannot be defined by just this life's experiences...Probably a lot of past life trauma will reflect in some sort of minor and similar situation in this life, but it's not the root cause of the symptoms. A well-known homeopath Dr. Tinus Smits from Holland used Isopathy a lot but in the end was more about spiritual healing than physical healing and went way beyond "this life, this body" concerns.

I've read strong arguments both for and against reincarnation, as well as a kind of "recombinant" idea of how souls come back to life on earth (where souls interchange impressions and thereby change before coming back). So, while I find compelling the traditional idea that matter comes from mind (rather than the more recent idea that mind comes from matter), I've become agnostic about reincarnation.

Dr.Shilpa, Merc prescription is homoeopathic in this case as the patient expressed symptoms due to the combination of her individual constitution along with the inherited miasm.

I have heard great things about use of isopathy for aluminum toxicity. In one case it was needed before the constitutional remedy would work.

What do you think about trying argentum metallicum for someone who developed argryria - the blue skin condition with colloidal silver use? What dose would you try?

Hi Linda,
For me the dose depends on what stage is the patient affected by the substance.

I have discussed dosage in detail in this blog post

Hi I just got around to listening to your blog.

I have often found patient's chronic remedies by treating them for 'acute' problems. The reason it works is explained in the Organon where Hahnemann says that if a patient keeps getting the same type of 'acute' over and over then it is really an acute flare-up of the chronic miasm.

Is this an isopathic or homeopathic remedy? Definitely it was homeopathic and probably isopathic. But it doesn't matter. It was what the patient needed.

I had a patient who was diagnosed with Epstein-Barr virus. He was extremely fatigued and weak. I couldn't find a remedy that helped him and finally in desperation gave him Epstein-Barr 1M. After 5 years he came back and said he'd been well all that time but the problem had came back. I gave another dose and he's been well since.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts and case Stephen.

From the Hahnemannian perspective, since the remedy touched deep into the person and followed Hering's law of cure, this was a true, homeopathic prescription. In my experience and that of my colleagues here in the U.S., we find that isopathic remedies do not yield such a true, deep, curative process, but rather, produce temporary suppressions that may bring some relief, but always relapse, requiring the simillimum.

I conducted a 50 person trial on using saliva and hand potentizing as a 'C'.
Most started with a 12c which is actually too strong for the mirror of the soul.
Most of the subjects found that they, within a short period of time, became very aware of anything preventing their health from going forward and as a good homeopathic remedy does, allowed energies to be attracted to allow the changes to happen.
After 8 months, most said it was still 'working'.
I have continued potentizing for myself and recently increased to a 43C. In beginning again, three said that the emotions released at an 11C.
If anyone is interested in helping to persue more results, please contact me: Dr. Caroline Walrad, Scottsdale, Arizona 480-766-0751. Best wishes!

Hi Caroline
That is such a fascinating experiment. Thanks for sharing.
Do you have an email that people can contact you on?
I think people outside US will appreciate that.


Please email me at:
Thanks, Shilpa

It is facinating.

I am excited to read of this interest in isopathy.
When I was deeply ill many decades ago, one of my doctors used what he called 'autogenous drops', made from our blood. Those drops made me able, both in clarity of mind and strength, to do what I needed to do to work on regaining health.
Additional drops, I guess now to be isopathic, were made on a 1 to 5 basis for every conceivable substance, 'neutralizing' us to whatever symptoms we got from the substance. (We'd find out our individual neutralizing strength by testing one strength at a time, say with milk, until the presenting symptoms which had appeared on the strongest dose disappeared.) When we then took those drops daily, we could tolerate the substance.
Supposedly these neutralizing drops were only to help in the moment, but for me, over maybe 15 years, the combination of the two types of drops brought me to much increased health. Perhaps of interest may be the fact that midway through the treatment my doctor let me know that if I continued, I might get a possibly dangerous physical illness. I easily chose continuance, but it wasn't that long afterwards that I received a Dx of Multiple Sclerosis. While continuing treatment for a number of years afterwards,, the M.S. remained stable. e.g.I recall that when the foot drop got worse, I'd have a retest on one of the molds, get the new drops, and go home without foot drop.
Unfortunately the federal government decided that this treatment was no longer approved, so I could not continue treatment. This doctor, 2nd in line in this treatment, is long since deceased, though I think 'clinical ecology' continues in orthomolecular medicine.
Unfortunately, I have lost considerable ground probably at least partly to the loss of those autogenous drops.
Jean Lord

thanks shilpa,Iwould say merc was initialy homeopathic but on finding mothers history of mercury poisoning,the remedy was isopathic.After listening to Jeremy s blog.where he mentions there is no such thing as the simillum,as there may be a deeper remedy,then.merc was isopathic and homeopathic remedy that cured .

Hi Shilpa, The case is definitely homeopathic in the truest sense and history related to mercurius is a sort of confirmatory information for the right remedy.
Isopathy does have a definite place and a long history in our literature.
We can think of using this approach if we fail to get a characteristic totality to find a simillimum and instead has a strong causation indicating an isopathic remedy.
The response will show if it is a isopathic or a homeopathic prescription.
If it's a deep curative response, the so called isopathic remedy is his homeopathic remedy.
To conclude this is a good subject for research and can offer lots of exciting possibilities.

Waqar Taji

hi Dr. shilpa madam ! iam not able to hold the point in the past history of mercury poisoning as the cause for the present pathology of the offspring.
if at all, it is a result of mercury poisoning , and if we have to treat isopathically, we should know the form of mercury in which the mother had been poisoned. if we potentise that particular mercury compound and give it, it will be isopathy like application of sarcode. any way , knowingly or unknowingly we are using isopathic prescriptions and as you said it only removes the toxin to some extent less than a constitutional remedy or a remedy that is covering the totality .

dear dr.shilpa
i am not able to view the video due to some error. i get the message' try later'. until then i cannot judge. sorry
sainath ramesh

another very interesting healing methode is autopathy from dr Jiri Cehovsky.

I tried that method for a while, even ordered glassware from Cehovsky. Unfortunately, the results were disappointing in my case, despite trying several methods described in the accompanying autopathy books.

Hi Shilpa, hi all,
Thanks for a wonderful video.
However, in my opinion this is not the best case to examine isopathy because, mercury might have acted here like a nosode...that is, her mother carried a certain "block" or "intoxication" of giving her child mercury (if we only count on the mother's story withput repertorizing the case) is not preciesly isopahty...pure isopathy in this specific csse would be giving the child oragnotherapy like tympanum 7c or even tonsilinum 7c....perscribing merc here is pure homeopathy. I hope I explained myself well.

That is an interesting question. I feel the remedy was homeopathic in the first instance as it matched the simillimum. However it did bring up the taint that the patient had inherited from her mother in the same way we may use tuberculinum if the patient had a cough acutely but the mother may have had tuberculosis before the patient was born. As you have already stated that an acute problem can very often reflect an underlying chronic state in a patient and the acute remedy could be a constitutional remedy for the chronic state. So in this case my thought is, it is both Homeopathic and Isopathic in which case if that is so then an Isopathic prescription could heal this patient.

Your final question reminds me of a Sufi teaching story:

Q - "Is kabob with an 'a' or an 'o'?"

A - "With meat!"

I don't know what made you think about isopathy...u have given a potentised drug and you witnessed hearing law( rashes at back of knee) ...both of this is not there on isopathy.

If you had given this remedy to the mum and produced a positive result than that could be seen as Isopathic. In this case we are talking about a result of an inherited blockage quasi-miasmatic which was homeopathically treated with Merc-d

For me this is a homeopathic prescription

Dear shilpa.
20 Years ago my daughter suffered from loose stool for several months.allopathic and homeopathic medicine did not relieved her so in desperation i potentised her stool up to 6x and gave her three doses for two days.that stopped her loose stool she is 24 and healthy.

What a deep and interesting question, Shilpa! I will just write this down before looking at everyone else's answers. Isopathy strikes me as a type of stage I (could there be a stage 0?) prescription. And as you point out, a remedy, even though prescribed at this stage, can happen to be a match at the further stages as well, can turn out to be the simillimum. At the same time, the relationship seems to go deeper. With isopathy, I am prescribing at the level of the source. And this may mean that, although counter-intuitive at first sight, there is a direct link between the language of the source at the level of isopathy and at stage IV. So isopathy may take me closer to the simillimum than prescribing at stage III?! Whether your remedy merely removed a layer or was her simillimum would be a secondary question from this perspective.

Thanks for your inputs Margrit.
I provide my inputs on Isopathy and stages in the next blog. Do check it out -