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Lessons Learned from a practitioner who makes impossible cures...

A few months back I got the chance to sit down with a doctor
from a small village in Goa, India who was making IMPOSSIBLE cures.

This is what I learned – including the big meta-lesson that applies
to YOU in your practice…


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Thanks for bringing these kind of cases where pathological changes have been present and can be cured solely with homeopathic remedies. This will give confidence to our fellow homeopaths around the Globe.

Heads off you Shilpa,

Yours truly,

Dr. Naresh Verma
Surrey BC Canada

Thanks Naresh. I will be sharing more on this. Will keep you updated.

Hi Shilpa! Really enjoy your videos and all you are so generous in teaching! I have completed my first year of the New York School of Homeopathy and I am enjoying it so much! It's so exciting to hear these cases being cured by this healer. I truly believe all illnesses are curable! Not only that but a great mental change happens many times apparently so the entire outlook of the patients life changes dramatically!

I'm not sure yet how I see my practice but there are so many wonderful teachers and practitioners out there it's truly inspirational.

Best regards,
Alex Katsanos
New York City

Thanks Alex. I am really glad you are enjoying your homeopathy course. All I say is continue to remain open and keep exploring and growing with your homoeopathy.

thanks you very much to gives us guidline about curing advance pathological diseases. i learn so much about classical homoepathy from you people

How do we know if the approach, method, and teachings we are learning is the correct one. There are so many variations out there that' it's impossible to comprehend all of them