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20 years in homoeopathy business and why I keep showing up...

Wish you a very Happy New Year 2018.

This year I will complete 20 years in my Homoeopathic business and these are the two things that push me to keep trying to get better.

And if you ever want to leverage your impact and reach through your homoeopathy, then this is for you...

Yes please, leave a comment below and let me know what you think. I would really love to hear your thoughts.


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I'm going to open a clinic this year and I'm from Portugal ...
I have been following the work of Shilpa, but I have not had the opportunity to follow with more attention and I already have the software ...
As I have stopped, due to health issues for 1 year and away from homeopathic practice, it is difficult for me to return and succeed again.
It pleases me to see your enthusiasm and success

Well done on starting your clinic Ricardo.You will find plenty of help in the homeopathy network and trainings here to create a successful practice.

Thank you for sharing this. I am so grateful that your vision got bigger because you are right....there is a piece missing when one goes from learning the fundamentals of homeopathy to practicing it. What you are offering is so needed. At the beginning of joining the Argentum program last Feb. My intention was to decide after the year whether I was going to keep going with homeopathy or give it up. I have to say, because of your teaching lessons and your mentorship, I feel it is possible to practice this type of healing and have decided to continue on the learning and practice. There is hope for me now, that it is possible. It feels great to connect with people who have the same values and intentions in life. Thank you Shilpa! From all those you have helped, we send our love and keep expanding your vision of what is possible as you do this, we are all inspired to do the same.

Thanks for your kind words,Suzan. It is a priviledge to work with incredible practitioners like you through Argentum. Keep on spreading your healing gifts...

Nice work, I am sure you have helped many. We certainly need the development of homeopathic practitioners in this poor suffering world of ours.
May I suggest that you can go deeper yet? Hahnemann's intention was the reduction in the INCIDENCE of illness and disease overall. To do this one must understand the source of disease. He gives this guidance in the 6th edition of the Organon. It awaits discovery.

Hello Dr.Shilpa.You are doing a great job with the internet courses.Please keep on doing them.You have a great vision. Keep doing it.Thankyou. Mariana Zamfir

Thanks Mariana.

Congratulations on 20 years of homeopathic practice Shilpa!
And thanks for sharing your 'Big Picture'. It continues to stimulate & intersect with my own homeopathic 'story'... now in my 10th year of practice.

That's fantastic Lee. Congratulations! This just made me realise that I have completed a decade of mentoring :-)
Keep growing and spreading your gifts of homoeopathy.

....yes, I am 'squeamish' about sharing this too - but will do so for the sake of homeopathy in Australia. The most satisfying part of my practice is handing home remedies to mothers, with easy instructions for use. I feel as if I have multiple pairs of hands as I do this. Currently homeopathy is under threat in Australia. I privately think that the 'Big end of the medical industry' knows the real value of homeopathy and is anxious to steal this Treasure for its own ends. The best way to safeguard this Treasure is to divide it and place it into as many hands as possible. It is easier to steal a few large treasure chests than it is to steal countless small treasure chests, so it makes sense for us to give our jewels to everyone we can.You have led the way with this Shilpa, with your inclusive 'both-and' approach, which is in stark contrast with the restrictive 'either-or' attitude of some medical disciplines.

Thanks Pauline.You have expressed it so well. I am blessed to have leaders like you in the homoeopathy network...

Congratulations, in not only practicing homeopathy for 20yrs but being confident and courageous enough to share your learnings with fellow practitioners.

Thanks Judith.

I am impressed by your humble sincerity. I have been inspired to study homeopathy. Dont know where to turn for the education that will be accepted in North America. I am in desperate need of homeopathic consuktation for four sick children as well. success with homeopathic so far not there. need a caring homeopath who will make the children feel connected to them. Please advise.

Thanks Kathryn,
I would encourage you to check in with members in the QuestConnect community within the homeopathy network.
We have a some wonderful practitioners in there who practice in US and will guide you further.
It is a invitation only community and I have sent you an invitation by email.

Warm Regards

I would like to offer my praise and gratitude for what your have done and are doing. I am in Alabama, USA. There are very few homeopaths in this state and no schools for learning homeopathy. The effort by conventional medicine in this state and in this country to suppress homeopathy is huge. One of my future goals is to start an organization for the expansion of homeopathy, however, there have been personal obstacles that have stood in the way.

I am a firm believer in destiny and self-determination. You have to choose your destiny. I intend to promote homeopathy in what ever way I possibly can, and everything that Shilpa has offered has been wonderful for that purpose. Keep up the good work!

Thanks Deborah.

Hi Shilpa,

I am so glad you have these classes and videos. I am a few years away from being able to study enough to practice but watching your webinars gives me the hope that I will get there and gain confidence enough to change my life and start.