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A Game Changing SuperPower For Practitioners

I was checking in the survey questions that I sent practitioners at the start of the year and one key issue that is holding a lot of practitioners back is about educating patients new to homeopathic treatment and keeping them with you to go through the journey.
One survey read - It's very difficult in a culture brainwashed to want quick cures for their symptoms..

So this might be the ultimate practitioner superpower - the ability to shift perspective and understand the view point of your prospective patient.
So if you can put yourself in someone else’s shoes, it’s the shortest path to educate, influence, collaborate, communicate, connect and transform them with your homoeopathy.
Here is how you do it.


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Thank you Shilpa.
This is very important!
I've realised during your video that, even with other healthcare professionals, sometimes if this is taken into account I won't end up with the sensation I can't communicate with them. Just try to approach them from a common ground can be quite helpful.

Thanks Vania,
Yes you are right. This is applicable to any professional consultant and coach in the healing modality.

This is so true. I'm careful with lay-people and go real slow with them, one step at a time. But when I get someone who knows about homeopathy (like a couple of my patients, one studied homeopathy for 2 years and another one is a recent grad, i.e. a brand-new homeopath herself), I get all excited and try to lay it all out so they can see that there's a strategy and a plan. But I find that not only were they not impressed or even interested, they got overwhelmed and confused. I really need to dial it back and take it easy, or I'm going to scare away my ideal client.

Thanks for sharing your experience Fatima :-) Our patients are on the same road as we are, albeit a few years behind. They haven't traveled enough to face the obstacles and problems for which we offer a solution...

Fatima, a few years back, I would have so loved to find a homeopath like you, who would share her entire strategy with me, but it never happened! What you did was really valuable, but I suppose it all depends on the client's readiness - and an ability to read where she or he is at (still learning myself!).

everyone is so different whether that person has an idea about Homoeopathy or no idea that first consult discussion can be overwhelming for them. I try not to ask too much to start with but let that person take the lead in expressing what they want and ask questions so I then have an idea of where they are at in what to expect from Homoeopathy. Meeting a new client can be daunting and confronting so a little time to 'feel' that energy and get an impression is my first step, hope that makes sense!

It does Caroline! I am glad you take the time to let it sink and experience that energy before you act.

It really is a core skill - and so much easier said than done :-). It's like the stages approach is the tip of the iceberg here. Seeing what stage a client is at seems like a first step towards taking their perspective in a more comprehensive way.
Hard to believe that it took you a while to get there, Shilpa. You are a wonderful mentor. And whenever you comment on a case in the Argentum community, you manage so well to be supportive of that skill set we already have, and yet to point out the next step and strategy along the way that will help us - and the client! - improve.

It has been a learning curve Margrit and I am getting better at it each passing year. All thanks to inspirational members like you who step out of their comfort zones to implement those strategies and make it all happen..

Very inspiring, Shilpa! And thank you so much for sharing this information. This will be very helpful for me and others; "walk a mile in my shoes." You made this information very accessible, and for me, I can see why this information is crucial. We will be driving people away if we don't heed this advice, because we are starting from the wrong place, i.e. from our own viewpoint instead of looking at it from the patient's viewpoint.

I think this is why I don't do a lengthy 2 hour first appointment. I remember as a client being with a homeopath for 2 hours and just wanting it to be over and leave. I just do 1 hour and get the rest of the information next time.
My biggest learning this year has been to recognise how long homeopathic treatment can take, so there is no need to try and get all the information in one session, it trickles out each appointment and both the client and I get to know each other and the process.