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A specialised materia medica for the autistic spectrum?

Today I want to share a case study of a child in the autistic spectrum. This case opened my eyes to explore a fascinating group of remedies in our materia medica that I had never considered before...
Check this case out here...

Would love to know your thoughts on this. How have you used these remedies in your practice?


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Brilliant Shilpa......thanks for that, so many autistic kids out there.

I did wonder if you give advice to the parents about food and diet, as this lad did not seem to be on very helpful food regime?

My pleasure Sohani. In this case the child craves these foods but the parents do not necessarily give in. But you are right, the diet is a key obstacle to cure in these cases and I generally intervene if the remedy cannot overcome that.

I remember I was interested in this Vaccinations remedies course (Dr Issac) but what I found out was some limitations and that in order to get the repertoire..yes all the remedies there ware a somewhat complicated process.

Roger Aburto

I generally get all these remedies from the Simillimum pharmacy in NZ Roger. They do courier remedies so check them out.

Roger check out I and E Organics Apothecary, they are in southern CA and they have all the vaccine remedies.

Thanks Shilpa, for sharing this case, Have you given DTP vaccine 200 for how long? Was it one dose?

He has taken a dose twice a week regularly for 3-4 months.

Thank you very much

Did you give 200c dry during this time or in solution with succussing in between? Dry, wet---I'm still not sure what's best?? Thanks from Riitta

It was dry pills Riitta.

Thank you Shilpa! I very much trust your approach to homeopathy, taking the best from all systems. I would just like to ask you to comment on the stipulation in the 6th edition of the Organon where Hahnemann forbids repeating the same potency even twice, without changing the potency a little. Obviously, as in the case you cite, dry doses work beautifully. This is one reason I find homeopathy so frustrating and confusing....

Thanks for sharing your thoughts Riitta.
You have to remember that Hahnemann changed his posology methods three main times during his entire life time i.e. 4th edition, 5th edition and 6th edition of Organon. So it does not mean that the methods in the previous editions were not working. It was just that the newer methods worked in cases when the older methods did not. And then today we have a lot of contemporary homeopaths who are bringing some tremendous new insight into the potency questions. So being fixed with one method ie 6th edition is limiting ourselves. You start with what you think is the best and most convenient for your patient's unique situation and change the method if it does not work. For me I usually give nosodes and intercurrents in dry single doses. But if they do not work efficiently I change my posology to make sure they do the job if still indicated.
So homeopathy can be frustrating if we try and fix to one way. If you look at it as a dynamic evolving process it can be a joy to grow with it..

Great! I loved it!

Interesting case and discussion. Thanks shipla

Thank you Shilpa.

The Materia Medica of Vaccine Remedies that you mention - could I please have the title and author.

Thanks Karen.
It is taken from the course that I hosted by Dr Isaac in my Academy where he discussed the MM on the vaccine remedies.
I am unaware if he has any book on the materia medica yet.

Thanks again Shilpa. Hopefully someone will take up this thought!

Hello Shilpa, I thought I had the latest version of Homeoquest, but when I look for the DTP remedy, the information isn't there. I have Premium Modern Level II 2016 including Roger van Zandvoort's Complete Rep 2014 and Jeremy Sherr's QRep. Julie

The remedy is there in both the 2014 and 2016 versions Julie. It is in the remedy Comparison section. Send me an email and I can help you out.

Hello again Shilpa, wondering if you have also done anything similar with MMR Rx? Karen.

I have not yet used MMR as a constitutional Karen.

Lovely Dr.Shilpa. This worked magically!

Shilpa, I specialize in working with kids on the spectrum and discovered this as well. I have found that in addition to the rubrics you mentioned, DPT is incredibly deep acting in those children who have extreme OCD rituals. Incredibly, in a number of cases now, children who were consumed with rituals that had overtaken their lives were able to drop them almost instantaneously with the DPT remedy, and these were not children who had a particular reaction to DPT vaccine.

Thanks for sharing your experiences Mary. This is indeed helpful. I am sure with time, we will have collected enough clinical rubrics as a community to get these remedies much more well represented in the repertories...

Eggs are used to manufacture many vaccines.

Many of the allopathic drugs should be fully proven so they can be used confidently.

Great Case Shilpa. Thanks for sharing it and describing your mental process INCLUDING the moms state in pregancy.

Thanks Domenic. Yes it was interesting to use a vaccine remedy based on the pregnancy history.

wonder if it is a case of vaccine injury after all - that is, the DTP made an injurious imprint on the mother and was passed down. DTP has been given for many years so surely she got it. interesting.

Very interesting especially as I have just read Ton Jansen's book on Homeopathic Detox Therapy (HDT) I am just trying it out with 2 patients at the moment. But there is also a Poly Vaccine remedy that I would like to try on a particular child if I can get Mum to bring him back to me. Ton gives the remedies on an 8 week course starting with 30C and going up to 10M.

Thanks for sharing your experiences Rochelle. This seems to be resonate with Dr Isaac's and Dr Joe's experience of using an entire spectrum of C potenties in octave or F series at Stage 1. Hopefully the work of these wonderful men provides further light on the potency issue in homeopathy.

Hi Shilpa,

I'm wondering why you had them continue to repeat the remedy 2x a week when there was so much steady improvement.


In autistic cases I have found that wait and watch approach does not work as efficiently. So unless there is an instant dramatic improvement in the first week, they need to continue dosing to build on that steady improvement. The doses are reduced when improvement is sustained.

Ahh, interesting. Thank you!

Hi Shipa

Your discussion and Quest analysis was very logical and helpful.
I tried to do an analysis using your rubrics on the level 5 2014 version. Roger van Zandvoort did not come up and many of the rubrics did not register remedies. This is my major difficulty, I can not do the quest analysis effectively. Even doing your initial case studies I kept blowing it. Do you have/know a book with case study drills that would be helpful.


Yes the HomeoQuest Community Level 5 does not have Quest Analysis feature and many of the new rubrics and remedies such as DPT will not be found in there Judith. So you might need to upgrade at some stage to access them. I have 15 case study drills in QuestConnect forum. It is an invitation only forum so you will need to send me an email for the invite.

Please select me for some new study drills. How do I upgrade.

Thank you for presenting such a nice case

I met someone recently who told me she has SPD (Sensory Processing Disorder), but it's just sensory and not really a problem with autism. She has all sorts of sensory sensitivities, strong reactions to all sorts of ordinary stimuli,like the feel of fabric on her skin. She asked me for help finding better treatments for it.

I am unable to see your video

Hi Shilpa, I had a case in 1996 of a 6 y.o. boy brought into my acute clinic by his mom for recurrent respiratory infections, esp. asthmatic bronchitis, accompanied by severe A.D.H.D., violent tantrums, abusive behavior to the family, pets, and peers, resulting in school expulsion, which the mother insisted began within days of a DPT vaccination. She'd taken the child to several pediatricians who all thought she was crazy and delusional. I referred her for a constitutional consultation, thinking that he might need Tub. when the case was fully taken. But, the mom insisted that something needed to be done immediately for the boy because his behavior was intolerable. I decided to give him a dose of DPT 30C (Boiron) to perhaps clear the case. They subsequently missed their next appt., and I did not see or hear from them until 8 months later, at which time the mother called to thank me for "curing" her son with a single dose of those "sugar pills." I asked her to explain, and she shared that within a week of the dose, he had an aggravation of all his symptoms for a few days, and then proceeded to return to being a "normal" child, i.e., all of his negative behaviors and A.D.H.D, as well as the respiratory symptoms completely resolved over the course of a month, and he has remained healthy and well-behaved since then. Needless-to-say, I was amazed by the depth of action of a single dose of 30C of the DPT nosode, and developed a great respect for their power. A brief review revealed the synergy between DPT and Tuberculinum, esp. in the Tubercular miasm. Over the past 21 years of practice, I've observed remarkable transformations of autistic spectrum disorder children using the DPT and MMR nosodes in succession as indicated by the case. I've also found that testing for and treating underlying, genetic methylation disorders is very helpful in these cases.

That is an incredible result Mitchell. Thanks for sharing your amazing work.

Hi Mitchell, I am interested in how you treat methylation - can it be done homoeopathically or only with herbs/supplements? Liz

Special blood testing is necessary to ascertain the acetylation, methylation and mineral imbalances. The values are then analyzed to determine the appropriate nutritional medical therapy to correct the underlying genomic metabolic imbalances. Read the research work of Dr. William Walsh on this subject.

HI Mitchell
I am also interested as is Liz, whether you can treat the methylation issues homoeopathically or only via diet and supplementation.

Great work Mitchell. How do you go about treating underlying genetic methylation disorders. Thanks

Nice case thank you for sharing

Wow!!!...That's is a very fascinating case. It's opened my mind and given me new resources to my practice. It's really like an adventure to have you Shilpa as a teacher.
Thank you again and God bless you!

Thanks Clovis. It is a pleasure to connect with someone who is so open to learn new tools and resources.

Fascinating indeed, Shilpa! What a wonderful result!
"Coincidentally" I just read an article on the link of aluminum and autism. Yes, aluminum, not mercury. Aluminumhydroxide is used in the DPT vaccine, and while it's traveling to the brain and activating the microglias and they producing IL-6 which is present in a large amount in autistic people, months and years can go by. Read the article here:

So maybe after all this is a vaccine damage. Or not, but in any case the vaccine as a remedy has a strong affinity to producing these symptoms that are present in autism.


Thanks Jost. I will check this out.

Hello Shilpa,

with the rise of Autism, it is nice to see that we have an effective treatment to help aleviate.

Thanks again


Great case, thanks Shilpa

amazing shilpaji

This is amazing and I'm very glad to read it because I just had an experience with my autistic patient who's 12 years old and has responded very well to potentized MMR. The 30C didn't do anything but he aggravated from the first dose of 200C. His echolalia got so bad for 2 days that his teachers complained to his mom who also noticed that he could not concentrate on his homework those 2 days. Then he got a lot better the day after, with most of his echolalia gone. His OCD still remains and some irritability is coming up (he's always been a very sweet and affectionate boy) and the mom is saying it may be that he's almost a teenager. But now I'm thinking maybe the DPPT layer is starting to show up!

That is such a beautiful curative response to MMR. Well done Fatima. Keep us updated with his response to DPT. These clinical experiences enrich the MM of our vaccine remedies.

Amazing findings Shilpa. My senior project covers vaccine injury and safe alternative for healing and prevention such as nutrition, homeopathy, and homeoprophylaxis.
I love watching and learning. We need this in our society today.
Thank you!

Thanks Jessica.
I hope to provide some more learning tools around vaccine injury soon. Will keep you posted.

Wonderfull result. Congratulation Shilpa. Thankyou for sharing. I am interested about any nosod case.

Thank you for this case. I just wanted to mention that many vaccines have eggs in them.

did mom have vaccines to travel to Australia?
Wondering if that is where the desire for eggs came from? and the autistic behavior especially if she had any vaccines just before she got pregnant...

Hi Shilpa,

Beautiful case & Thank you so much for sharing! I deal with a lot of Autistic cases & the information you provided was really beneficial.Can you please let me know where these medicines are available to order?



I get them from the Simillimum pharmacy in NewZealand, Prabha. They courier around the world so check with them.

Thanks Shilpa!

As far as I know the mother did not have any vaccines to travel to Australia or before she got pregnant. The desire for eggs however was a part of his innate state.

Interesting case Shilpa and has suggested to me an approach I will consider for a very difficult case of anorexia and extreme anger with acromegaly in a 40 year old woman I have been treating for two years. The anorexia is part of a 'punishment' of her mother for not loving and caring for her (her perception of course). I have had her on mag carb split dose for the last month and am finally getting a breakthrough. Could I also ask Mitchell, through you, how he treats methylation? Can you do that homoeopathically or only with herbs and supplements? Liz

Dear Liz,
I am glad this opened another tool for you to even better your current success with this lady.
Yes you can directly ask Mitchell through this page.
I would encourage you to simply reply to his comment and he should get a notification of your query.

Fascinating, as you say! Thanks for sharing, Shilpa.

NIce case, Shilpa. My sense is that we are looking at the effects of multi-generational vaccines. The vaccines themselves may create miasms; they are made from the product of infectious disease and may have the potential to impact the offspring of those who have been vaccinated, heightening susceptibility. It would be interesting to know the vaccine history og the parents.

Thank you for sharing this case, Shilpa. When the indicated remedy does not seem to to anything much in children’s cases these vaccine remedies can do wonders. We have to thank Joe, Isaac, and Ton, for their work, and you for sharing. Learning never stops in homeopathy. God bless.

very much delighted. what a knowledgeful discussion and presentation. thanks thanks

Fascinating! Thank you so much. Sometimes we do not think of such remedies especially without a clear etiology.......but we will now.

Great case Shilpa.

I’m interested in the Dpt remedy you used for the child. As you know Around 2001 the DPT vaccine became the DTaP and now is something else with even more diseases in it. As this child was vaccinated post DPT era, am I right in assuming you still used the DPT remedy rather than an isopathic version of the DTaP or whatever version of that vaccine he actually got? Thanks

Bronwyn, from what I understand from Shilpa's video, this child was never vaccinated. However, his symptoms resonated with those caused by the DPT vaccine, which is why she used DPT as a constitutional remedy. His mother, father or grandparents may very well have been vaccinated with the DPT, also, possibly creating a hereditary miasm.

I am also curious about whether the symptoms of DPT vaccinosis differ in any great way from DTaP vaccinosis.

Thanks Brownyn,
I do not know the source of DPT remedy in this case. Will be interesting to check with the Simillimum pharmacy in NZ. Having said that, this is an interesting question. While my patient was not vaccinated and DPT was used based on Stage 3 homoeopathy, from my past discussions with Isaac, even if it was used for vaccine damage, the exact vaccine isn't necessary. Since he uses it based on Similars principle by undersatnding the Vaccine remedy MM.
It is a good idea to confirm any further questions with him directly in his course here -