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Argentum Mentoring meets Girl on a Mission.

Can you use your homoeopathy to bring change within conventional medical world?

This month I want to share some really cool videos about my Argentum mentoring students.

Fatima has a background in Dental Medicine and used the Startup strategy she learned in Argentum Mentoring to kickstart her homeopathic success while she was just in her final year of homoeopathy school.

Thanks to her strategies, she’s gone from struggling to keep clients to create successes that build her successful integrative homeopathic practice.

Check out her story to see how she follows her passion to success.

Ok, I love sharing these types of stories. It is absolutely remarkable to see how Fatima took her passion for homoeopathy to building her successful integrative practice and working towards bringing about a change in her conventional world.

Fatima is not average or typical. If you want to assume that it is hard to get started in homoeopathic practice or you need to be an expert to succeed or you need to know advanced complicated approaches to get results then it is probably safest to assume that.

But if you see how she went from strength to strength driven by her passion using basic approaches, it is remarkable and that is why I wanted to share Fatima’s story.

I love what she is doing. I love the impact she will make through her homoeopathy.

Why don’t you scroll down and leave a comment for Fatima? She is going to be watching this. So it would be lovely to have a comment for her.


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You expressed your journey with Argentum so well. It was fun to see you and hear your journey from where you came from to where you are now. I've enjoyed being part of Argentum with you this year. You are always there with suggestions, encouragement and enthusiasm. I love your energy and willingness to jump right in and trying things with what you have learned. It's a pleasure to know you. Thanks for sharing:)

You have expressed your thinking about suggestions,encouragement and a lessons for new students like me ,as i am entering in this,this true homeopathy you have explained
Our Teacher SHILPA and her students are also very very GREAT
Once again Thanks

Thank you for sharing your journey and your vision, Fatima. What a wonderful idea to raise awareness for homeopathy in dental practices from the grassroots and eventually make dentists see the advantages! Like Suzan, I have so much enjoyed being part of Argentum with you this past year. You are so enthusiastic about homeopathy and about learning - it's contageous. Thank you for all your comments, your support, and for being ready to share all those sources. I have found so much valuable information by following those links that you post! And I look forward to another year together!

hello shilpa mam

it was very inspiring for me , it is great passion of dr fatima . i do really appreciate and inspired . very thankful to listen the role of miasms and its application in practcal cases

Thanks Dr Shilpa,
for creating such a wonderful student & idol of Homoeopahy, they are actually pillars & will take Homoeopathy to a great height. Congrats madam. We too are Inspired to do something different for Homoeopathy to a great height.

Hi Shilpa and Fatima
congratulations on a thoroughly inspiring video. Argentum Mentoring Program is a fabulous gift to the homeopathic community. Even though I am not enrolled in it I have considered it on many occasions and feel it is invaluable for new and 'old' homeopaths alike. Being able to discuss cases with peers is very important after leaving college and at times it can be difficult to find such peers in your own area. Well done Fatima.

Fatima, Lovely to hear your story. My introduction to homeopathy was an instant click like yours. It just made so much sense. Loved being with you in Argentum last year, and look forward to another year with you. Your enthusiasm is wonderful and encouraging. Thank you Shilpa for uploading this. Keep sharing these inspirational stories.

Thankyou so much Fatima
That was so real. The way you explained your journey was very inspirational.
It's a continuous journey of leaning. Breaking the journey down and being able to see how someone else does it is so eye opening. Your realise your not alone.

It's so exciting seeing homeopathy come alive.

Great work Shilpa thankyou.
Fatima I hope you have much success.