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Designing an Amazingly Effective Life and Practice

The first step to an amazing practice is getting super clear on exactly what you want your life to look like. This video is the about how you can intentionally design the life of your dreams so you can then build the practice you really want. Check it out…

Yes, let me know what your number one focus is for 2019. I would love to hear from you.


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Hello Shilpa, I like your bird's eye and insect view approach, and I appreciate your sharing how to make both work in one's life. My goal for 2019 is to get busier with my homeopathy practise. I want to reach out to more people to help them gain better health with this gentle and effective way of healing. The world should more aware of homeopathy. Homeopathy should be integrated with mainstream medicine. That's the ideal world for me.
Avantika Srivastava Ganjoo

Thanks for sharing Avantika.
I look forward to sharing how you can get busier with your homeopathic practice this year.
Keep an eye on your inbox for my next video.

Best Wishes

Hi Shilpa, lovely to see and hear you. I have spent some time this January musing on my agendas for 2019. there are many areas to explore, my health, relationships with my children and hubby and friends, completing a few projects with my hobbies of pottery and material dying etc. I would say that working towards being a more competent homoeopath is a main one. Within the homoeopathic area, doing at least 1 trituration and write up of a new Aust flora remedy. I do tend to view initially (to use your term) as a bird and then explore as an insect how to time and process manage these things.
I love the Blue Mts, growing up in Sydney we often visited. Glad you are enjoying them

Happy New year Sally and lovely to connect with you. It has been a while indeed :-)
Love your goals for the year and excited about your writeup on the new Australian remedies.
I will share my next video on how you can go to the next level of competency as a homeopath soon.

Yes Shilpa, you are really an amazing person. Each time when I listen my mind thinks you a person with God gifted abilities. Moreover you have turned your life in complete a successful manner. The opportunities which you found, you took maximum benefit of those. But you know every person in this universe has not born with such abilities. Despite of doing much exercises many fail in their intentions to be practical.
Each New Year invites everyone to surmount what the barriers are in their life but unfortunately someone may loose what her/his goal is. You are luckiest and I wish you for further success as you have found the pathway. Greetings!!!!

Dear Shakir
Thanks for your kind words and wishes.
I believe each one of us has their own set of innate unique abilities. So the question is how committed are we to identify and polish them and shine in our own special way as a practitioner and create the impact that we want in this world.

However you have raised an important point on barriers that practitioners face.
This is exactly what my next video is about - What are the most challenging obstacles a practitioner faces in practice today and more importantly how can they overcome them...

I came across this little tool that helps me to look at the past year with gratitude and forward to the next year with my aspirations and goals.
I find it helps me to realise I did actually achieve things in the previous year and this gives me confidence that I'll achieve things in the new year.
My number one focus this year is to put myself in front of people more, so they are aware I am a practitioner.

Thank You for sharing your insights Shilpa. You are so full of life and purpose, it is infectious. Can't wait for your book :)