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Four steps to do when starting over from scratch

Just got this question- what would I do if I had to suddenly close my practice and start it all over again from scratch? What would I do if I have to start in a new place with no network, no patients, no contacts and no medical background? How would I start over?

So here is my 4 step plan...


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Dear Shilpa,

It seems you made the video for me:)))
A million thanks, loads of valuable advice!!!

You definitely set the ball rolling Alexandra :-)

Dear Shilpa

That was great! Such good advice..would love to have a network of homeopaths in my area to go to.

Thank you for so much real life information.

Thanks Misbah. I am sure you will find a local group in your area. I also encourage you to join QuestConnect if you haven't already. It is an invitation only online networking group for practitioners and students of homeopathy within the homeopathy network.

Hi Shilpa,

Great advice!

Thank you for sharing.

Amazing... thank u shilpa...

Thanks Dr. Shilpa,
For sharing your knowledge of your experience and your good advice for growth of practice....

i agree with your four steps(sharing,regularity,charity and freedom of practice). i have been searching online for videos on homoeopathy and found many valuable lectures. since i started following you , iam able to open my ways to learning and iam sharing those templates and videos to my homoeopathic friends as you said we can make a better community and evolve by ourselves by sharing what we know rather than joining in one community . to be successfull, every member in the community should be active at least for 3 hrs weekly once that too with the support of mentors like you. one day , that day is when a student becomes teacher and this process will go on which is the higher purpose of our existence.

Dea madam,
it is very informative video, Thank you very much.

Thank you for sharing your views,very helpful....

very interesting video. congrats Madam,

Thanks Shilpa,

After months of watching you on your courses and your blogs. For me you are the proof that you practice what you say.



Wisdom at its best! Thank you for sharing. Blessings!

Congratulations.The best lecture I ever had.
San had.

Congratulations.The best lecture I ever had.

This is so amazing Shilpa. Proud to be your friend, you are doing such a great work through these blogs and definitely contributing a lot to homeopathy. Keep going. Best wishes.

Dear Shilpa,
Thanks a lot for the video. As I'm looking forward to start my own practice, your video really did help me.

Excellent video, excellent advice. Thank you, Shilpa.

Thank you Dr.Shilpa for this awesome video. Your video has lot of positivity in it. Million thanks