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Overcoming resistance from the Patient

Journey to the core of an individual - a systematic step by step process.

The Quest for Simillimum is nothing but the Quest for reaching the core issue of an Individual during a case taking process. During the last few years I have used the 'Stages' template as an effective tool to help me with this process of travelling through the stages to reach the core stage of the individual.
You can read about this in my free ebook - The Quest For Simillimum - An overview that is placed on this page

This journey has made me realise the surprising and humbling fact that it is not just about homoeopathy, but that it is universal.

It has been successfully applied, replicated and confirmed in individuals in many other fields of mind and body transformation.

Journey to the simillimum

However what is extremely unique about homoeopathy is that we use this same process to also understand our remedies. The outcome of this is the fact that homoeopaths have developed a whole parallel universe with their understanding of remedies through stages. So simple substances become unique 'homoeopathic remedies'revealing this information in 'stages' through the process of potentisation.

Further homoeopaths attempt to match the understanding of their patient's state to this understanding of the remedies. When they match it at every level, that is the simillimum. These simillimums then become potent tools to continue this process of healing.

So in a way Homoeopathy is a distinct profession and it is only today I can actually express what I simply experienced in the OPD's at the age of 18 when I would come away with a deep respect for the quality and sophisticated work homoeopaths did with their patients when patient underwent that form of transformation in mind and body through prescribing the simillimum.

Obstacles in the journey to the Simillimum -

For simplicity I have likened this integrative process as a journey through four distinct stages of concentric circles, where you start from the outermost circle using different approaches to unlock each stage and travel deeper to finally reach the core.

However the journey to the Simillimum in a homoeopathic clinic is not entirely dependant on one person. It is a dynamic two way process undertaken by the practitioner and the patient. It is not just case taking but both receiving and giving.

Although you as a homoeopath may have this vision and commitment to reach Stage 4 which is wonderful, it is an unrealistic expectation for every patient to share this vision.

A majority of our patients are at Stage 1 and 2.In these patients their vision is just restricted around their disease and local problems. So the first step is to understand and respect this unique belief.
It is wise to remember that when we treat people we must manage and communicate in the first consult in terms of the stage they just are.

Frustration in beginner homoeopaths

The most common frustration beginner homoeopaths have in my experience is when they tend to squeeze the whole process of travelling up the stages into that first consult.

Their hopes and aspirations rest only on that one 'critical' consultation. Hence they spend frustrating hours trying to find that simillimum through an extensive time span.
It is unrealistic to force the journey to the higher stages when patients are living life at the first stage.
In some cases even when the patient understands the process they just cannot communicate any further information because the information is not at the conscious level. Although there are bypasses and in some patients you can use different techniques to tap into the subconscious levels, attempting this before the patient can readily trust you is a recipe for disaster.

It is like growing a good crop. It is not just the farmer's knowledge and skills. You need the soil to be ready, the climate to be favourable , and finally the seed to be of a good quality to reap a good yield. There are so many factors you need to align here.

Let us go through a case example very early in my practice which taught me an important aspect of this journey ie it is not just about having a clear map and a process. It is all about 'being' with the patient at every stage, and developing the patience to wait until your patient is ready.

I will continue more on this process in our future communication.

But today I would love to know what obstacles you have encountered in your practice when you have started your homeopathy.


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Thanks Shilpa, this was particularly reassuring for me and I feel calmer and more confident that it's OK not to rush to this deep case receiving method straightaway but to listen to the client and also to myself and to allow the energy in the consult room to allow the pace and direction of case taking. I guess the last case I had with the genital herpes is a good example and I am very happy with how the consult went and now feel happy that my Stage 2 and 3 prescription is right for now. I feel confident that it will take the client somewhere and she will be back to further develop her healing. I have another case that also reflects this process that I am currently involved with and after stage 2 and 3 prescribing which helped, but then failed to go any further now lends itself to a deeper consult which the client is ready to embark on. I also have another couple of cases which are really at this level too, so your blog helped reassure me that it's OK to prescribe at stage 2 and 3 when it is the only symptoms presenting themselves because we have work to do in building that client/practitioner trust and confidence and this aspect of case management is as important in guiding toward the simillimum. Thanks for your insight here

Hi Shilpa,
I couldn't get your video to play on my computer. All of the other ones have been ok. Would love to watch it. Is there some techno glitch here that I am missing?
Fiona Wright

Thanks for the beautiful case

Thanks Shilpa. It is definitely good to be reminded that not all has to come from the first consult. I think that as beginners we have this expectation, and it is as you said unrealistic. I think it stems from lack of confidence, but to know that we can take our times, and that all patients are not going to be able to provide us with all the information in the first consult is reassuring.

Thanks Shilpa, We may like to get all the info and travel up thru the stages in the first consult but often that is too much for the patient and can be too much pressure on ourselves as a practitioner. I have found it much more relaxing and supportive for the client to stay with them at their level and talk to them about the possibility that if the prescription I give doesn't do as much as they/we want then it may be a case of going a bit deeper. this gives me time to go over the case and check where I would like to delve more and also plants the seeds for them of going further themselves and after another consult and the relationship is establish between us they often move deeper themselves and I get to follow them. It is like they are on a journey and are asking for a bit of a guide and support on the way and then they become the guide on their own journey and I get to cheer them on from the side lines.

Hi Shilpa. I have just watched both your cases, Arg.Nit, and the Nat.Carb case too. Very, very interesting, and very insightful. I immediately recognised a case with a child I have been treating and could see the possibility of Nat.Carb., which I hadn't thought of before. It was great to hear you speak of the opposite pole existing for a craving or aversion in the remedy too. I have often found this, but your example was another confirmation, and reminder, to always look at these possibilities. So thank you for your wonderful sharing of these cases. It's very much appreciated.

Carolyn Graham

Thanks for sharing your experience Carolyn. I am glad it helped you unlock one of your cases.
Keep us posted!!


Hi Shilpa. Thank you for this case. I have learnt from your mentoring about taking the cases at the stages that are presented. What I found useful from this particular case was how you communicated to the patient (and his wife) that you needed more information to get a better outcome. I always find it challenging to communicate this to patients, especially the 'impatient' patients (pardon the pun). It has encouraged me to be more forthright in these situations without pushing the patient too much.

Thanks for sharing your learning Penny.
I can understand your challenge. Over the years I have made many mistakes and learnt a lot on how to adapt the communication depending on the patients.
We want the best for them and love them no matter what but some need to be given boundaries and specific time frame and others need to be given the space to ponder and work it out for themselves when they want to come back.
You will know what works better for your client and trust your intuition as well.
But in either cases do let it be very clear what is the exact protocol that is needed to get what they want. The decision is then entirely theirs.


Please can I get a transcript of the broadband only dialup access at my house so no YouTube. Sincerely, Laura

At this stage I do not have a transcript Laura.
But thanks for visiting.


Beautiful case.But were you sure about the suscebility of the patient?Its in this point i m confused yet.

Dear Shilpa,

As always your articles are so helpful . It does not matter how long any of us have practised we all need reminders to be patient and have confidence .
blessings for the festive period .

Thanks Schilpa, I love these blogs and videos that you release to us, they are incredibly helpful and reassuring and your knowledge from years of experience is such a blessing to beginning practitioners.

Thanks Donelle...

Hi Dr.Shilpa. During my early years of practice, i just used to feel that patients come to me to test me and my skills. They used to enjoy the elaborate case taking but never said that they are better by medicines given to them. At times, it was frustrating. But slowly and steadily, i am learning new things everyday. thanks

I love the forum and the software Shilpa and I just went to the email you sent where you sent a link to a "special link" we could use to share your program with others and when I clicked on it, it took me straight to the page. Whereas before there was a url I could cut and paste. Can you resend the url or tell me which email it is in (if I have the wrong one) so I can pass it on? Either that or from now on, it would be great if it was included in all the emails.

Thanks so much!

Thanks Emily - Here is the link to share the HomeoQuest Software

Thanks mam.... Learned something

Thanku mam for such a wonderful detail about cases
I think it helps me alot

"It is wise to remember that when we treat people we must manage and communicate in the first consult in terms of the stage they just are."- Yes! That is really wise! But I came from a school that squeezes the whole process and that made a mess in my mind as a homeopath.
I think that that mess starts going away!

Thanks, this was very nice representation of a case, and very helpful.
Best regards,
Snezana Metlic

first of all
very thank ful to you .
i was going by the classical method and digging in mentals for hours with lots of frustation . because patients expressions and concern were at their physical problem and i used to go with rigid mind method .
becuase , hhf , icr , sehagals, prafulla vijaykars all methods are in hype here but none has this beautiful way of stages tmeplate and case resolution . i wa grooping in dark in my practice . thanks a lot shilpa mam , for making me confident with ur approach .

Thanks shilpa,
such a nice case.

Dear Shilpa,
thank you very much for the opportunity to learn and have contact with other likeminded people.
Faced with many doubts myself as to whether I am going to be able to make it, this is probably the main obstacle. Sometimes one can reach this argentum state too :)
Other obstacles like "this is hereditary", or patients repeating what the doctor said they had with no further details can be also frustrating. After all I think one needs to develop this fluidity to go from stage to stage (I am reading your book about this subject) and understand where we are, and also develop the ability to communicate in an individualised way to each patient about the possibility of going further. Maybe the simple fact of acknowledging this will contribute to their process.

Thanks for sharing your obstacles Vania.
I have just recorded a new blog that answers your questions on communication. Check it out here -

Thank you for sharing your insights Shilpa...this is so has been many years since I was out of College, and many years in and out of practice for various reasons and your blogs and videos inspire me and speak to me with a simplicity that is encouraging me to get up and running again. You are awesome in your generosity, Namaste <3

Dear Dayna
I am so happy this is helping you reignite your passion for homeopathy. Keep learning and growing.

Thank you so much am following up and is helpful to me to know more through my experience in case taking