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How and when to let go of clients

Sometimes it's time to part ways with a client… even when they're not ready for it. That's when you need to “let go" your client.

This video is all about how and when to do it…


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Thank you very much Shilpa.I didn't think about it and I like the idea that I must cure myself and my praxis too. :)

Thanks Mariana :-)

Dear Dr. Shilpa
I had made a request to your support team to permit me to send details of my daughter who is having PCOS and is under great stress especially after her marriage in Nov.2017 whether to reveal his husband about the problem and the various tests reports or otherwise start medicines as per your consultation, but there has not been any reply till today.
It would really nice of you if I am given an opportunity to present this case for your valuable advice
Dr. Surender Arora

Thanks Dr Surender. For consultations, please make a booking on

Hi Shilpa,
So nice to see you again! I agree and interestingly just had an experience of this. .

I am still working on the words to say in these situations. . but the more I understand that this is self care for me and my energy is also important the easier the words come.

Thank you for your videos!

Glad this is helpful Barb.

Shilpa, I loved listening to this mini-blog.
Difficult, draining clients = an obstacle to cure. Indeed!

I really like your analogy of considering draining clients an obstacle to cure and to the growth of our practice and of ourselves as homeopaths. I hope that this will set me straight when the next draining client comes along.

Thanks Margrit :-)

It is a good advice for us. Thanks.

Thank you. After 15 years as a practicing acupuncturist, I've had a few clients which I should have let go of, but, instead of considering them as impediments to my healing practice, I held onto vain hope of being helpful, when, really, they weren't doing their part, or did not actually want to heal.
So thank you for reminding me of this. I'm much more ready to accept this now than I have been before.