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How Do You Move From Learning to Practicing

Just a few months back I was invited to share my experiences on "Building a sustainable Homoeopathic Practice" by the Australian Homoeopathic Association for practicing homoeopathic practitioners.

While it was a wonderful opportunity to share experiences on building a practice and focus on practitioners who have already taken the leap, I realised the most common block is actually getting started in the first place.

As a teacher who train final year students, I see so many incredible students with such a huge potential simply lose their focus over time because they were too afraid to start.

Hence when I saw this email from one of my recently graduated student, I was inspired to share my thoughts and story because I I was in her "exact"place years ago.
And interestingly when I created this video I realised what exactly was holding me back...

So how do you move from learning to actually doing it?

How do you get started in your practice?

When is it time to stop planning and researching and know you are ready to take your first client…

How do you start building your business if that is what you want to do.

In this video I share how I did it....

And please leave a comment down below. I want to hear about this pivotal time in your homoeopathic journey – How did you start as a practitioner?


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I've been practicing since 1983 and I still don't feel I know enough to be a really great homeopath. There is always so much more to learn! As for how I started, I felt completely overwhelmed by the remedies until I remembered that Hahnemann only had a handful of remedies. So I decided to stick to the polychrests and first aid remedies for the first few years. I still tend to use a lot of polychrests and occasionally use a smaller remedy. To get patients, I did free presentations at health food stores. But before that even, I made sure all the legalities were taken care of and that I had a good supply of remedies, papers, etc. Still if things are slow I will do a presentation and get new patients. The best part of homeopathy and also the scariest part of being a homeopath is that each patient is completely new and different. It's not like allopathy where if you have the name of the disease, you automatically know which medicine to give. There's always a little butterflies in the stomach when I sit down with a new patient.

Thanks for sharing Shirley. You nailed it when you say there is always those butterflies no matter how may years you practice. That is what makes homeopathy so inspiring and challenging at the same time!!

I appreciate reading your blog. Thank you.

My pleasure Mary...

I used soo much rescue remedy in the first year of practicing that I was worried about if you could prove it. I still remember the first 2 cases I had from the first article I wrote in the local newspaper. I learnt a lot from those cases, information I still fall back on today ( 14 years). do your best, give it a go and remember Homoeopathy is pretty safe.

Well done Sally. Yes you can never forget your "first" clients!

Nice Shilpa,
Each Homeopath has their own story. I remember my days after matriculation when I started to learn about Biochamic medicines through post from a college in Lahore. I started to read the characteristics and tried to offer free medicine to patients from my relatives. It was a wonderful experience.
Then later in 1980-81 I served with an old homeopath (may his soul be in peace)at his clinic as a nurse. After a year or so he permitted me to get admission in a famous Homeopathic college at Karachi. My clinical practice with that old master was good, so I didn't feel any difficulty offering remedies to the patients.
The one I remember is a case of a women who was bare-footed. By the help of a single dose of Nat carb 200 she got pregnant and is happy. By the way it was when I was in my 3rd year.
It's not typical but you have to have good products from pharmacies which is difficult and costly here in Pakistan.

Thanks Shilpa for this blog.

Thanks for sharing the huge role of your mentor in your journey Shakir!

Thank you for this Shilpa as this is exactly where I am too....I'm hidding behind my books and finding courses to do in order to postpone actually going out there and starting !

Hello, Shilpa
I appreciate very much your blog and your videos.
I'm an old practitionner in France, and in France, in 80, I learnt only homeopathy in a school teaching the homeopathy 'à la Française', i.e. with several remedies in the same time, and after my meeting with a classical colleague who is always my friend I started to prescribe one remedy (in 92). I made like you many mistakes but I learnt a lot from these mistakes. Don't worry about them, it's necessary to do them...

Thanks for sharing your learning Jean - Claude.

Thank you Shilpa!
Its very useful conversation !
I am just going to begin my practice and I am so scare.
Thanks for your blog!

Thanks for sharing Neli. Excited for your journey.
Best Wishes...

I was fortunate to attend a great school (Hahnemann College) where we learned not only a lot of content, but how to think like and be a homeopath. It was formative for my thinking and attitude. Yes, there is still more to learn every day, but I had confidence at graduation. I believe my classmates felt that way also.

Thanks for sharing Glorias and your confidence is inspiring

Thank you are so inspiring. I have been using homeopathy for myself and friends for 10 years but currently I am in my first year of homeopathic school. I absolutely love it (ok not the paper writing part so much) and have taken a couple of acute clients that worked out pretty well. But I am working alongside a homeopath on strong chronic case that has been very difficult and they have been a practitioner for 10 years. I love to observe and I am slowly building my confidence level....I want so much to get it right the first time but I realize that is not realistic. I just love your blogs and lessons. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge. Also, are you seeing any patients or do you only teach now? I could use some help myself and prefer not to see anyone at my school. Thank you.

Thanks Lori for sharing your story and well done on doing it along with the learning!!
I practice on Thursdays and Fridays. You will find my consultation details here on or email me at for details.

Thank you, Shilpa, for sharing your heartfelt and insightful ideas and experiences. I am starting and have been trying to work with my family and friends. The attitude is rather frustrating to me and they hardly give the remedy any time or credence so I have decided to find others with a little faith and patience! Your blogs and videos are definitely mainstays; keep it up!

Thanks for sharing Shilpa! In Belgium there are a lot of difficulties with the new law about homeopathy ....this doesn't increase my confidence to start :-).Because I'm not a medical doctor (I'm a nurse /midwife) there are many problems to start legally.Yesterday my brother had an accident and my remedy worked very well and then I'm happy I can use my knowledge.
Meanwhile I enjoy studying!


I'm only a year into my practice and I keep reminding myself that my mainstream medical doctor is in a medical practice "practicing her opinion." That's why there are some really good docs and some not so good even though they are trained basically the same. It boils down to what you know and believe and hope that both are really solid, for your client's sake! This ideology always leaves room for improvement,even for the good ones! The only way to get good is to believe that what you know is good enough to get started and that you will learn what you need as you go along. We need more homeopaths in this world. Please don't let a little inexperience get in your way :)

This is a very interesting question and most of us, if not all, will feel anxious about. Many will say, do not worry and just plunge into it and learn from mistakes. Unfortunately your patients will not allow you to learn from mistakes and they demand fast cure!! Otherwise, that will be the last time you will see them!! So, what should you do? Personally, l think it is best to be an apprentice to a master for a number of years before starting out on your own. Then, the problem is where to find a master who is willing to take you as an apprentice and happily guide and mentor you?

I am still a student and have yet to complete my diploma but I look forward to treating patients. I will also have to find a mentor to work with here in Australia. There are not many opportunities it seems to gain experience other than the Woodforde festival which I couldn't attend this year.I value your blog Shilpa as a means to learn further and hope you will suggest how I could gain experience. Thankyou

Thank you Shilpa for doing these videos and providing a space for practitioners to learn and communicate.I often feel as if you are speaking directly to me. Since beginning my study of homeopathy in 2005, I have not heard anyone address this very important question on how to get started and build a practice. I started taking cases in 2009 and I already had a successful skin care practice as an aesthetician. Still in spite of that, I have found it very difficult to get homeopathic clients. Even when people appear to be doing well on a remedy, I haven't been able to keep them involved and going with it. I have felt exactly what you've described for a very long time, that I just don't know enough yet, and very afraid of making mistakes because it's people's health at stake. I'm a person who feels like I need to know things very thoroughly before I'm qualified to practice and be able to help anyone. So, I am so grateful to hear you address this! It's still very difficult to get clients where I live. A case every 6 months is not enough to get the experience and practice needed to get better. So, I don't have my prices high because I want cases and clients but then the amount of time spent on the case taking, the Repetorizing, the reading makes it prohibitive as to how much time I can put toward this work. It seems very difficult to make a living at being a homeopath. I am very grateful I have my other profession. I have considered many times whether this is worth all the time, money and effort that it takes to keep going.....and yet, I do love it. It is very intellectually stimulating and rewarding when I get clients who are willing to stay with it and to see the transformative results. Thank God for the online support. Otherwise, would feel very isolated. Thank you so much Shilp!

Tons of thanks Dr.Shilpa. Everytime i listen to your videos or read your blogs i feel so much connected.As everyone says it here, you are a natural speaker who connects with us so much. i am delighted to be a part of this community and learn from stalwarts like you.

hi shilpa
i appreciate reading your blog i ve been searching for your website since 2 years and look i finally got it.and my first case was very good lucky me i have a elder brother he is also a homeopath and he is a great help for me.....but still theres lot to learn....

Thank you for sharing this, Shilpa - a very helpful reminder that we will all make mistakes and that mistakes are what we learn from! I had already been seeing clients under supervision for some time and finally set up in practice part time less than six months ago. I was so scared, feeling that I did not know nearly enough to take on cases in my own practice. At the time, my supervisor gave me some advice that I found really helpful, and it matches what you say about some clients sticking with you even though you make mistakes: that clients will come to see me not just for the remedy I prescribe, but for the person I am and the atmosphere I create. I am still scared, but I am also excited about every new client and every new life story that unfolds before me. I also feel that it is not so much a question of moving from learning to doing - more a question of moving from learning only to both doing and learning. I have been reading and learning so much more over the past months, from my clients, from books, from your courses :-). Scary, but exciting and wonderful - this about sums it up for me.

Thank you Shilpa .In the beginning of my practice I was so scared, felt that I did not know enough yet. During that time, my prof used to advice me the same way as you that was found really helpful, and he used to tell exactly what you say that we will all make mistakes and that mistakes are what we learn from. Some patients stick with you even though you make mistakes. I was very afraid of making mistakes because it's people's health at our ignorance. Since my study of homeopathy in 1998, Unfortunately the patients will not allowed to learn from mistakes and they demanded fast cure. If the similimum,(according to me) does n’t work, that will be the last time you will see them It was a question of moving from learning to doing and more. Even when people appear to be doing well on a remedy that I just don't know enough yet I need to know things very thoroughly Case taking,Repetorizing, Reading to differentiate in MM to see the transformative results. Thank you for the online support.

Hello,Shilpa thanks for nice steps you have taken to encourage practitioners.About myself,I am a Engineering pass out was search of job in our dry state at the time of 2001.At that time of frustration,while time passing in my father's homoeopathy clinic,I found the book,The leaders of Homoeopathy by Dr.E.B.Nash what changed my whole life scenario.From that time I never looked back till now ,completed more than 10 years of successful practice.In this profession I achieved the goal of life that service to mankind is service to God in a most purity n satisfactory way.Moreover this profession gave me the never ending student feeling which keeps me in a ever-growing beautiful life track.With warm regards n best wishes to you n all the Homoeopaths from the bottom of my heart,Anant.

hello shilpa how are you?.
when i got addmission in homoeopathic college in Abbottabad Pakistan.I was very wonder to listen a new and unique system of therapeutic in philosophy class and i produced some sort of curiosities to know more. right from the first year i started my practice from Home specially arnica and chamomilla i were using. some one tell me to work with senior Doctor to gain his experiences so i joined a clinic with a senior Doctor but i found difference in between theories and practical work i was totally detract from the right path due to combinations (mixopathy)and then i feel there is no future in Homoepathy then i joined Commerc college and done My but from my childhood my aim was to become a Doctor and help poor people after My i joined a Homoeopthic college as a lecturer of subject philosophy because one of my colleague said that if you want to learn a subject upto 90% start teaching, when i started teaching philosophy i build some concept about classical Homoepathy and started to find a Guru who can teach me Classical Homoepathy of Hahnemann. but in our country there is no guru who can teach me so i tried to search online i found Vithaulkas. Sankaran but poor man can't afford there online classes. every time i was praying that O God help me meet a Guru who can teach me free of cost than My Beloved madam Dr Shilpa who not only teach us but SHOW us real Homoeopathy, newly evoluted concepts of Homoeopthy FREE OF COST. Now today i feel myself very better for every new case i used this Miraculous software and found results perfect. and i started craving for more n more lectures from u mam.
Thank you so so much

Madam I am very thankful to you for giving your valuble suggestions.Basically I am Practicing Veterinarian since !8 years. I like homeopathy in my practice to reduce antibiotic usage & to encourage animal owners towards organic farming.Now I had registered veterinary homeopathy course and I am in the middle of course. Earlier I was frightened regarding course but regularly I am following your lessons I got confidence on my self. please continue your support.

I have much frustrated from the practice in the field due to huge number of remedy and potency,but one thing is gone to your credit that you inspired me for single remedy but it is a hard job, i am also trying to struggle for the job.
It is a proposal if you send single case from your practice daily for non intelligent learner from the book of Boenninghausen repertory then it is hoped then i will reach after some result on single remedy


Single case along with demonstration from step by step up to tracing for single remedy

Dr. Shilpa
I do agree with your experiences as I also faced the same kind of problem in my initial years of practice when I used to prescribe combination of medicines but slowly I have learnt to refine my prescriptions based on the similimum factors.
Your learnings will do help the beginners.

Hi Shilpa! thanks for your inspiring video.
I am finishing my graduation this year and I have only been able to give Homeopatic medicines to friends and family. Actually in Spain there is a lot of anti homeopathy propaganda and for me this is the bareer I need to overcome. Not necessarily that people don't use it, on the contrary people use it a lot, but it is about my insecurity. I feel I have the responsibility to do it perfectly otherwise I will be contributing to this. It became a burden and I am very grateful for your videos and I think they are helping me a lot with some doubts I have, not only about homeopathy but also about attitude. It is very powerful for me to get to know that other practitioners have had times of doubt too.