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How to guarantee failure in your practice...

If you’re waiting for that right moment before you can start practice - the moment when you know everything to reach the right patient, the right information, right rubrics, the right remedy…

Then there’s only one thing you’re going to guarantee: your failure.

That’s what this month’s video is all about...


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It is so encouraging Shilpa. Thank you so much


Someday I will be brave enough to do as you say, dear Shilpa!
Thanks for your encouragment!

Yes Shilpa
If you keep practicing what you that will become applied science backed up with experience then that is your guru:otherwise it is mere knowledge a teacher.if we have to transform
Teacher to guru you have to apply as come to know something ,then that will become your
Applied science.any science without application it is just a mere theory.

Thank you Shilpa,
You always manage to say the right thing at the right time. Just what I needed to hear.

Thank you Shilpa,
You always manage to say the right thing at the right time.
Just what I needed to hear.

thanks for giving me a ray of hope.... yes, i was procrastinating...

thank for this....helped me not to procrastinate any more

wow, totally spot on Shilpa!

I'm so happy you addressed this Shilpa. That has been me to a T. It takes a lot of trust and courage for me to think of just starting with what I know, but then again, that for the beginner homeopath is to start with more simple cases like you did. I appreciate the encouragement. Thank you:)


thanks a ton Shilpa ! really great !

Yes Shilpa,

You are right. There is always a room to improve. it is like if someone says that he/she want to learn biking without getting hurt. Is it possible? No. One might get some scratches before he/she learn how to do cycling. So it is always good to start whatever knowledge one have and improve overtime.

Superb.You told it so straight that the confidence and continuous research is the only way to have success in Homoeopathy.

Thank you, Shilpa! Perfect timing! that imposter syndrome is alive and well ! such good encouraging advice!

hello it is good and encouraging