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How one couple is changing the way the world will look at homoeopathy.... for years to come.

Today I have got a real treat for you.

If you have been watching my blogs and videos the common underlying theme is that we as homoeopathic practitioners are the future of real health and wellbeing in this world..

People who will really be transforming the way the future will look at real healing.

And today I want to give you a real concrete example...

So my TQFS Academy has some of the most incredible practitioners and trainers in the homeopathic world. And because they are at the zenith of their clinical success, at some point they shift their gear to take their impact to a completely different level.

And one of them is Jeremy Sherr. Now Jeremy needs no introduction in the homeopathy world. But if you are outside this world then Jeremy and his wife Camila moved to Tanzania in Africa exactly 10 years ago where they decided to start a project Homoeopathy for health in Africa that offers free homoeopathy for those living with AIDS/HIV.

And in the last decade they have built 20 clinics and treated over 7000+ patients creating dramatic results in one of the most challenging epidemics in the world.

And as HHA celebrates its 10th Anniversary, I have invited Jeremy and Camilla to share the story behind HHA, how they work with HIV/AIDS patients so successfully and WHY it is transforming the way the world will look at homoeopathy and its practitioners for generations to come.

It’s pretty special.

I bring this to you for a lot of reasons.
We are proud of Jeremy and Camilla and what they have done for homoeopathy and for AIDs/HIV patients in Africa.
But I also want to inspire you to use your homeopathic gifts in a bigger way.
And if you want to collaborate and support Jeremy and Camilla's dream in any way then they look forward to hear from you.

Please click below and let him know how you can help so he can contact you.

Yes please, I would love to support HHA.

And now please scroll down and leave a comment for Jeremy and Camilla below. They will be visiting this page and would love to hear from you.


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You have worked so hard and achieved so much.
Amazing !

Wow! What a fabulous interview. It is so great to hear all the details of what is happening there. What commitment both of you have had, what a huge project you have taken on. The success you've had with homeopathy is so inspirational. The whole project is phenomenally inspirational. Thank you for sharing! I kept wondering about your children. How have they adjusted to life in Africa?

Very inspiring talk. Very good to hear about the work of Jeremy and Camilla on HIV patients in Africa using homeopathy. God bless them both.

Groundbreaking stuff! Love what you are doing in Africa and for homeopathy. You guys rock :-)

Amazing what you are doing in Africa! And your success with Aids using homeopathy also!

This is exactly what we need more of. Practitioners sharing their awesome work with the rest of the homeopathic community so that we can all be inspired and we can all help to spread awareness about the power and effectiveness of homeopathy. I have shared this on social media and I'm sure we can all together make a difference in how homeopathy is viewed.
Thank you, Jeremy and Camilla, for all you do, and thank you, Shilpa, for using your platform to spread the word.

Chamilla and Jeremy, you work sounds so satisfying and you're doing so much good in the world. Shilpa, you too! My admiration and respects.

Absolutely inspiring Interview Shilpa and amazing work Camilla and Jeremy. You have the same passion you had 35 years when you lectured in Malvern and Raasay Island !!! would love to support you.