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India - A Case Study

Do I really know India?

Balaji Mandir Nashik
If you had asked me this question 10-15 years back, I would have been amused, surprised, a bit annoyed may be... shouldn't it be obvious? I was born and brought up there. My parents were born there. So were my grandparents. My grandmother told us stories of at least seven generations... So for generations India has been a part of me, my being, my core identity.

But today I wonder, did I really understand India all those years ago?
Trying to understanding your country of origin is like trying to understand your own parents. You can love them. You can hate them. But can you really 'get' them?
It is a challenge when you take your own parent's case. Because case taking in homeopathy at Stage 3 and beyond needs the practitioner to dissociate and look at patients objectively.
Can you ever be so unprejudiced so as to understand your own parents at that level? Although not impossible, but when your identity is so inherently entangled with them it's pretty hard to get that perspective.


It's the same about understanding your country of origin.
For all these years I have had the same love hate relationship with India.
I remember for the first few years after coming to Australia, going back to India was driven by sheer homesickness. I missed my people, my food, the colours, the smells, the noise, the heat, the traffic, the overflowing emotions and yes the chaos....I missed getting lost in the flow and losing track of time, boundaries and structure...
No sooner I was there, then within a few weeks I found myself hating the very same things I came for. I wanted things to change and work the way I wanted them to function....I was ready to get back to my routine structured non-chaotic life in Sydney. I yearned for my own space so I could find myself again.
But then within a year I was desperate to go back to India...
This cycle continued for years.

India - my changing relationship

Pani Puri Stall

Then somehow in the last couple of years I find that this pattern is changing. Subtly but surely. My Indian visits are no longer driven by homesickness . At the same time I not counting days and desperate to get back to Australia.
I am easily changing gears and enjoying the freedom and choices that both places offer.
For the first time this year I am experiencing a sense of ease no matter where I am.
This new year I have been pondering over how and when this started changing. I thought I should share this with you because it has a lot to do with the homeopathic perspective.

India – an interesting case study.

Coconut Water

Being a homeopath, you do find yourself getting into a default state of being a silent observer more often than not.
The same happens every time I am in India. Every visit I find myself observing things with a fresh set of eyes. Pondering over its evolving personality and core individuality. The collective experience it offers as a country. And every time there is a subtle but deeper insight. Something similar to what patients experience during each followup.
And the more I observe the more I became aware of how little I have known about India while I lived there. I was polarised and prejudiced about it in every way while I was in it.

I must admit it was easier to get a real"outside the box" perspective after I had actually moved away from it... But interestingly the real shift began as I started to own my Indian identity as a whole. The good, the bad and the ugly. The peace,serenity as well as the chaos, the beauty, elegance as well as the crudeness, the innocence,faith as well as the mistrust..

Sleeping Sadhu

This is my working holiday in India. So for the first time I have given myself the permission to really sink in and be a part of the system. And I cannot help but appreciate and acknowledge the beauty of how things function here in the midst of chaos. I have realised that if this chaos changes then there is no India. It will lose its very identity, the very soul of its existence, grounding, its innocence, its faith, its passion, its colour, and its very spirit.

But for the first time I am beginning to own the same chaos within me too...

I remember when I first landed in Australia, it was not until I gave myself the permission to touch and experience Australia and imbibe its very spirit that I really felt at ease being here. It was easier because it was a choice to be here...

And today the same is happening again. I am no longer a foreigner in India as much as I am no longer a foreigner in Australia.
For the first time I am starting to feel that nothing should change anywhere to make things right. That things are just perfect the way they are. As long as I can change gears and hats smoothly...

Thanks to this perspective, I am connecting with India all over again...

Homoeopathic Perspective


Let me know what you think… How has homeopathy helped you in understanding your own self, your country and your people? Please leave a comment below...

(The photos have been taken when I went to Panchavati on the banks of the Godavari river. It is very close to Atul's family home.
Atul captured these moments when we went to get our fruits and veggies from the market on the banks of this river)


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Hi Shilpa,
I found your story very interesting. First of all, it´s great that you finally found peace and tranquility in these two countries - India and Australia. As for the homeopathic point of view, I also find it fascinating. Your story reminded me a couple points in the homeopathic philosophy. At first, It reminded me of the basic delusion each one of us carries...that is, there is no one "true" reality...Every one gasps and sees the world through his very own eyes, and the "reality" is nothing but what is reflected through our own eyes. Your thoughts and feelings about India were yours, and once you pulled back a bit, you managed to put aside your "basic delusion", that is, your own private glasses through which you were observing the world, and only then did you start to "learn" again India and the life there. At second, it reminded me of the the chronic diseases....the chronic diseases don't cure by themselves, because the whole organism is trapped and drowning in its own mess. once you let go and let yourself suck it in, the mess started to get into order again, and there was no more mess there. It also remineded the chronic diseases because one theory about those diseases claim that wherever there's a struggle, a try to defense, to resist, a disease will eventually develope...when one gives up his struggle and just accept the surrounding and lets everything pass through him freely, no blockage, nor disease will ever appear. I think I agree, in a way, to this claim. Seems true in your case. Please write more of your insights. I enjoye them. Cheers, Eliaz

Beautifully worded Eliaz. Thanks for sharing. Isn't it fascinating that life teaches us such a lot about homeopathy and vice versa.

Thank you for this perspective of India. Of course we see our country better when we have donne a kind of separation.
In this case we see our country not being inside but outside. As if we are in the top of the hill and we can enjoy all the view. When we are inside we can see only a part.
Happy new year

Happy New Year Athanassia. That is the positive thing about separation. You do understand things much better when you can disassociate with them.

Hi Shilpa,
Happy new year to you too. Good to hear that you are enjoying your stay in India and found ease and comfort to accept it as it is, as well you feel you're no longer a foreigner in your motherland or homeland of choice.
I do feel the same way, definitely some issues bugs me in both the countries but as I cannot change them I'm fine with that.
Yesterday I had a consultation with my Homeopath, almost after 3 years. during and after the consultation I felt I could connect myself more deeply and could relate my physical and mental discomforts with my deeper issues. That definitely came from my homeopathic understanding.
Looking forward to your next blog with a case during your stay there.

Please covey my thanks to Atul for those lively snaps

Thanks Prithwish. Will sure do.

Interesting discussion. Personally, I think our view of the world is a reflection of where we are spiritually. Our view changes as we change. We are all one at some level and that includes our country(ies). I think it's important to recognize that everything that exists is real, but that does not mean everything that exists is good. I think it is important to acknowledge the difference and then focus on the good. I have recently come to realize that part of healing requires us to reject that which is not good. For each of us evolving spiritually there are many different levels of good, but at some point loving unconditionally and focusing on the good in each other is necessary,especially in the healing arts. To do that we must firmly promote the good while forgiving each other for mistakes we make figuring out what the good is in every situation we encounter.

Dear Shilpa,
Happy New Year to you in your mother land.The roots are never seperated from the tree to grow thoughj you realised that this is the culture which is connecting you emotionally and spiritually.
Homoeopathy is growing fast in here and now people are accepting the treatment with deeper understanding. the changeChange is the life and you must have seen change in many ways good or bad, but we have to accept it.
Your story is basically your emotions and feelings of you
origin.Waiting for your next blog.
Warm regards.

I am an American living in Ireland for 21 years, going back and forth every once in a while. The difficult question you posed was what does homeopathy have to do with my various adjustments to this situation. I think it does boil down to what you said about being a 'silent observer'. Living outside the culture I grew up with has stimulated a lot of objective observations of where I'm living -- even when they came to me as something subjective as in, wow, they do some strange things here. Not long living here and I could look back reading American news and start saying wow, they do some strange things there! I don't know if it is a general tendency for Americans of my own generation to worry about their country a lot, but I tend to. And there's where the homeopathy comes in for me. I've been involved in homeopathy for about 20 years now, and in terms of my view of other people and my view of whatever culture or country I come across, I have a sense now that yes, it's good for me to care about people/countries, and that when I do have a contribution that seems appropriate it is possible that I can help to improve things. But there is always this separation at the boundary: each person and each culture will go its own way and solve its problems however it can. Knowing I do have 'tools' that can be helpful (whether homeopathic, or something I can say to someone, or a vote for a politician ...) gives me a sense of peace about watching to see where it is that I can make that intervention. The silent observer with lots and lots of thoughts going on inside.

Thanks for sharing your wonderful insight Sarah. This is so true. The gift of being a silent observer. That is what we give our patients too. The awareness and insight to accept things not in our control and be at peace with them...

Heartiest CONGRATULATIONS for your zeel & special interest in Homoeopathy !
Whether we are in India or Australia, we remain surrounding by millions of people- the most beautiful creation of the GOD!
If we can serve to minimise the sufferings of the people through wonderful HOMOEOPATHY - it's my passion!
Sincere thanks & Best Wishes !-
-Sreejit Dutta Gupta,Kolkata, India

Anil Gera

Dear Shilpa,
Well now you are full filling the 4th stage of Freudian psychological analysis where in he said when you are really comfortable you are actually saying I AM OK YOU ARE OK.(Other three stages are I AM NOT OK YOU ARE NOT OK,I AM NOT OK YOU ARE OK,I AM OK YOU ARE NOT OK) .

GAINING years in life also means going mature (provided if you look at things scientifically or rather OBJECTIVELY),& slowly you realize every thing is all perfect(means ok )

Homeopathy is a very mysterious keeps on giving surprises...

anyway thanks ,wishing you all the best in 2014