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Is Stage 1 homeopathy suppressing?

Is using disease specific homeopathy harmful? Or is it a blessing?

Have you had a good result using a Stage 1 approach? Please leave a comment and let me know…


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Thank you so much! I was going to ask about this after watching the last blog yesterday. Very clear and helpful!


Thank you so much Shilpa, for taking the time to create that awesome mind map, and for explaining so clearly the conditions in which Stage 1 homeopathy is not only necessary, but is in fact the only tool that will work. This has completely eased my mind about the issue of suppression, as I now understand that Stage 1 is the farthest thing from suppression that there is. It is in fact the only path to cure for judiciously chosen cases that will not respond to anything else.
I will share this knowledge with my fellow second year students as I have not heard this important information explained so clearly anywhere else. Thank you so much!

Thank you so much for this video. I am so grateful for your videos and the associates that have joined you to provide guidance to those of us who do not otherwise have access to trained and experienced homeopaths.

I started with 30c mostly, went to higher potencies to address not physical symptoms had some bad experiences, went back to lower potencies but then discovered F potencies. I have not used LM potencies yet. I no longer hesitate to use multiple remedies in various potencies at the same time or in close proximity. I simply attempt to avoid inimical remedies. Ultimately, I use what is available.
For example: my husband went on a regular afternoon run yesterday. the temperatures had recently increased to high 80s. Upon return was dizzy, began to vomit and diarrhea. Couldn't hold down water. I gave him glonoin in 30c and he vomited shortly thereafter. I later followed it with echinacea 30x. He soaked in a tub rested vomited a little more and by 11:00 that evening was much better. I wasn't sure if it was dehydration or exposure to a virus. I treated both and something gave relief. I also prayed over him. He refused a doctor visit, but was so distressed he was crying at one point as he sat near the toilet. He thought it might be food poisoning. Do not ignore what is offered to the mind. My son thought he might have given him a virus and that was the reason for the echinacea.

thank u shilpa! this was very fruitefull blog of will help me a lot in my practice....

Very Informative Dr.Shilpa.Everytime i watch your videos it gives me more insight into the subject, My Love - Homeopathy. Thanks

Shilpa, You mention that you might treat a patient at Stage 1 for a NBWS mental or emotional shock. In that instance would you only use the symptoms of the emotional state and ignore the physicals because the emotions are the blockage? Or do you look at it another way?

Thanks Lissi,
In my experience it is rare for the shock to not show any effects on the physicals. So the idea is to cover all the effects of the shock both mentally and physically. They are a part of the same condition.

I guess I'm not fully understanding....I thought you were saying that treating for a NBWS with an intercurrent remedy is similar to using a nosode or sarcode when the case is blocked and not responding to what you see as the deeper state remedy, so it would be a different remedy choice than if you continued to try to treat as you see the case constitutionally. If you're treating for the state as you see it then why is this considered treating at Stage 1?

Stage 1 is not just local effects Lissi. Stage 1 is treatment based on common symptoms of a condition. So if you are treating a case of emotional shock at stage 1 then the symptoms of this shock can be manifested not just in the mind but through the hypothalamus-pituitary and adrenal axis as well as sympathetic system to heart, respiration, blood vessels etc. So all these effects of shock are still common symptoms and come under Stage 1. This is not constitutional treatment because we are not dealing with peculiar symptoms of shock in that individual.

Okay, so you're saying that the main thing coming through is shock, for instance. So you're treating for that, knowing that another state will come out after, yes? I thought you meant that according to apparent state, you try Remedy 1 and 2 and when they don't work, you realize you must treat for older shock that has made patient NBWS.

Thank you for a beautifully clear and helpful mind map, Shilpa.
I have a question: with a patient who is on an anti-coagulant like Warfarin for life because of a heart valve replacement, does this pose a "total" obstacle to cure because the body is constantly held in an "abnormal" state? Or do you find that one can still do good in such cases with organ / other stage 1 remedies? And can one still heal on a deep level with stage 3 or 4 remedies, should the patient be at one of these stages?

Someone on Anticoagulant for life is definitely in a compromised state of susceptibility so in my opinion this is a partial if not total obstacle to cure. I have not worked with such a patient at Stage 3 and 4 yet because logically for me working at those stages may reduce the effects of Warfarin as these remedies are trying to balance the core and bring about homeostasis at that deep level.

However organ remedies ( not related to the heart) and other first aid remedies at Stage 1 should be fine.
But again every patient will need to be assessed individually based on his overall state of susceptibility ( before the warfarin) before making the decision on Stage 1 remedies.

thanks Dr. shilpa for sharing this view on stage 1 homoeopathy. i use stage 1 homoeopathy frequently . but i understood completely the real sense of stage 1234 in your video classes. where it was said the stage itself diagnosed by the availability of symptoms in the case. but you explained the thing in evolutionary perspective . but a mind symptom can be a stage-1 symptom if it started it's effect in the system recently. it will depend upon our experience to come to an idea that what can be removed from the system. mostly i use remedies like staphysagria, acid.phos , opium etc as specifics to remove recent causes effecting the system dominantly along with chief pathology, which hide the real picture of the disease. so that the patient feel that this recent symptom of fear or shock or grief etc, is the main issue. so i believe if we move on what patient need at that moment truly even after explaining the whole true thing about his/her pathology, stage 1 homoeopathy shows the path as hahnemann said in the one sided diseases. if we misuse stage 1 homoeopathy , it suppress the disease.

i was watching this video yesterday. i was so happy to note that even in stage 1 there can be suppression. dear dr. am i wrong is i said that a meeting a higher condition with a lower tool or technique would lead to suppression and if a lower condition is met with a higher tool or technique, if it were possible, would lead to cure. please clarify

sainath ramesh

Thanks Sainath.
I am sorry I missed this comment. However to answer your question, yes meeting a higher stage condition with a lower stage tool is suppression. But meeting a lower stage condition with a higher stage tool might lead to an aggravation. The susceptibility is too low and the system may not be a able to cope. If you check Kent's 12 observations of remedy response this may lead to what he calls a prolonged aggravation or a killer aggravation. Hope that helps

HI Shilpa,
This is an amazing, eye-opening blog post for me in that it completes the circle. In listening to all your courses and blog posts on the stages system, I've always had a nagging doubt due to a concern about suppression but your mind map here removes all doubt. Thank you so much!

Could you do a blog post on the whole notion of susceptibility?

Thanks Judith. I have created a blog on susceptibility and potency but I think it needs to be updated with my latest experiences. So thanks and I will surely have a think about this.

Thanks you Shilpa for this.
Clarifies Stage 1.
I've used Arnica on an accident victim. The patient was a cyclist and was back on the bicycle after only a 4 week rest period. The grand trochanter had a tear fracture. The doctors could not understand the lack of brusing, it reduced the swelling and accelerated the healing process.

Dear Shipla

Thank you for sharing your knowledge. I really enjoy your videos. Your Homeopathic software is excellent. I have a number of software packages and yours by far is the easiest to use.

Best wishes Carla

Thank you for a wonderful blog, Shilpa. Since I treat primarily animals, I am mostly treating at a Stage 1 level, though there are exceptions when the animals has a compromised immune system.

One of my favorite stories that I tell newcomers to homeopathy for animals a case that occurred when I was just learning about homeopaty. I had picked up a 4-month old puppy for my son. The dog was in good health, very playful, and not a stranger to cars. We drove 4-5 hours and he started vomiting about 2 hours into the trip. Once I got him home, I became gravely concerned, because even out of the car he continued vomiting, and all through the night as well. In the morning I called a vet to rule out obstruction (puppies can swallow some surprising things). There was nothing there, and the vet's answer (Tagamet and Pediolite) did not work. Finally I called my homeopath, who asked what I had on hand. At her instruction, I gave him Nux vomica 15 minutes apart until he stopped vomiting. It took 30 minutes, 3 doses, and he returned to his playful puppy self. The next morning, 12 hours later, he vomited one more time, got one more dose, and that was the end of it.

Thank you!
For the first time I understand the concept.
Shilpa, you are a gifted teacher!

I used an acute/ Stage one remedy to help a patient who was very anxious. She had a continuous bleeding in her 3rd month of pregnancy. The acute remedy worked about 70% and she was so relieved. Then I took her full case and gave a constitutional remedy and it cleared everything. Rest of the preganacy was problem free. Yey!

Well done Pip. Thanks for sharing.

Thank you for this beautiful explanation Shilpa. Upon reflection, the majority of people who come my way are already suppressed. This includes infants because of the multiple vaccinations given in early infancy (allergies, glue ear, sleep disorders etc.) I have found the plant remedies in 30c and the complementary minerals in 12c are generally helpful during the early stages of treatment - followed by the miasmic remedies in medium to high potencies as the patients improve - (and not forgetting the vaccine nosodes if the parents report any vaccine reactions).

thank you Shilpa for clarifying stage one. I like to think that given a well indicated remedy for immediate need addresses the presenting complaint of an acute situation takes into account the general vitality at the given presentation. Therefore, the best indicated remedy will have its desired affect on those presenting symptoms and when that symptomatology resolves or changes then and only then, retake the case and prescribe accordingly as that initial remedy will have exhausted its action. Such that that particular remedy which was most likely to only have a short period of action on the vital force will then have no further influence so should in theory not be suppressive or mask what else needs attention. Its a matter of acuteness and restriction of available information such as being for palliation, surgical, severe incident or other incident requiring immediate intervention. Appreciate your interpretation of this.
carol hayward

Fantastic Shilpa. Thanks. I would love to put your mind map up on the wall as a mind jogger. Is it possible for it to be made available as an A4 print out? The screen grab is not clear enough. Julie

Thanks Julie. I cannot attach anything on the blog. But I can send it to you through Argentum.

I have read of cases where a patient with migraine as the chief complaint is, say, Nat-m on a stage 3 or 4 level but the practitioner gives Bry in order to avoid what might be a considerable aggravation of the headache. Would this not act suppressively as a lower stage tool is being used? Thanks...

If Bryonia matches Stage 1 of the case that is actually at Stage 3 or 4, then it will either not do much or only provide partial relief that does not hold. Homeopathy is based on the concept of similars and there can be many similars for a case at different stages.

Thank you Shilpa for this blog. It clears up a lot for me. I have been wondering about the use of a remedy along with a sarcode for organ damage, and you just made it clear to me that this can be done. The map is very useful. Thank you for putting so much of yourself into this program for us, Beth

It is a pleasure Beth. Let me know how you go with your organ remedies.

Warm Regards

Thank you for this very informative piece, but can I ask a further question re. the non-suppressing treatment, e.g. for first aid - what about giving repeated doses of the same potency, e.g. for toothache, over maybe 10 days until the pain has gone?

In my experience, a few days of repeating a Stage 1 remedy does not suppress Karina.

Shilpa, thank you for this video. It explained your point beautifully.
But left me with one question. Sometimes a patient is in agony, cant function well. Lets say due to a constant brutal itch from psoriasis. If the constitutional remedy choice failed to help, doesn't it make sense to then first concentrate on removing the itch? So the person can think clearly? And then move on with the case to constitutional care. Would that anti-itch remedy in between, which worked beautifully, be considered a suppression? Thank you, Nadine

Yes, this is perfectly fine Nadine. This anti itch remedy is what I call a Stage 1 remedy.
However it is important that the anti itch remedy is followed by the deep baseline remedy at Stage 3 or 4.

But if your well indicated constitutional is not working then it is important that you use an antimiasmatic remedy
This is critical to ensure there is no suppression.

The mistake many homoeopaths especially beginners make is continue to use other Stage 2 remedies without addressing the miasm.
That is how suppressions can happen.

You can check more on how to determine the miasm in my ebook Guide to Miasmatic maze here!ebook-stages-and-miasm/L6VeL/