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Isopathy and our Source Remedy

Tracing the simillimum through Isopathy.

A few years back when I was working on my stages concept in Homeopathy, I decided to look at Isopathy through the light of the stages concept. In the process I was surprised to discover a deeper meaning into our patients and their remedy itself.

Here is how I would classify the different types of Isopathy into four stages from my understanding and clinical experience.

Stage 1

When you give the same substance ( that caused the disease) in same potency ie in its crude form. This generally cures only the common disease symptoms after exposure to the causative agent.

Immunotherapy for allergic treatment seems to work at this level.

Stage 2

It is when you use a remedy prepared from the same substance in a lower potency (low triturations to maximum 30C). This generally cures not just the common but also some local peculiar symptoms.

This form of Isopathy is used in some of the 'homeopathic' trials eg David Reilly and colleagues (Lancet 1986; ii:881-886) compared a homeopathic pollen remedy (30C) to placebo in hay fever in 144 human subjects.  They showed a small but statistically significant worsening of symptoms during the first two weeks of treatment but a small but significant improvement in the two weeks after completion of the treatment that was associated with a reduction in the amount of antihistamine needed to control their symptoms.

Stage 3

It is when you use a remedy prepared from the original substance in a medium potency ( 30C to 200C) and it cures not just the local symptoms but also general and constitutional symptoms.
This form of Isopathy is seen when our patients have been “Never Well Since” a particular illness and then we prescribe a nosode or an intercurrent remedy made from the same infective agent in a moderate potency.
Eg Tuberculinum or Baccilinum 200C dramatically ameliorates the local ( respiratory infections) and general state ( Hectic pace, restlessness and desire for change, Wanting to take a deep breath etc).

For me the core of homoeopathic miasmatic theory finds its roots in this concept.

Stage 4

It is when you use a remedy prepared from the original substance in a high potency ( beyond 200C) and it cures not just local and general symptom but creates a huge shift at a core identity and energetic level ie it is the Simillimum.
Now the fascinating part is in clinical practice my experience has been that the patient may not necessarily have been “exposed to” this causative agent during their own life time but sometimes in the generation before or even beyond. This was seen in my video case in my last blog where the mother's exposure to mercury was expressed in the daughter.
Most frequently if the patient is ready to go beyond he or she may connect to the very source of their remedy when the case is explored deep enough.

The Language of the Source.

It has been frequently observed that the source remedy at Stage 4 can be expressed by the patient as an intense fascination or repulsion or reaction to that substance at Stage 1.

Let me give you an example here.

Now this does not mean that every thing that a patient reacts to strongly would end up as their most accurate remedy.

The process is being open, exploring and learning. To note the subtle clues of that deeper connection to the source of the remedy at Stage 4, at the same time being able to remain unprejudiced and ensuring that the remedy indeed fits the patient all other stages at 3, 2 and 1.

It is a fine balance which beautifully expresses the whole. It also means that you should be ready to accept that there may be no connection of the isopathic remedy at the source and explore something else that emerges instead.

So on one hand although not every isopathic remedy connects at all four stages this way, on the other hand is not surprising to see accidental Simillimums in clinical practice are frequently found through Isopathic prescriptions.

The aim of this blog is to be open up your isopathic defination as another potential key to the most appropriate remedy when the cause can be traced to the very source....

Let me know your thoughts. Do you have isopathic experiences to share at any stage?


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Have you looked at the work of Tinus Smits in treating vaccinosis? In this protocol the potentised vaccine is given successively in 30C, 200C, 1M & 10M potencies. Smits advises giving the remedies on successive days, pausing, if there is an aggravation at any potency and then repeating that same potency until there is no more aggravation. I like to leave a few days between each dose to allow the action of the remedy to have full effect. In this situation your stages 2, 3 & 4 are covered.

Yes I had read about his protocol a few years back so thanks for the reminder Ann!!
This gradation in potency dosing does ensure that the vaccine reactions are covered at all stages.


It is interesting how in different cases a patient will need many repetitions of a particular dose. I recall a boy whose skin did not maintain improvement on a constitutional remedy that I was very confident of. His mother said he had had a strong reaction to the DTP vaccine so we began the smits protocol. She said it took 3 months for him to work through the 30C potency, ie not to have an aggravation. The other three potencies were no response. His general health improved markedly after this. I have observed number of similar instances in children's behavior using the potentised MMR vaccine when the mother remarked that behavior appeared to become an issue following this vaccination. Also then used well chosen constitutional rememdy.

That's a wonderful observation Ann. Thanks for sharing. Just wondering whether the potency they may need more repetations of may in some way be related to the stage at which the vaccine created a reaction at. Something to ponder on..


Much appreciated, Jean

Thanks Shilpa, I use the Vaccine clearing work of Tinus Smits with patients that have a change in behaviour after Vaccinations now instead of using what I think is the persons constitutional as I have found that the constitutional doesn't seem to have much effect until the vaccines are cleared.
Thanks for the broader look at this subject

Thanks for sharing your experience.
Just got me wondering, Did you ever have an unknown vaccine remedy that was actually the constitutional remedy. ie it was enough to clear the whole state without any further need of another remedy to complement that!
Just like well known nosodes are sometimes the constitutional remedies as well.


I have found that doing vaccine clearing showed that there would be one vaccine that did most of the work. I guess that I couldn't say that the vaccine remedy was also the constitutional. However they did make it clear what the constitutional was and it held their energy where as before I couldn't make head nor tail of what to give.

Very nice. I would like to thank you for your research. Please keep in touch.

Hi Shilpa,

a very interesting case, but I am confused.

As an isopathic case, I would have expected the aetiology to have been ingestion of iron at some stage, maybe by the mother during pregnancy, as his problems started already when he was just a little feller.

Did I miss something?

Thank you for the teaching!



Thanks Eva. You are right, although in his case it wasn't iron that directly caused UC, he had a history of taking iron supplements due to his tendency to low iron levels ( since childhood) which caused hypersensitive reactions in the form of diarrhoea and abdominal cramps ( which was similar to the symptoms of UC which he developed later in life when he was 15)

Hi Shilpa,you r right in mentioning that at stage 4 SOMETIMES the simillimum (source) may match with the cause.

Hello Shilpa,

just want an explanation on what you meant by 0 X 12
Those are expressions that are not used in this area.

Thanks for this excellent case.


Thanks Richard. I used the Q potencies or the LM potencies for him. He was given 0/1 that is the first potency.

Thank you Shilpa,


Hi Shilpa,
I wonder if continuing to increase potencies beyond the LM's would eventually address his iron deficiency too?

I contiually find it amazing how our simple everyday language reveals so much about the source!


Hello Shilpa, it was nice case for learning. In this type of case where everything match with remedy can't we give 30,200 potency? or it is always to start with LM potency in stage 1 cases?

Hello Shilpa, it was nice case for learning. In this type of case where everything match with remedy can't we give 30,200 potency? or it is always to start with LM potency in stage 1 cases?

LM is not just for Stage 1 cases. I have used it at every stage Priti.
I choose to use an LM over CM potencies for this case as there is a destructive pathology and history of suppression with steroids.

Ok, thanks alot shilpa, it means that whenever there is history of suppression LM works better? And in isopathic prescription we get almost always history of suppression in any form like well not since antibiotics or vaccination? And if so why in miasmatic prescription we use high potency like cm and 10m?

I have personally used Miasmatic potencies from 30C, 200, 1M and 10M with good results. But on one hand Dr Isaac an authority on HP uses 50M and CM with wonderful results. And on the other hand if you check Dr Compton Burnett's works, then he has shared some really good cases with great results using isopathic nosodes using predominantly 30C.
So there is a wide spectrum there.

Thanks shilpa for sharing your knowledge and experience.

I have just started using Ton Jansen's more gentle method of detoxing. He uses 30C twice a week for 2 weeks and then goes to do the same in the 200C, then 1M and finally 10M. I have 2 patients on this at the moment. One is taking Predisolone in potency as described above as she has just stopped taking it for 6 years!! Already she is seeing improvements in her symptoms.
Another is a NBWS Hepatitis Vaccination A&B so he is doing that.
Ton thinks that the contraceptive pill is the cause of women having problems with menopause. Since I have had hot flushes for 14 years I have put myself on the Poly Contraceptive Rx for the 8 weeks . We will see put already I seem to have reversed to being back chilly again which is more my normal state.
Ton is in the UK to do a 3 day part 1 seminar on his methods and I am going to join it as I have been so impressed with his book that I reviewed and that review will be in journal in October hopefully.

thanks Dr.shipla for sharing your ideas.! i think it was the prescription based on causation rather than an isopathic prescription. if we given the same iron tablet combination in potency, then it could be isopathy. ferrum.met becomes similar but not the same. thank you.

Hi Shilpa just started reading your blogs.
This is really a wonderful case where you have come to the source.
The use of LM potency for this case is also very convincing. Thanks for sharing this case.

Hi dear Shilpa
thank you for sharing this new case approach- Mona