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Journey through a complex case

I shot this video after coming back from my amazing road trip across the death valley in California.
Interestingly it got me thinking how similar it is to the journey we need to take through a multilayered complex pathological case.
And if you think that most successful practitioners have got it all figured out…then you will have to check this video out.


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Thank you, Shilpa, for another inspiring video! Connecting your road trip with your homeopathic journey was refreshing, encouraging, and calming for me.

It's been my pleasure Barbara...

Hi Shilpa,
I have some doubts above all in cases with high degree of mental symptoms because it becomes hard to understand where to start. These cases could be called one sided. But the truth is when you get started and put your best choice on the move it's like this law of physics that says the greatest amount of energy is needed to start a movement. Funny enough it's not the patient's movement it's my movement. I think. I also think the greatest question for me is about confidence regarding this.
Thank you for your amazing work.

Vânia Santos

Thanks Vania. You are right, it is as much our journey as our patient's. And when we give ourselves the permission to get started we give them that permission too.