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Knowing the rules of homeopathy [and breaking them]

This is probably the most spontaneous blog I’ve ever published – I was having my regular meet with Dr Trupti my co-mentor in Argentum mentoring when I decided to record it... so it gets a bit un-structured.
But the real gem in here is knowing the rules...and knowing when to break them.

So this is the deal -
Dr Trupti runs the Gynecology and Obstetrics Out Patient Department at the homeopathy hospital in Mumbai. And she brings her rich experience of treating tens of thousands of cases in her hospital clinic to help my Argentum students using the Start up strategies at Stage 1 and 2.

And the fascinating fact is that she uses mother tinctures and homoeopathic specifics successfully in almost 60% of her hospital cases.
Now I have known Trupti since I started my homeopathy. We were in the same medical school, in the same class and I have seen her build this great track record at Stage 1 and 2 homeopathy in her clinic and hospital.

So I was trying to understand why these mother tinctures, organ remedies and specifics work so well for her when many others struggle.

You can listen to her inputs here...

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Thank you very enlightening.

`Thank you, good to hear from Dr Trupti

After being exposed to the Stages Template, I can no longer refer to treatment without it!
The approaches Dr Trupti describes was how I was treated years ago for endometriosis - first a remedy to get my pain under control and then followed up with a constitutional remedy.
Using a Stage 1 remedy is to make the patient comfortable, and have confidence that the practitioner can help them and to stick with treatment so you can get a deeper remedy match and remove the disturbance in the vital force that brought about the pathological state in the first place.
I have one patient being treated with tissue salts until she makes time for us to delve deeper.

Thanks for sharing your wonderful experiences Jayne.

Thank you Dr Shilpa and Dr Trupti for sharing this novel approach to treat your patients- it was wonderful listening to you.

Thank you Shilpa and Trupti for sharing this wonderful talk. I got an answer for stage 1 and stage 2 cases, where only constitutional remedy don't work much but we need these supporting medicine, my question for Dr Trupti is that can we use both constitutional and supporting remedies together or one followed by other?

Hello Priti
I use one homeopathic remedy at a time.
I give the constitutional remedy and then follow it up with the acute or specific remedy or vice versa.

Thanks Dr. Trupti for sharing your knowledge and experience.

This approach reminds me of the one I red on Dr Duprat's (if I'm not mistaking the author), where they would use an specific,a miasmatic and a constitutional medicine, though they would use all at the same time. Such approach from the french school seems to cover stages 1 through 3, though fitting better stages 1 and 2. What do you think about?

Yes you are right Pedro. The specific will be Stage 1 and 2, the miasmatic and constitutional will cover predominantly Stage 3. If you study most of the successful approaches in homoeopathy, you will notice that they cover at least 3 stages in the treatment process, with one or multiple remedies. However individual protocols will vary...

Thank you so much for the information, Trupti! I really enjoyed the talk. Can you tell me what you meant by anti-miasmatic remedy and at what potency range you usually use for this? Are you talking about nosodes to clear a block? I just need to make sure I am understanding you correctly.
Also when you give the aur-m-n, what potency do you typically use and how do you usually handle repetition of dose?
Thank you so much for your input and clarification!

Hello Becky,
Thank you for your kind words. It is my pleasure indeed.
You are right , I am referring to nosodes when I speak about antimiasmatic remedy to clear a miasmatic block.
I use nosodes in high potency 1M a single dose.
Auru m n is a remedy which I commonly use for fibroids. I usually give it in low potency i. e. 30 potency and frequent repetition two or three times a day for a couple of weeks.
Do feel free to ask any further queries.

Thank you so much, Trupti, for your response,
For clarification, are you doing that 30c in a liquid dose or a pellet dry dose, or having them plus the pellet in water and sipping 3x a day? I'm in a few different classes with different homeopaths and it is interesting to see how all of the teachers dose! We usually do a pellet in 1/2 dram (alcohol and water solution) succussed 10-50 times between doses. I've only done 30c tid in acutes for 2 days, and I usually give 30c in dilution every other day on a chronic basis. I would appreciate any further info you can give, I'd like to make sure my clients get the best care I can give, and also the best repetition of dose :) Thank you!!