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Lessons Learned from a Practitioner Who Resolves Acute Crisis...instantly

Last year I was introduced to a doctor who loves acute crisis! So while most of the homoeopathic world freaks out in acutes, here was someone who was actually addicted to prescribing acute homeopathics and thrived on getting results instantly.

It was not until a few months back that I got a chance to study his work and his patient videos closely... when I decided to interview him.

Interestingly he started his career in cardiovascular surgery because he did not believe homeopathy could work in the acute emergencies that he was passionate about treating.

However his life took a major turn and he literally went from being a strong homeopathic skeptic to a super successful homoeopathic practitioner known for instantaneous results in acute crisis and pathological emergencies….all using grounded Hahnemannian principles and individualisation!

Here is a video about the mindset changes and the "unlearning" that he had to undergo to reach that level of success - and how you can use it in your practice.

Check it out.


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Hi Dr Shilpa

First I'll like to say that Dr Ashok course is really the best one I have taken from Homeoquest!

I have no comment but two requests:
1) Could you please edit your videos with a transcription since we from no English countries have some difficulty to understand the whole speech of yours, and
2) I am willing to enroll myself in a kind of course like management of acute cases, if possible.

Thank you for all contributions you have done for homeopathy and homeopaths

I am glad you enjoyed Dr Ashok's course Clovis.
I will try and see if I can add in a transcript for this video.
Yes I am planning to release Dr Gajanan's course on Acute cases. I promise it will be as insightful as Dr Ashok's course as they both collaborate on the subject.
Will definitely keep you updated.

Is that Goddess Saraswati or Goddess Laxmi in the background? You are definitely blessed by both of them, dear Shilpa.

Thanks Deborah :-)

Dear Shilpa,
Would you be so kind and write out the name of the Homeopathic physician for acute crises in Mumbai, you are referring to? I cannot find his name and I am not an Indian native speaker.
Allan's Keynotes seems to be a very relevant reference book for acute case taking - at least this is my experience also from an internship I did earlier this year at a wonderful and very busy homeopathic clinic in Jaipur.
Thank you for teaching us so much, dear Shilpa! I am so glad that I found you...

I am so glad you enjoyed your homoeopathic experience in Jaipur, Azadeh.
The doctor I am talking about in this video is Dr Gajanan Dhanipkar.
I plan to share his interview with the network very soon so you will learn more from him in the coming days.