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Lessons Learned from a practitioner who makes impossible cures...

I got the chance to sit down with a doctor from a small village in Goa, India who is making IMPOSSIBLE cures.

This is what I learned – including the big meta-lesson that applies to YOU in your practice…


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Thanks for bringing these kind of cases where pathological changes have been present and can be cured solely with homeopathic remedies. This will give confidence to our fellow homeopaths around the Globe.

Heads off you Shilpa,

Yours truly,

Dr. Naresh Verma
Surrey BC Canada

Thanks Naresh. I will be sharing more on this. Will keep you updated.

Hi Shilpa! Really enjoy your videos and all you are so generous in teaching! I have completed my first year of the New York School of Homeopathy and I am enjoying it so much! It's so exciting to hear these cases being cured by this healer. I truly believe all illnesses are curable! Not only that but a great mental change happens many times apparently so the entire outlook of the patients life changes dramatically!

I'm not sure yet how I see my practice but there are so many wonderful teachers and practitioners out there it's truly inspirational.

Best regards,
Alex Katsanos
New York City

Thanks Alex. I am really glad you are enjoying your homeopathy course. All I say is continue to remain open and keep exploring and growing with your homoeopathy.

thanks you very much to gives us guidline about curing advance pathological diseases. i learn so much about classical homoepathy from you people

How do we know if the approach, method, and teachings we are learning is the correct one. There are so many variations out there that' it's impossible to comprehend all of them

really really good video....yes we limit ourselves...homoeopathy can give more than we think we can do.... nice inspiration....and hope you will share cases of dr ashok borkar thnks

Thanks Mukesh.
I look forward to sharing his approach and cases very soon.


Shilpa, thank you for generously sharing your insight and personal experiences all the time. I really think that practitioners everywhere, whether in modern urban areas primarily treating modern ailments (functional, emotional, psychosomatic diseases as you say) or in rural or developing regions, should have awareness of the full scope of homeopathic treatment and what it can achieve, indeed, what it DOES achieve in practices such as Dr. Borkar's. Even if we personally never see such cases.

In ten years, I hope to be in practice, helping to improve the lives of my neighbors and my community by integrating homeopathic treatment with life-style and life-philosophy counseling, as well as activism for the health rights of the elderly and poor.

Lovely to hear from you Haruna,
Love your vision and spirit.

Best wishes

Not only did I take Dr. Ashok's program but I went on to order his book. Like you, I was amazed by his success and plan on using his strategies along with your Stages method.
Thank you for your genuine contributions to the profession. <3

Thankyou Shilpa

Really great video, makes a person want to achieve so much. Theres so much to learn.

Amazing to see that pathological cases without conventional treatment can have good succes.


Hi Shilpa
Thanks for sharing such valuable works in homeopathy against the big war against alternative medicines. My iniatiation to homeopathy ten years ago affected positively my family , my relatives and friends all over whenever I go. We need more of flag bearers like you to inspires in Homeopathy as you are .

M salem
Nairobi kenya.

Thanks Mohamed. I am so glad you are making a positive impact with your homoeopathy. Keep growing and sharing.

Thank you so much Shilpa. As a recent graduate of Homeopathy, it is truly inspiring to think about what is possible. We do indeed sometimes limit ourselves with our own thinking. (For me, the challenge at the moment is finding patients, not keeping them. I must think bigger!) I cannot wait to better employ all that I have learned, from you and others, in the service of helping others heal. The possibility that even those with significant pathology can be helped is so exciting! My only question, prior to knowing more, would be: Are his patients exposed to less daily toxicity than we, for example, in North America? Our lifestyles do have such an impact.
Blessings to you....and thank you again.

Great question Catherine.
I think Dr Ashok will be the best person to answer this. I encourage you to ask him this question in his free training. I am sure your question will help a lot of other students and practitioners. Will send you a note as soon as I open his free training.

thanks Shilpa, great book by Ashok Borkar you were lucky to have met him! its nice to listen to your inspirational talks, appreciate the time and energy you give so much, its comforting and motivational to have that encouragement.

It has been a pleasure Caroline.