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My Approach in Acute Cases

This blog is an answer to a question from a student in my mentoring program. She is an amazingly dedicated practitioner and quite confident when it comes to chronic cases but here is her biggest frustration.

The Question that struck a chord

I'm not confident in dealing with even the simple, easy, home care homeopathy.
For example, when I slept wrong and sprained my neck, I look in a self-care book for the typical remedies which can be commonly used. The result would almost always be disappointing and nothing happened

The other time, one of my friends was pregnant and found that her baby was in breech position. Since she was mild-tempered and became weepy easily especially during that time, I gave her Pulsatilla 200c for a week with confidence. However, the remedies didn’t help her and she gave birth after two month via Caesarean section after all.

Homecare level prescribing sometimes does hit, but the odds are so low that I cannot even know for sure the improvement I could see is really caused by the remedy or it is only the spontaneous healing.
With those cases like Arnica in a case of bleeding, or Silica when getting a splinter, my friends have experienced a lot of amazing successes. But such simple and apparently recognizable successes won’t happen to me…

Have any of you experienced this kind of frustration? Is it just a coincidence? Or maybe something is wrong with my remedy choice?

My Mind Map of Approaching Acutes

Well this struck a chord with me. More so because I had the same frustration when I started my own practice. Hence she inspired me to put together my protocol that I have put together over the years when working with Acute cases in my practice.

And today I am sharing it with you through this video. It explains my "mind map" of approaching acutes. I also elaborate in detail the different types of acutes, the approach that suits each scenario, the role of acute and chronic remedy selection, the role of therapeutics, when they work and when they do not and many more such questions....

So what is your approach in acutes? Please put your question, feedback and suggestions below so everyone will benefit.


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Thank you for this great mindmap.
The other day I had a 3 year old with a very peculiar symptom; when she gets an acute state of difficult breathing, suffocative, teary eyes ( like a hayfever episode) she has a protruding tongue and rubs her tongue with her hand or even the sleeve of her sweater! can not find this peculiar symptom in the Repertory!!

Thanks Wil. Have you considered itching tongue, Tongue scratchy, Tongue scratches with fingers.. They are in plenty of Repertories including Boger Boenninghausen.

This isn't so much an elaboration of a particular technique as remembering a difficult acute case that I had to solve because I seemed to be facing a threat of getting very ill. I had a sore throat, and at first thought it would resolve in a few days with simple treatments like maple syrup in hot water and rest.

But it kept getting worse, so I was forced to overcome my reluctance (laziness) to dig out Kent's repertory (the only one I had) and do some digging. By then the symptoms had developed more fully, where for instance there was a shift from one side of the throat to the other (left to right, if I remember right). There was overwhelming (or what I thought was overwhelming) evidence for Dulcamara. I thought it was so strong a case that I even started to feel better just from getting this far. I didn't have the remedy on hand, but it wasn't far to drive to get a bottle of 30c.

And yes, I did start mending shortly after I started taking the Dulcamara. It took a few days, but before that I was steadily going downhill and becoming worried about how serious it might get.

It's hard to remember the symptoms after all these years, but I realize that would be helpful. I remember a strong change to colder weather, possibly involving wind, and a shift in the sidedness of the soreness, whichever one matched Dulcamara. There must have been at least several other significant symptome, but I don't remember them any more.

I don't think I had even heard of Dulcamara before, and I had no preconception of which remedy would work, except having one experience of not much luck in a much earlier case with capsicum.

One thing does stand out - the symptoms had time to develop. Would I have found the right remedy without the accumulation of various symptoms and conditions that formed a strong picture of one remedy?

Thanks Paul. For me a lot of things stand out from your beautiful experience. Yes it does help to give time for symptoms to develop and prescribe until you are clear of one remedy. But for me what stands out is another point. You started to "feel better just from getting that far" - in trying to understand your sickness and find evidence for Dulcamara.
Healing is not just about popping remedies. It starts as soon as we take the time to become really aware of our state rather than looking for quick fixes. The remedies then simply complete this journey…

An aside - "maple syrup in hot water" is an old remedy, and actually is maple syrup, lemon, and hot water. It's used by some people when fasting and cleansing. It's similar to the old "tea with honey and lemon." I learned of it from the first homeopath I consulted, whose first prescription gave me a simillimum that was my remedy for many years.

I do not have a video link her to click on.

Thanks Shilpa, you explain things so well. In regard to Paul's case I often start in on the ferrum phos when I have a small begining to a cold or that feeling that there is something going on. Is this a little like jumping in before the symptoms develop? I have used this tack on my children when they were little and 90% of the time it worked in that the dis-ease symptoms did not progress did not progress to more deveoped symptoms and they improved in energy, sleep and mood. I wonder if this is a little like Paul taking the maple syrup initially. Or is it a little more like treating like by like and in the 10% of cases needing to go further with other remedies and watching how a case develops?

My guess is that it can be easier and simpler to catch an illness very early, and that more remedies could work at that stage. I once reversed a flu at an extremely early stage with Oscillococcinum, which is a very generic flu remedy.

This is somewhat of a reversal to what I wrote before, but it's also the further development of an idea - that the "aging" or "ripening" of the symptoms affects the choice of remedy. Choice in both the sense of choosing a remedy, and in the number of choices available.

Yes,Good discussion by SHilpa.I usually get success in acutes by homoeopathy.I am totally dependable on repertory,I dont care to remember hundreds of symptoms of every drugs,but with the help of repertory I do well in acutes.I give an exapmle,I happened to give a medicine to a new born(age-10 days) for common cold.I searched a repertory,rubric for cryza in newborn..and dulc. was there.I prescribed 200 and asked mother to mix it with water and give few drops TDS,and the result was amazing,again after 1.5 months,same kid was suffering from troubles of gums,he was pressing her lower lip to his gums tightly,I searched a rubric for pressing gums..and found phytolacca...again I prescribed 200 in the same method..and with only one dose,the complain resolved.SO the approch of shilpa is really nice.Thank you

Thanks for sharing your experiences Harun.


Hi Shilpa,
Is this video not available anymore? I'm not able to access but having no problems with any of the other ones.


Thanks Lissi, I have fixed the link now.