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My Book is FINALLY done and (the REAL reason behind it)

It's FINALLY done.
I have just completed my BRAND NEW BOOK. It's literally been on my mind for YEARS,
and now it's DONE.
I'm excited and I'm celebrating...and I want to share the REAL reason behind writing
this book( a preview of what's going to be inside the book, why the subtitle is so close to my heart, why did I hesitate to release it and a lot more…)

Since this is just the beginning of this story, I'd love to hear your thoughts – please leave a comment below…


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Congratulations!I recognise the process you went through when essay writing in study. All the self doubt!Thank you for sharing too.

Thanks Ruth :-)

This book must be a great publication as I can understand by viewing the video and seeing the blush on your face due to that joy which you feel about it. Much would be added from your soul, heart and guts in it. The matters you are indicating are so valuable for homeopathy and building a good practice.
I couldn't say much about book as I didn't read it. If I got a chance to read it, I'll surely comment what will suite at that time.
Thanks for sharing.

Thanks Shakir. I promise to update this page as soon as it is published.

There is much for me to glean just from your blog Shilpa. It felt very inspiring. Since you launched your iPhone repertory, I have been thinking about inviting a group of mothers for a 'Repertory Level 1 Coffee Morning'....not sure how this will unfold yet....but Bill Gates shocked everyone when his mission statement became 'a personal computer in every home'. We would all like to see a 'homeopathic kit in every home'......your generous sharing of your revolutionary program might go a good way towards achieving this goal.

This is a fantastic idea Pauline. Love your spirit. Every baby step counts as we help spread the potential of homoeopathy to every home. Look forward to hear how you go with your coffee morning.

I'm excited to read it Shilpa. Thank you for courageously releasing it. I'm certain it's wonderful:)

Thanks heaps Suzan. The book could not have been complete without you and our Argentum family. I will send you a personal note as soon as I publish it.

Shilpa, you are an amazing person. Both as a Homeopath and Business person and I love the way you are moving forward with sharing your personal story to success with your new book. I cannot wait to read it and I am sure it will help me on my journey to getting a new practice up and running again. Thank You so much. Much Love and Light, Dayna in NZ

Lovely to connect with you Dayna. The book was published a couple of weeks back. Here is the link -
Best Wishes with your homoeopathy journey. Keep learning and growing

Congratulations on finishing this book that means so much to you. I can hear the importance and excitement in your voice. I look forward to reading your book Shilpa.

Thanks Mitzi.
The book is published now. Here is the link!ebook-your-homoeopathic-practice-blueprint/zv1de/