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My first 15000 HomeoQuest case analyses [Lessons learned]

Just around September 2000, Atul started working on a basic prototype of the HomeoQuest Software that I could start using in my rural clinic…and that was the real start of this HomeoQuest journey.

We created this software in a moment of pure inspiration. We really weren’t giving much thought to what the future would hold.

But now here we are 15000 personal cases analyses later and hundreds of thousands of case analyses through the homeopathy network, and this is what I learned….

( The best part is that what I learned about successful prescriptions is easily duplicable. So if you’re not already doing these things you can start today.)

Please leave a comment below and tell me what you think…


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Thanks Shipla

That's really nice to hear your summary.
I use your repertory a lot in my practice but have found it’s strength in another way.

I predominately (but certainly not exclusively) use one book - one 'favorite approach'. That's Bönninghausen. Have done so for well over 20 years. Within the scope of this approach and when understood well and used correctly, I have seen the wonderful healing abilities of homoeopathy, covering a vast range of health issues. To be a specialist in a particular repertorisation approach has its distinct advantages.

I love using the Boger – Bönninghausen part of your program Shilpa – it certainly adds to my understanding of Bönninghausen’s rep.
And then I add the various other repertories in your program as well, to see what comes up and it certainly helps me to look at other medicines or similar medicines or families of medicines.

Shilpa, your Homeoquest has been an important part of my practice now, not only complementing my Hahnemannian homeopathy, but also in helping me to expand and grow as a homoeopathic prescriber.

Thankyou Shilpa – and Atul!

Andrew Collishaw

Thanks for your kind words Andrew. Your mastery and success with the Boenninghausen's repertory continue to amaze me. It is indeed a privilege to have you as a part of our HomeoQuest journey..

Just realised I combined Shipra and Shilpa to come up with a new name for you!
Sorry Shilpa.

" key unknown rubric or one unknown remedy..."

VERY interesting! Maybe that's what I need in my own treatment...

dear dr. shilpa, i got your ' My first 15000 HomeoQuest case analyses [Lessons learned'today. i went through your very intructive video.
yes i am eagerly waiting for part-2 lessons on criteria to judge the best repertory to be adopted for a case. pl do the needful and oblige.

it was a great learning that hqc or fqp software enables unusual ubrics and unusual remedies to be discovered.

sainath ramesh.

Thanks Sainath. I will keep you posted.

Thank you Shilpa for sharing this experience of journey tenure of 16 years. Lucky you are having Atul's expert hands in software.
I have been with some of your classes here at homeoquest community for some years. During that period you made us understand the features of software which really helped me use it in a fruitful manner. I really appreciate your good will for blessing us with Hqest version v which is a great treasure for me. I use it at daily bases and helps searching rubrics wonderfully.
What and the manner you talked today, reflects the confidence which this software blessed you with your efforts.
I really thank and await for your next blog.

Thanks Shakir. Really happy that HomeoQuest complements your wonderful expertise and has become a part of your everyday clinic. I hope to share a lot more practical tips on using the repertories very soon.

Hello Shilpa,

Yes need part 2.

How would you enter a case; example;
Nausea, vomiting,can't keep any food down, vomits after drinking a little water. I've used it and came up with Phosphorus and China, also Ars.
But it would be nice to see what and how you go about it.



Thanks Richard,
Yes your remedies are very strongly indicated.
The other two remedies that come up strongly in my repertorization are Bismuth and Sanicula.

I took the rubrics
Vomiting Eating after
Vomiting forcible eating shortly after
Vomiting drinking agg
Vomiting drinking immediately after.

Dear Shilpa, I'm from Mexico City and I am currently studying homeopathy but here they think that learning about the active substance of the homeopathic remedy is as important as learning the repertorization, what would you thing about that, have you used this kind of knowledge in your cases? Thank you

Thanks Luis.
In my opinion learning about the active substance is important for prescribing for what I call Stage 1 homoeopathy.
Repertorization is needed when you have to analyse symptoms at Stage 2 and 3 predominantly.
You will find more details on the different types and stages of homoeopathy in my ebook on this page.
In Part 2 of this training I will share what books you need to work at different stages.
Hope that helps...


Thank you so much for your answer, it really helps me as I am reading your older posts. I'll keep on reading them as well as your book.

Thankyou Shilpa
Fantastic effort I can't wait to upgrade, just wondering: Where do you buy your remedies from

Thanks Robyn. I will send you the details on the upgrade very soon. I generally order my remedies from Helios in UK and Simillimum Pharmacy in NewZealand.

Most of the time I open the video link you sent it does not play well.