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My Resolution to Retreat

Hope 2016 brings you great health, spirit and endless opportunities to make all your dreams come true.
But sometimes you have to retreat and let go before you can advance and get to the next level.
And that ’s exactly why I have been in a “retreat" this month.

I just had an epic 2015, and I’m now ready to continue into an awesome year...but I needed to recharge with a retreat.

Here’s why you should think about doing the same.

Please leave a comment below and tell me what you think


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Hi Shilpa! Happy 2016 for you!

Thank you very much for your video.

It comes in a very right time since what you propose is exactly what I am doing since this new year started.

I devote every week 4 days to my patients, 2 days -the whole week-end- to my son and the day left is for me.

Is vital what you mention about these personal mini-retreats. We all must find the time to do it.

Investing in ourselves to achieve fulfillment is investing in others happiness and health.

Glad to share a common path with you!

With my warmest regards.


Juan García

Thanks for sharing your retreat plan Juan. It is wonderful to be able to devote a day just for yourself. Best Wishes for the New Year.

I can relate Shilpa. You are right on. I meditate daily as well as receive body treatments from different modalities, every week, which I love. What I am working at now is being 100% present in each moment. I can see that in winter, I don't get out in nature as much and I'm missing that connection. I am also planning on getting away and unplugging several times this year. I schedule days off now and really cherish those times and will not take clients. I find as I get older, I can't multi task like I used to. I have to have down time. So, thank you for your inspirational video:)

Thanks for sharing Suzan. It is lovely to see you planning on being 100% present in each moment of the year - during worktime and downtime.

Thank you so much, Shilpa. We often needs these reminders of WHY we need to take time for ourselves. As an active member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (Mormon), I set aside every Sunday for renewal. "The Sabbath was made for man, and not man for the Sabbath." It's a day of rest and renewal. I've been slipping back into snatching looks at my email, and you've reminded me why that's not a good idea.

Every morning I take time to read scriptures, pray for guidance throughout the day, and meditate. On those rare mornings when the day starts with a BANG! and I don't have time (or take time later) to do that, the day simply doesn't go as well. That nurturing time for ourselves is so very important in so many ways.

Thanks for sharing Joy.

Thanks Shilpa .happy New year.yes you are right.I have had to stop treating ,and gone to. One of your homeopath friends Debbie Rayfield to help me with benign Right side kidney tumor remedy lycopodium 200. So having break and become patient rather than practisioner.enjoyed and learned much from your courses..apart from similimum,if anyone has experience with kidney tumour,would be happy to hear of it.

It is really hard to treat our own selves Micheal and I am so glad you have decided to get help. Best Wishes for the New Year.

Thanks, Shilpa. Perfect timing for me as i head into one of the busiest years yet. I totally agree and teach others to do just this, yet it is often advice i need to remind myself. I am planning my year and will definitely look at some retreat time. Happy New Year everyone.

That's wonderful Michelle. Best Wishes for an awesome 2016.

HI Shilpa, I'm glad you have shared this important message with us. At times i have wondered how on earth you manage to achieve all that you do during the year. I think your suggestion of mindfully including ourselves into each hour of the day is spot on. I have only just begun my journey as a practitioner, I'm far from busy yet but my life still includes my usual job, building a house and developing the confidence to step out further into homeopathic practice. In fact a short quiet retreat into the self is advice that each patient may benefit from too as most of us forget to stop and listen to our own heart beat once or twice during the day.
Thanks for you tireless sharing of all things homeopathy.
Deb Maurer

Thanks Deb. For me it is all the more important to build that time for yourself right from the start of your practice,so it becomes a part of your routine. So even as you get busier, you will always maintain that wonderful balance in your life and work.

Best Wishes for 2016


Hello Shilpa,

Thanks for this video. Will have to remember to incorporate that in my everyday life.

Am happy that I discovered your Homeoquest family in 2015.
Just can't wait to see what you have in store for us in 2016.

Also I am taking this opportunity to wish you and your family (Health,prosperity and love) and Happy New Year.

Wishing your the best,


Thanks Rick and great to have you as part of the HomeoQuest family...

Thanks Shilpa, retreats come in many shapes and sizes, all depending on what is called for at the time. I have a lovely garden with some beautiful roses, so easy to pop into and potter or just sit with a cuppa.

What a beautiful way to unplug Sally. Thanks for sharing...

Good day to you Shilpa,

First of all I would like to wish you all the best for 2016:
May this year be brighter than the one gone by, enveloped in goodness and well-being, bliss and endowments!

Thank you very much for everything, it helps a lot.

All my best,


My pleasure Maria.