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My "weird" journey...

At the age of 17, I started on this weird journey that I was embarrassed to talk about.
Back then I really didn’t know anyone from school who was into this.
But when I started meeting super successful people, I realised that this journey wasn’t quite as weird as I thought…


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Thank you Shilpa. So, can you share what are the personal growth tools you have used? Doing our own homeopathic treatment or being treated homeopathically by someone else will get us health of body, mind and soul so that is a great tool; but what else do you use? Sonia

Thanks Sonia. I have implemented a lot of Psychological and holistic mind body tools for my own growth. But here are a few that have made the most impact - Transactional analysis, Hypnosis, Neuro linguistic programming, Su Jok Acupunture, Hatha Yoga and Raja Yoga.

Irshad Ali
I am homeopathic learned but not have any success, near about 45 days i have seen on face book Mrs SHILPHA, he motivated and couraged for the helpless people and for your on business perfectly

I was led to holistic medicine through a spiritual journey, and it is the spiritual disciplines which form the backbone for my practice (acupuncture and oriental medicine). Actually, there were a few of my dearest teachers who subtly reminded us that if we stop connecting with the spirit of the medicine, the spirit of the medicine will stop connecting with us.
So, the personal growth tools which have been essential to my 15-year practice of oriental medicine have largely been spiritual in nature: The I Ching, prayer and meditation, plant teachers and shamanism (indigenous spirituality), but also the disciplines of yoga and qigong, some coaching, etc... This spiritual connection with clients, and with the art of healing is basic.
But your reminder to seek out the best business advice is much needed, and is the area I have most neglected.

Thank you.

Thanks for sharing your journey Kurt. Yes the spiritual disciplines fuel us and our work. I just did not own it during my medical training. But when I did it transformed me and my work.