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Newly Emerging Polycrests

New provings

There are close to a thousand new provings that have entered the materia medica and repertories in the last two decades and the number is growing daily.
On one hand this is wonderful for homoeopathy as new provings are the life line of our database and the most reliable source of our future Materia Medicae.
But on the other hand it is a fact that only a very tiny portion of these proven remedies become well developed polycrests.

Today we need provings where remedies are expressed to its full potential at every stage so that no matter what stage we practice at, we have the information both proven and clinically confirmed.

And we need reliable repertory makers who are diligent enough to check the information that is being added on a regular basis.

I have pondered over this question for a long time -

So what needs to happen before a new proved remedy develops into a polycrest?

The answer to this has gradually become clearer through the years. Roger the author of the Complete repertory has been a good friend for about 10 years now and I have always admired his single minded dedication and diligence to ensure the homoeopathic database of every remedy that enters his repertory remains clinically verified. That is the only reason why his Complete repertory is a part of the modern library in my HomeoQuest Software Program.

But repertories are just tools and provide only one part of the equation.

As a clinician we need more and more polycrests not just bunch of new inert remedies. So I have often pondered upon the process of how a new remedy that enters a repertory develops into a well developed polycrest.

This part became clear through numerous discussions with Jeremy Sherr. I have had the priviledge of hsting a number of his courses in my online Academy in the last couple of years. And through our numerous discussions and interviews while working together I discovered the remaining part of this puzzle.

Jeremy Sherr has added some incredible remedies to our materia medicae through his provings. But more importantly many of them are being used today regularly by practitioners around the world.

While so many new provings remain a mass of symptoms unused by the wider community even after following strict Hahnemannian guidelines, I wanted to understand what needed to happen to make a new proving clinically useful or in other words - “Practitioner - friendly- Polycrest”.

It was then I realised that there is a very important process that happens during and after a proving that differenciates any proving and proving that create polycrests.

I thought I should share this interesting process with you because I believe that as a practitioners we need to understand and contribute in our own way and together work towards a highly useful Materia Medica in the future.

To simplify this process for you I have decided to use the stages template to explain this.
For those who are new to the stages template please download my free ebook The Quest For Simillimum – An overview on the left side of this blog page. For me this template is useful in understanding many processes in homoeopathy.

The journey of a Polycrest -

Now using this template let's look at the four stages a proven remedy goes through to become a polycrest.

Stage 1 and 2 of the remedy proving is when the supervisors are simply collecting information from each prover and documenting these on a regular basis. It is a factual collection of data from every prover from every part of their body on a day to day basis in a very unprejudiced way.

If the proving stops at this stage which many provings do, then this remedy can only be useful for approaches at Stage 1 and 2. Some of this information can be diagnostic of certain diseases and hence clinically this remedy may be used for those conditions. If this remedy has a toxicological basis then it provides the pathological component to the understanding and so on.
Many unexpected symptoms and peculiarities come up during this stage which if recorded well, can become a key criteria to differentiate this remedy from other remedies for similar conditions.

Stage 3 and 4 of a remedy proving is when the generals and particulars, the mentals and physicals, the common and peculiar from the sensitive and not so sensitive provers all come together as one whole picture.
The so called discrete information from various provers is amalgamated into one totality – as if one person.
This is not an overnight phenomenon. It can take years of careful compilation and hard work on part of the proving team and the supervisors. But it is critical and worthwhile if we are going to take this remedy understanding to the next level. And it is work in progress at all times. I remember Jeremy mentioning that it took 10 years after he proved the remedy Helium in 1995 for him to confidently publish it in a book form with information at so called Stage 3 and beyond.

If the proving reaches this stage, the inner essence and core structure of the remedy shines through. The remedy develops its own personality. The connection between the mind and body become clearer. This makes it easier to use the remedy as an individualised constitutional prescription.
This remedy is then in a much better position to go into Materia Medicae and further through another sophisticated process lands into a repertory.

The remedy picture is then further enriched through its use in actual clinic as clinical symptoms are verified.
At the same time it is helpful to co-relate the proving symptoms with other aspects of the remedy identity such as kingdom, subkingdom and the source information.
This work provides the confidence and reliability necessary for a practitioner no matter what approach they use.
This remedy is now well on its way to becoming the new polycrest.

So as you see there is a lot of fine tuning and balancing that happens in this journey and I have nothing but deep respect and appreciation for all the work that goes on at the other side by these amazing homoeopaths.

I will share with you a case of a so called new remedy that in a short time has become a well prescribed polycrest in my own clinic.

I would love to know what other new proven remedies are very frequently used in your clinic.


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This was a wonderful video because the repertories that I have do not incorporate new polychrests or the elements of the periodical table. I have read Jan Scholten's book though and immediately recognized it as Helium or Hydrogen because I have used these briefly with my son. They have been recommended for use with some autistic children. However, it was wonderful to hear someone who could explain from experience the type of symptoms. Most importantly it occurred to me that several other people including another child may need this remedy. Because of the difficulty with incarnating and dealing with the conditions in which people find themselves embodied, I think it may be a remedy that quite a few people actually need. The common denominator may be depression in young people with no apparent external cause. I've been wondering about souls that especially younger ones who have great abilities, but are having difficulty adapting to the limitations of this environment.

Thanks Deborah,
I am glad the video added to your existing knowledge of the remedy. Most gas remedies have a very strong similarity to the drug remedies ( another frequently used group in my clinic). And when you know it is indicated there can hardly be a substitute :)

I would like to know WHO and WHERE ...has done all these 1000 plus provings in the last 10 years.
Would you kindly list the names and locations of all or most...
Thank You Shilpa

The number is an estimate based on what I read in the publication of the 1997 The Dynamis and Methodology of Homoeopathic Proving where Jeremy had listed nearly four hundred recent provings.
And its sixteen years since then and the rate of new provings is still the same. So I am assuming it is around that mark in the last two decades.
However I am not a statistician but a clinician so I may be offtrack with the exact number as my focus is more on the quality than quantity of the provings.
You might want to contact the authors of the Complete and Synthesis as they are the experts in that aspect.
The website is also a good place to start, It lists more than 2383 provings currently. You have to remember it is work in progress as there is no standardized process to document provings in homoeopathy today. So Unfortunately a majority of provings are never published.

Thank you Shilpa..

Great Learning, Thanks shilpa for wonderfull sharing!!!

Great Learning, Thanks shilpa for wonderfull sharing!!!

This was intereting and very helpful. Thank you for sharing this case. Lia

Very helpfull, thank you

My pleasure Loreta

Hi Shilpa, I did enjoy this case. I have used this remedy, it was a few years ago for a young woman who was not grounded in her world- she also had a good result. It is good to have another reminder of Hydrogen to consider.
Your blogs are always good reminders- thankyou.

Not grounded" is such a key aspect of this remedy. Thanks Rosemaree for another clinical confirmation.

Thank you Shilpa, for bringing this remedy alive. Your comments are very interesting Deborah. People are talking about the 'energy-shift' happening in these times - and if this is the case, it is reasonable to assume that many children of these times do have great abilities and may well feel (and behave) like 'fish-out-of-water' in this limited and polarised (good & bad) world.

Hi Shilpa. One of the new polychrests is Falco-p, a remedy taken from a peregrine falcon that had been kept in captivity. The remedy was proved by Misha Norland of the School of Homeopathy in Stroud, England. The core idea of the Falco-p remedy is resistance to domination or subjugation by another person. The key issues of the remedy are disempowerment; broken trust and deceit; violence, cruelty and sexual abuse; feeling let down and betrayed; lack of self esteem; a chaotic fight for survival with no stability or place of security; the denial of love and belonging; deadening of emotions; wounded innocence. The remedy also contains the key polarities of desire for freedom and urge to escape; travelling at speed; love of nature and longing for open spaces; spiritual seeking; artistic expression and love of beauty; a deep urge to protect and take care of children.
I have prescribed this transformative remedy for people who have been deeply wounded by life, have feelings of despair and loneliness, and have difficulty opening their hearts to the possibilities of love and happiness.

I agree Peter. Falco -P is another wonderful remedy that makes you wonder what replaced it in the past...

thank you Dr.dunseith for sharing about Falco-p.

Dear Shilpa this is wonderful case you have shared with us. I have read Hydronge in the Homeopathic links magazine several years back. I have used two new homeopathic provings Placenta Humanum, which did not help the patient all though it was high in repetorization. But feel that Germanium Met is more appropriate and seems to be helping a Multiple Sclerosis patient. Her main feeling was "they do not understand me" which I got after many consultations with her as she has an aversion to answer and most of the things her mother used to tell me. Its in the second week of giving the remedy and improvements are already seen. Although she is still bed riden.

Yes Germanium does have a strong clinical indication for patients with MS at multiple stages.
And although it is still early days, thanks for sharing your experience Julius.

Thanks Dr. Shilpa, for sharing your case with your understanding. It is very much pleasure to add to my knowledge about hydrogen. I feel now I can also confidentially prescribe hydrogen for my patients in future.

I am glad this helped Priti. Look forward to hearing about your hydrogen experiences in your patients.

Warm Regards

Thank you Dr.shilpa for sharing This valuable information. beginners like me will get confidence on using these newly proven remedies with your introduction. thank you !

Thanks Nathamuni