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How to select the best repertory to suit your case?

I published my “lessons learned” from my first 15000 Homeoquest Case Analyses – but I couldn’t fit everything in. So as promised, here’s part 2

In this I will speak about what repertory do I select and when, for maximising my success rate in patients. I will give you my frank answers to questions you have asked in your HomeoQuest Survey such as?

What is the importance of each repertory?
When do you use repertorization and when do you use other systems?
Do you repertorize organ pathology?
Do you repertorize appearance of a person?
Do you mix two or more repertories in the analysis?
and much much more…

Please leave a comment and tell me what you think…


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Thank you so much. The more of your videos I watch, the more grasp I get on the Stages and homeopathy in general. I'm headed now to look into these more obscure books and chapters. Many, many thanks for opening another door for me. Julie

Glad this is helpful Julie. Enjoy exploring these hidden gems...

Thanks Dr.Shilpa. You have opened my mind to so many different repertories. All these videos of yours are helpful in my learning process.

My pleasure Nidhi...I look forward to hearing what they do to your practice.

O thanks Dr Shilpa Bhouraskar.
In fact you are so nice. your video helps me to take case more confidently. I am very thankful to you. May You live long and continue help us. You are my teacher and I salute you.

Thank you Shilpa, it's very informative and thoughtful. It can help those who have full version of the Software but I feel as I can go with the help of this video to those steps as well.

Thanks so much Shilpa for this very informative video. I didn't realise how much useful information is contained in all those other repertories.I do tend to use either Complete or Boenninghausen and am now very excited to explore these other options. Also more helpful info on the stages.Your material is always well presented and easy to understand. So, thanks again! Kind regards, Susan

Thanks Susan. Really excited for you. Can't wait to hear what it does for your patients.

Thank you so much for your strategy thoughts. I've often been frustrated looking for that "perfect remedy", and this makes so much more sense.

Thanks Shilpa for this amazing explanation. Everyday is getting more coherent the usage of the Homeoquest program. By the way I would love to get access to the Modern
repertories through your HomeoQuest Community version by having a free trial. Thanks again, Blanca

Thanks Blanca. I am thrilled that HomeoQuest continues to complement your skills and practice. The trial version is on. I will send you a note.


Thank you very much Teacher, today i have learn some thing new which can help me to start my new way of practice.
This work is dedicated to those who have travelled the road before us and those who are yet to come.....

Tim MacCaw

Thanks so much Shilpa for your suggestions on which Repertories were better indicated for which situations when searching. That was very clear and I find it so much easier to follow a video which shows how you move about the screen. Coincidentally I was telling myself last night I wasn't using Homeoquest enough and wondering if I should go back and start from scratch, so your video came at just the right time.

The other extraordinary bit of synchronicity was that by way of example at Stage 1 you may recall you searched 'retina detach' in three Repertories, and then chose to follow through one of two remedies the Clarke repertory had suggested which was Naptha. You then clicked Naptha for its Materia Medica entry and scrolled down to Eyes remarking that one entry showed 'White patches on retina ...'; the entry goes on '...of oxalate, sulphate and carbonate of calcium'.

Well, the morning I watched your video my wife had just showed me that in her right eye on the sclera (white bit outside the iris) she had two whiter patches (!) not seen before, and we wondered if they'd appeared during the last few months when she'd had tests and scans which showed an excess of blood calcium (can lead to osteoporosis) and that the likely cause was the parathyroid. A couple of weeks ago she had a successful removal of two enlarged lobes of her parathyroid whereupon her blood calcium levels had immediately gone back to within the normal range. Maybe it will take some time for the white patches to disappear from her eye, and maybe Naptha could hurry that along, but we were rather gobsmacked that "you were on the case even before we had consulted you!" :)

Hi Shilpa.

Re searching repertories, I have a question I think I put to you once before which was regarding the Jeremy Scherr Q Repertory. I know that Jeremy has a full description of exactly what he means to cover within each of the individual headings in the QRep, like for example 'Divided/Doubled', 'Dark' or 'Type A'. Is it possible for you to somehow let me have this eg on a supplementary sheet, because without it I haven't been able to make proper use of QRep in my searching for Mental remedies even though I bought the full version of the Homeoquest software? Thanks

The definitions are available as a supplementary sheet Tim. Apologies if you haven't received it as yet. I can get support to send you the sheet by email.

Having said that the latest Homeoquest Premium 2016 version has the definitions incorporated within the rubrics in Jeremy's Rep so they can be searchable through search engines. Will keep you updated.


Dr. Shilpa, I hereby nominate you as an international treasure of insight and support! I have come across nothing and no one else who possesses both the inner light and the desire to illuminate the dark corners and indecipherable elements of practical and not just theoretical Homeopathy. I would have given up by now without you. Thank you.
I have one fairly major problem: Your videos and blogs occupy less than a third of the video screen, so are, therefore, very difficult for my tired eyes to see (I need a remedy for myself!). I devour your thoughts and words but not without extreme pain from trying to read the tiny text - screen shots of your program are so small that I cannot follow what you are demonstrating, for instance. If you could fill the screen with them?...
Again, thank you for all you do.

Thank you Dr. Shilpa. As a student in my final year & starting clinic your video & explanation has come at the perfect time. I will be using the program to assist with my cases in clinic and now feel a little more confident in navigating the program. Thank you. I am deeply grateful to be learning from your experience & to be a part of this community of homoeopaths. In gratitude. 😊

Thanks Dr Shilpa, it is quite exciting to hear from you different reportery tools. Which reportery to use, when to use, all this is very informative.

Hello Shilpa

Thank you very for this valuable information showed in this video. In a few minutes I learned a lot of things to help me in the clinic.

Kind regards.

I am really enjoying using Homeoquest and learning so much from your videos but I have a small question you have mentioned on various occasions the Quest Analysis...I have Homeoquest level 5 so could you tell me where is this Quest Analysis or how to get it

Many Thanks

Thank you so much for sharing your experience, Shilpa. This is such valuable information. I have often wondered where the smaller repertories come in, and I will use them a lot more from now on. Really interesting to learn about being able to use Boger's Synpoptic Repertory at stage 4!

Thanks Margrit.
Yes Boger Synoptic is a hidden gem so let me know how you go with it.

hi shilpa,

i think concept of stages and strategies is wonderful. software is also works very well but i could nto find quest section in the repertory.

Thanks Dr Latha,
The Quest section is found in the HomeoQuest Premium version.

Hi Shilpa,
I usually use the Complete rep for most of my repertorisations but often search around for clues in the other reps. It's good to be reminded of the benefit of certain books for certain situations or presentations of stage, which frankly I still manage to get confused at times. So now I can be more careful about how I proceed and you have pointed out just how important it is to know the scope and intention of each repertory.I can be more confident now when incorporating the other repertories in a case. Thanks Deb