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Potentised by the Community

I am really really excited to offer you the link to get the Community Version of the HomoeQuest NEXTGEN Software

And there is a reason I call this the HomeoQuest NextGen Community Software. Let's see why.

My Vision For Your Homoeopathic Journey

Well.. I could be wrong about this, but I think i've got a much bigger vision for your homeopathic journey than you do.

You see… since I started my homeopathic journey in 1998, I've been on a wild roller coaster ride,
and its taken me through projects that I literally couldn't have dreamed of undertaking when I started.

Like many of us, I started with nothing. I literally did not think I could continue beyond the first 6 months of my practice - primarily because I did not have many patients and I did not believe I could really help the ones I had.

When I started my practice, my ultimate dream was to successfully help at least 100 patients every year.
To offer them a health choice through Homoeopathy that conventional medicine could not reach.
I actually wrote down that goal way back then.

Well…I hit my goal. And then some.

The number of patients steadily increased, and it's been one long exercise in learning to constantly think bigger and bigger.

(How big? Well, let's see…I have had tens of thousands of patients in the last 18 years spreading over four different continents.
But more importantly I have been sharing and providing tools and resources with now around 16768 practitioners in my Homoeopathy Network, my online Academy courses, Mentoring and QuestConnect Forum today.
Using these tools these practitioners are impacting the health and wellbeing of hundreds of their own patients around every corner of the world. So it is touching hundreds of thousands of people around the globe).
Along the way I've gotten to work with some of the leaders in the field of homoeopathy and natural medicine and some of the most amazing practitioners you could ever meet. And pretty much all my past mentors and teachers have either become friends or clients.
And along the last decade I've seen "Homoeopathy" go from being just another form of holistic medicine to one that's on the cutting edge of mind and body therapies impacting and changing lives. Helping people get what they want in their lives while resisting disease and stress.
I really believe in the massive potential of what we're doing. I think we're changing the way the world will look at health and well being for years to come and that means we are changing the future of health care.
I want all future patients to have the freedom of healthcare choices across a spectrum of modalities to maximise their chances of health and wellbeing.
That is my vision of integrative medicine by 2030.

I know that's a big crazy thing to say..

But one isolated practitioner cannot really do a lot in his or her tiny clinic.
It is like a spark that will soon go off.
We need millions of sparks creating a fire that will sustain and light this entire world.
Like I said - I've been constantly forced to think bigger and bigger…
to re-imagine where homoeopathy can go, how big an impact we could make
if we work together.

And a big part of my passion is to have a bigger vision for your practice that you do…
and to continually share, inspire and equip you with the tools and resources to build your practice so it fits with your ultimate dream (more patients, better health.. more important for most of us - more freedom of choice.
And that's what EVERY project of mine has been about. It is powered and POTENTISED by the COMMUNITY of wellness practitioners and generous sharing of wisdom and resources.

Interestingly, the more I have shared the more I have got.

Why did I create a Community Software?

A few years back I wrote about my vision in my blog - The Road Ahead..
And since then for me the road ahead has been all about building the ONLINE infrastructure that creates an empowered community..
While conventional medicine has a system to create such practitioners, I personally think we need one such system for complementary fields - to create confident, skilled and well trained practitioners who are learning and growing and connected with each other.
That is what I am building through my homoeopathy network, through my blogs, academy courses, brainstorming with experts in the field to produced highly engaged community of empowered practitioners.
And this is what gets me excited when I find this connection and conversations going on within the homoeopathy network each day...
And hence I wanted to add another massive tool to our network - by releasing the HOMEOQUEST COMMUNITY SOFTWARE with you.

Here is the link to get your INDEFINITELY FREE copy

What is the HomeoQuest Community Software?

The HomeoQuest Community Software is a completely FREE software that will be accessible indefinitely to everyone in the homoeopathic community who needs it.
I believe in abundance hence we are sharing this first version to the community so together we can grow it into exactly what you REALLY want.

Through this we are sharing a collective experience and labour of love of over 30 years between Atul and I.
It is a distillation of his technical skills and my homeopathic skills to offer you the most userfriendly software,
that will give you FREE access to world class repertorization features with world class books of the past masters that have left a legacy.

Today, we believe you do not have to pay for these tools and features to access the legacy of the past masters.

And again I have a big dream -
I want this version to reach every single practitioner who NEEDS it and then allow them to SHARE it no matter where they are around the globe.

Because I know this HomeoQuest Community software can transform any Homoeopathic Stage 2 and 3 practice.
Exactly the way it has done for me in my own practice and for hundreds of practitioners in the last 17 years.

Infact this is the SAME version that I developed and used in my rural clinic.
It is not something that I just made up.
It was a painful laborious process to get it created but it was well worth it.
That version helped over a thousand cases in just one single year of my practice.
But more importantly I want you to use it on hundreds of thousands of patients so we can together develop it further with YOUR exact clinical needs.

So I am extremely excited for the future.

I need your help

Ok here is the deal -
This is the first version of the Community Software.
You will find all the details of the exact features and books we have in this community version
and how you can ACCESS it here.


I know this is a massive project and I have a whole big plan to ensure it reaches everyone who needs to access it.
Frankly it is too big for one single person to do it. And I need your help.
But I know I have got this greatest supportive community ever.
And I believe we could do it together.

Finally before I go I would love your inputs on this..
What's the best way YOU can help me to share this Community Software to all those who NEED it?
I would love to hear from you below.

(Please click on the like button if you share my vision for the community software)


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Hello Dr. SHILPA,
Heartiest Congratulations for your wonderful efforts !
Wish you all the Very Best !
-With regards !
-Dr. Sreejit Dutta Gupta, Kolkata

What an amazing job this must have been for you. Hope it exceeds your expectations

Hi Shilpa, we are so fortunate that we are getting the benefit of your years after years hard work. It is so nice of you that you put them together to help whole homeopathic community. Way to go Shilpa.

Dear Dr. Shilpa Amazing and benefitial work a head by your hard effort that now community software to help the whole homeopaths that are practicing this science.My heartiest congratulation and lots of good wishes.

Warmest regards.

I think the idea is wonderful and I promise to help in every way I can. It is my goal also to spread homeopathy and this totally augments the plans that I have to do so in my part of the world!

Thanks Deborah. What part of the world are you from?

I live in the southeastern U.S. and their are very few homeopaths in this part of the country.

You never cease to amaze me!You are SO appreciated.I would like to share this with my fellow students.I am getting the hang of using HomeoQuest and am grateful to have it.Now if it was the software and not the user, I would be well on my way to a successful practice

Chana that's fantastic.
I will followup with you soon!!

thanks Shilpa for all the work you are doing. Will this community software stand alone or is it an adjunct to your homequest software. Asking this as I have Radar and not sure how to intergrate the 2.

Hi Sally,
It will be available to every Homoeopathic practitioner who needs it. And yes it can be used independently of any other tool you may have.

Why wouldn't any homoeopath want to be able to use every tool available to them for increasing their success of helping their patients achieve optimal health. Having available to the homoeopath as many avenues of information, ways to interpret and model, run extensive searches quickly, reportorise in the blink of an eye and study Materia Medica online etc, where ever they are sitting at a desk in the world can only help even more patients reach their health potential. I particularly like the idea of the community shared concept!! We can all grow together from each other's input and perspectives, gain strength in numbers of like-minded homoeopathic healthcare practitioners and hopefully also achieve more of a widespread common ground as to standard of practice in homoeopathy while also keeping an open mind about new concepts that could be integrated. I strongly believe that teaching and sharing knowledge is also a very effective learning tool for furthering one's own knowledge to those imparting it, so benefits go both ways :)
Many thanks for your vision, enthusiasm and dedication to homoeopathy and it's community Shilpa. You are a ray of sunshine!

May your dreams come true. Congratulations on your expected success.
I wonder if I could be a part of it.

hearty congratulations!
Ramagopal Ks

Hello Dr Shilpa
Thanks for all your work for Homeopathy
Dr Jean-Claude Ravalard

You are an amazing woman. The universe will bless you. Gratitude to you in the greatest measure.

A beautiful idea! Thanks for all your work and for making it available for the homeopathic community!

My Blessings and Good Wishes for a very helpful Work you have undertaken

Thank You Dr. Shilpa for your tiresome efforts in coming up with earlier ebooks, podcasts and videos and now community software. I can promise to share it on social media with my large network of homeopaths. I am curious to know about two things
1. Do we always need to login (and password) to use this software?
2. When we can expect to have more books (repertories and materia medicas) being part of the homeoquest community software?
Thanks and Regards
Nancy Malik

Thank you Dr Nancy

Just to answer your questions -
Yes you will always need login and password to use this software.
At this moment we have 40 Volumes of repertories and materia medica that you can get
with the HomeoQuest Community Software.
In the future depending on the request of the community we will add new books as required.

Warm Regards

Congratulations for such a great idea.
I thank you on behalf of homeopathic community and promise to extend all possible help.

Best regards,
Waqar Taji

Thanks Waqur

Warm Regards