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What I Learn from Seminar Cases.

I am about to put together Jeremy Sherr’s brand new course on case studies and living Materia Medica.

And I am excited to be learning how to implement his simple strategies in real patients.

Being an eternal student has been a huge part of my success. In the light of this, I want to share my three cool tips on how to learn from patient's case studies. And how you can maximise your results when you go to seminars and workshops.

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Dear Dr Shilpa,

Have you came across the Predictive Homeopathy of Dr Prafull Vijaykar ? MUST KNOW.

Have you studied Dr R G Hamer's 5 biological laws ?

Please read them.

All the best.Regards

Dr P B Gurba

Thanks Prakash,
Yes, I have had an amazing learning experience with Dr Vijaykar in my medical school hospital. I have not yet come across Dr Hamer's work.

where are Dr Hamer's biological laws from?
Farokh Master's approach on Trauma at a recent seminar certainly made me think how differently these masters - not a pun - of Homoeopathy interpret in case taking, his approach is very grass roots, with minimal dosage and potency very carefully prescribed from totality of all levels of the individual.

Thanks Caroline. Isn't it amazing how we have so many roads to the top of the mountain? It is all a matter of picking the one that is right for you and your patient.

Dear,Dr Shilpa.Thanks for such a valuable post.I always insist on easy way of practicing homoepathy.Yes,we can learn from various masters but the real teacher is our patient.Our own clinical experience with continuous study will make us success day by day.In my view taking some core mental rubrics with thermal n thirst is enough to reach at simillimum in acute cases where as in chronic cases if we repertorise on the mental states of the patient,during sickness,then we can handle it better.No need to go through organon,phylosophy,heierings law of cure etc etc.These are only meant for course of syllabus to give exam nothing to practical.With regards Dr.A.N.Das.

Thankyou Shilpa

Your videos are always inspritaional.

Thats exactly what I would like to see, the thought process of the teacher taking the case, why and what rubrics they chose, what do they want to clear first if need be,or why would they take a particular route in finding the remedy.

Will be looking forward to your videos.


Thanks Misbah.
I will keep you updated.

Video does not play properly. Sound is not clear it's loke gong sound.