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Starting with Acutes in my Paediatric Practice.

My first patient was a 9 year old boy who came with in with his mother in an acute state of high fever. The conventional doctors could not find any cause and after months of antibiotics and other medicines that did not help, the mother decided to bring him to me.
He is now a successful dentist who remains a big fan of homoeopathy for his family and his patients.

I will share his entire case some other time but this video is about how I worked with his acute exacerbation and how it changed my practice in those early years.

Yes I would love to hear what approach work for you in acutes and what challenges you face in the discussion forum below


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thanks again Shilpa! I am so grateful for an acute presentation that has a positive result! Your first case here just demonstrates how important it is for a good outcome to understand the demeanour of the state, the clinical pathology is a sort of static phenomenon (as I see it though a vital expression of the dynamis) but the presentation of that individual and powers of an astute observer are most important for finding the simillimum.

Thanks Caroline,
Yes your understanding is spot on.
The clinical pathology and rubrics simply gets you to a group of probable remedies from thousands of remedies.
But the individualising tools you choose for that final remedy selection is the key.
That is where the magic happens.

Hi Shilpa,
Thank you for this video. It makes a lot of sense. One practical question I have is how much to charge for an acute. I want to have lots of cases so I gain experience and I know prices vary according to your population. I know you had a free clinic but for most practitioners that is not possible, mainly because it is not valued. What ideas of prices to charge for acutes can you give? Thank you.

I have ever had only two types of prices - no price or high premium price.
People don’t pay for acute or chronic. They pay for the outcome and value you provide them.
This boy was my private patient and his mother paid my regular premium price for the treatment even if it was an acute prescription.

Interestingly children who came to the charity clinic (that were run by charity organisations for poor families where I chose to offer my services for free)
They would have also got the same outcome from me. But they found it even more invaluable because they simply could never
have afforded my premium charges and services. So their parents exactly knew what "value" they were getting.

Our patients will only value us according to how much we value ourself.