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Taking those baby steps....

This video is my response to an interesting email from one of the members in the homeopathic network.
She wanted to know if I had to pick one critical ingredient for success in homeopathy business what would that be.
Well it did really get me thinking and finally here is my response.

I consider this to be the most critical if you plan on having any longterm success.

And right now I have invited two of the most popular doctors from my medical school and homoeopathy hospital to teach beginner and CAM practitioners on what tools to pick and how to implement them to give your patients an outcome in every consult.



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Dear Shilpa,
Thank you very much but watching your videos on youtube are not possible here in our country, tube is band here. There may be something wonderful which I may not get. OK whosoever can, hopefully enjoy it.

Thank you Shilpa for your words of encouragement. Very helpful and insightful. Your candidness in sharing makes your concepts easy to understand and enjoyable to listen to.


Thank you, Shilpa. Just this morning when I started to repertorise my husband, I got your email about the baby steps. I felt sudden ease and comfort that it will be just fine, as if you were with me right there.

Dear Shilpa,
Thank you for your words of encouragement and for staring your experience and wisdom.

I particularly liked you strategy of looking up rubrics for symptoms in children with learning difficulties as a way to get a handle on unfamiliar and lesser know remedies.

Thanks for all you do!

Dear Shilpa
Thank you, your videos are very halpful for me as a student and begginer

Thank you so much for your inspiration and encouragement.

Thanks again Shilpa . The little wins and words of encouragement will keep me going !

My pleasure Linda :)

Hi Shilpa, I promise to write 5 things I am grateful for , for at least the next month! I can't resist this poem, written by Anthony de Mello, from 'Wellsprings'. Readers please ignore this if poetry is not your preference.

I set out in search
of the source of happiness;

I look minutely at the life
of a happy person who is poor...
then talk with him, attempting to discover
what makes this person happy...

I think of a joyful person in poor health...
in physical pain...
and dialogue again, searching for what it is
that makes her joyful...

I do the same with a happy person
who has lost her reputation...

I walk into a prison...
and am amazed to find a happy person even here...
he tells me what it is
that makes him happy...

Then I observe unhappy persons
who are free...
and wealthy...

I dialogue with them
- and as they talk to me,
I listen carefully to their complaints...

Yesterday I had occasions to be happy
that I wasn't even conscious of.
I see them now...

It is inconceivable that anyone
could be grateful and unhappy.
I thank the Lord for each event of yesterday...
and notice the effect this has on me...

And the things I call unpleasant, undesirable
- I search for the good that comes from these...
the seeds of growth they carry...
and find reason to be grateful for them too...

Finally I see myself
moving through each portion of today
in gratitude
- and happiness.

Amazing deep words Pauline...Thanks for sharing

Dear Shilpa,
Thank you so much for your inspiring videos and articles!

hi shilpa your approch to find the similimum is scintific as well as on the path of homopathic way to deal acase quickly gently and parmanaly and naturel cure thanks for agreat work for homeopath and mankind

hi shilpa your approch to find the similimum is scintific as well as on the path of homopathic way to deal acase quickly gently and parmanaly and naturel cure thanks for agreat work for homeopath and mankind

I'm getting text and a blank box instead of the video. Is it possible to post the YouTube URL?

Here is the link joy

Thanks for sharing, Shilpa. It seems that no matter how long I've been practicing, every time a new patient walks in the door, I want to get that Hole in One! It doesn't happen often, though, but I'm grateful for each patient who improves.

I have finished my post graduation in Homeopathy just 3 years ago. I-ve been studying and following Homeopathy for the last 8 years but only 2 years ago I started my own practice in a small city near my home. poor acceptance of homeopathy. I am still very afraid of what I don´t know. One friend of mine once said Homeopathy is an speciality for some lifes , commenting on how difficult it is and how much we should study to become good practicioners! This year I started to clinic in my city , being the only homeopath in public health system locally. It is an amazing experience. I can see a lot of different pathologies and reaaly think the concept of stages you developed will help me becoming one day a good homeopath... Baby steps you say and I really do agree. ´ve been a pediatrician for the last 28 years most of the time in hospitals , never have been interested in having my own practice... so this is a new world for me.. I still work in emergency rooms to earn my living for I am not well paid as an Homeopath , but it is really what makes me happy. And feel that I can be helpful for people that in other ways would be let down ... Hope to learn more and more from you and collegues abroad.. God bless you all. Ana.