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The month to boost your life and homoeopathy 10-fold.

I love January. Its a time when I set some specific strategies for the year - for my life, my homeopathy network and my Academies. And here is how you can create a plan to 10X your life too.

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Thank you for your inspiring words, Shilpa. I'm a holistic medical doctor practicing in the US. Will be launching my first training course teaching Paleolithic Eating using the YesCourse platform within one week! I plan to create and launch at least 2 more courses before the end of the year. In my physical practice my goal is to incorporate more programs to serve patients with a wider range of needs; not just focusing on one to one consultations with me but with programs that do not need my constant direct involvement. In so doing, my goal is to be financially productive enough to allow a regular 3 day weekend. I have one book in outline form that I also plan to publish before this summer which will be structure in a way to allow readers to join my on line academy to further their education in holistic self care. So many "moving parts". I appreciate your idea about chunking down the bigger goals into smaller daily or weekly/monthly goals. Will work on that. Here's to a fabulously productive, healing and peaceful year! - Louis

Thanks for sharing your wonderful goals for 2016 Louis.
It is amazing to see you taking your practice to the next level.
Keep learning, growing and healing through your gifts…
Best Wishes

Dear Shilpa
Always so nice and inspiring to hear from you.
I have just recently relocated from Greece to London and on the process of becoming a registered member with The Society of Homeopaths.So, new beginning and new start.
Doing my best to keep high spirits and remaining positive, as there is pressure financially and at the same time little jobs available as the market is very competitive over here. The clinics tend to rent spaces, but that usually works after you have an established clientele.
I do not know many people, so my goal is small. To get accredited 1st in order to be able to work and then to be able to make enough money to contribute to the family income, while keeping on studying to be mentally stimulated and not lag behind. After all homeopathy is a journey:)

Your goal for 2016 is by no means small Alexandra. Moving a country is a huge step in anyone's life.

And being able to establish a homeopathic practice where you do not know many people will possibly take you way out of your comfort zone.

But from personal experience I can only say that this part of your journey will enrich your life and homoeopathy in a way you would never have imagined before.

Here is wishing you a tremendous year full of new experiences, friends and many wonderful clients….


EVELYN (here studying Homeopathy in Mexico)