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The most powerful thing that your patients teach you.....

I have just had an interesting clinic week. I had some challenging followups as well as some wonderful moments when I met a couple of past clients who had been resolved a long time ago and booked in to touch base.

And it really left me feeling grateful. Something I have been feeling a lot lately. While we have lots to learn from our failures, our successful patients teach us something incredible. It is a priviledge to witness that through our work and mission.

There is this key difference between patients who have already embarked on the healing journey and those who are still getting there.

And in this blog video I want to take a moment and highlight that difference so you can clearly determine how far along your patient has come within their healing journey.

And then I also go further and share something special. I will show you how you can create a similar transformation within your own journey through my personal experience. While it may have nothing to do with homoeopathic medicines, I believe it has everything to do with healing.

I promise it will not just make you happier but create an incredible difference in what you achieve in your life and business.


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I'm grateful for:
1) my family
2) my husband's ability to make me laugh
3) my patients who respond to the first remedy I five them
4) my house
5) my neighborhood

Your clarification discussion and going into deep in the matter is realy facinating.

Hey shipa
Wonderful video,fully agree with you about gratitude.have been following it myself too.grateful to you for sharing all your wonderful and inspiring views.thank you.

I am grateful for all of the teachers who remind me of the direction to take when I am stumbling or unsure. Thank you.

I'm grateful for all of my teachers who remind me of the direction to take when I am stumbling or unsure. Thank you.

Dear Shilpa Thank you for tge wonderful video which make incredible difference in our practice.
I am grateful first for my husband who supported me all the time.
2] my family who always helpful and encouraged me.
3]My teachers and doctors who directed me right path.
4]My patients who have full trust in my practice.
5]My relatives who always come tome for the opinion and consultation for the homeo. medicines.

Thanks Shilpa you are also one of the doctors to whome I am grateful cause I have learnt so many new lessons and ways to find the right medicine.Thank you very much.

I am grateful..
1)To have good friends who understand me and help me in increasing my knowledge about homoeopathy.
2)A wonderful husband who supports me in all my endeavours.
3)My daughter, who has always been there for me when Itook up a new challenge in life.
4)My parents who have always encouraged me to go ahead in spite of all hurdles.
5)to dr shilpa for giving me hope when I feel ost in this maze of symptoms

I appreciate your approach to "Gratitude" and practicing it through keeping a record of five gratitude daily.

I think that gratitude makes us better human beings,and makes us more spiritual. This leads to contentment and energizes us to achieve our goals more pragmatically.

Dr Wequar Khan
Miami Florida.

  1. grateful for my kids
  2. my husband
  3. my parents
  4. homeopathy, both as a medicine for me and as a passion/occupation
  5. my teachers, such as you, with your open heart, Shipa. :) thank you for the personal and moving video.

Hi Shilpa
Right now I am grateful for:
1. your ongoing support and passion to heal with homeopathy and through sharing and teaching others to do the same
2. the obstacle free period (family and work) while I undertook my studies
3. the homeopathic community's organisation to bring in teachers (in person and online) that pass on nuggets of gold (knowledge) that they've acquired during their many years of successful clinical practice
4. the courage to keep going while I ride the wave of "I'm not ready, I haven't learnt enough" to "build it they will come"
5. my health to do all that I want during my life.

Thank you for this, gratitude is so very important. For our graduation ceremonies we prepared blank pellets in vials and labeled them love and gratitude. I am grateful for:
1) My husband who has always been there for me for the past 24 years and allows me to be there for him.
2) My children, they are full of love, have helped me to grow and expand as a mother and a friend.
3) My family is always there for each other and a source of encouragement and love all the time.
4) Being able to study and learn about homeopathy and now be using homeopathy to assist others on their journey to health.
5) For all of the other homeopaths in my network. Who provide support and accept support. Sharing learning and advice and wisdom with a loving and caring approach.

This is very inspiraational, thank you Shilpa.

I am grateful to you for sharing your discoveries

I am grateful for the loving people supporting me in my life

I am grateful that my own health is improving

I am grateful because I live in a breathtakingly beautiful location

I am grateful that my employers are caring and kind people

This is very inspiraational, thank you Shilpa.
I am grateful to you for sharing your discoveries
I am grateful for the loving people supporting me in my life
I am grateful that my own health is improving
I am grateful because I live in a breathtakingly beautiful location
I am grateful that my employers are caring and kind people.

And....that I discovered homeopathy, albeit not until I was thirty years old!

I am grateful to God the Father for sending His Son Lord Jesus Christ to pay for my past, present and future sins on the Cross so by only believing in Him I have eternal life.

I am grateful to God for convincing me that the Bible truly is His Word.

I am grateful to God for my children, my husband and my family.

I am grateful to God for convincing me that Homeopathy is indeed a scientific system of medicine which follows His natural Laws which He Himself designed for the benefit of humanity.

I am grateful to God for Shilpa and for giving me the opportunity to learn from her experience, knowledge and wisdom.

Gratitude and fear cannot exist on the same plane. Many years ago,I learned through AA to make a daily gratitude list. With that practice, I learned to look for the good in everything, and to be grateful for ALL things, even the ones that don't look so good at the moment. Often they are hidden treasures, teaching us, building us, making us grow.

Thank you for the reminder that the practice should continue even with 20+ years of sobriety. Gratitude is the key to bringing us closer to God and to peace within.

Not in any special order, but just as they come to mind, I'm grateful

1) that I know I am a daughter of God, and that I am here to learn and to grow, and to create my own life.

2) that I have the opportunity to be my mother's caretaker as she approaches the end of her life. Though it's frustrating at times, it has given me the opportunity to give back the love she gave me.

3) for the reminder that gratitude is the greatest way to become close to God and to loving others.

4) for the small herd of dairy goats that brings such delight to my life.

5) for the restored Gospel in my life, the Book of Mormon, the Bible, and the Kindle that allows me to make the font big enough to easily read God's word without squinting.

6) for Shilpa, who has helped me in my homeopathic journey and reminded me that I can do this.

  • I'm grateful for discovering the power of homeopathy.
  • I'm grateful for finding Shilpa Bhouraskar and learning to welcome and respect the different ways to cure with homeopathy. You know, I could have become a fundamentalist, full of pride and hatred.
  • I'm grateful for being addicted to reading and studying.
  • I'm grateful for being reasonably healthy and very strong for my age.
  • I'm grateful for being capable of having dreams. Big dreams.

I am very grateful for:

Finding this homoeopathic blog

The opportunities I have to touch other people's lives

The wonderful homoeopathic community

My hubbie with his wacky sense of humour

Modern technology that allows us to connect in this way

Sunny South Africa

Listening to the bird sing and my cats rolling in the grass..

So much to be grateful for really!

Thank you for the video. Will try to remember to be grateful..

Shilpa, This may be your best blog yet!!
I am thankful for you and your constant input and encouragement!
I am thankful that God has continued to bring this message of thankfulness to me-when i am so slow to understand
I am thankful for my loving and faithful husband of 42 yrs
I am thankful for my children and grandchildren and all of our commitment to each other
I am thankful for the land I live on where I can grow food that is healthy

Hmm only 5 today huh!!

What a needful reminder in todays world of discontent and emptiness

God bless You and Your Masters, your family and patients!!I am grateful for my indian Masters ; for technology that makes it easier to learn not only homeopathy but everything; I am grateful for my family and the man I love and my children and friends. I am grateful for God guiding my path every and each day even whhen I could not see clearly what my fate was. I am grateful for having the oportunity to become a better person and homeopath as I keep in touch with so wonderful people in my life,

1) Most grateful for God Almighty, maker of the heavens, Earth, and all contained therein
2) Grateful for my husband for his emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical support
3) Grateful for my children, family and friends
4) Grateful for all the past and current tutors in my life
5) Grateful for the good physical, mental, and emotional, and spiritual health in all of us

Dear Shilpa,
Thanks for the most moving video.
5 things for which I am grateful are
1) my family and relatives,
2) my collegue lawyers
4) my land labourers and of course
5) my country

I'm grateful for:
1)my family and friends,who are always there for me.
2) my eye is almost healed, so i can see more clear now.
3)your message on this video it reminds me what is important in life.
4)lessons life gave me.
5)my house

Hi Shilpa,
I am grateful for
1) my family including a cute doggie
2) my lovely friends
3) my health
4)life, universe and opportunities within
5) yourself , amazing driven passion in homeopathy and sharing
Teaching , mentoring us
Thank you :-)

Thank you Shilpa for this powerful advice and for sharing your insights!! I am very grateful to you!!!
I am grateful to the stray cat that is purring on my knee.
I am grateful my grown up beautiful daughter (and her cool partner) who live nearby and are part of my life.
I am grateful that I am alive, and can still walk and move about after falling 15 metres down a tree a year ago.
I am grateful to homeopathy for helping heal me and my friends and pets <3

I'm grateful for:
1)My wife for her drive and optimism
2)My family
3)My grandkids
4)My true friends
5)The opportunities given

1) as I lie ill in bed, I am grateful to be reminded to look for the positive things in my life.
2) I am eternally grateful for the love and support of my husband.
3) am grateful to be blessed with two demanding but rewarding teenage children.
4) I am grateful to have as my companion my beautiful dog Meg who reminds me daily of the glorious countryside I live in.
5) I am grateful for the opportunity now and again to make a difference in someone's life through homeopathy and music.

Maria Taylor (UK)
I'm grateful for
1) signing up to your site,and being able to be part of this wonderful knowledge
2) For being blessed with 2 healthy children
3) for the food at my table
4) for all the people that are part of my life
5)for having discovered homeopathy

I'm grateful for:
1/ This wonderful reminder about gratitude and how powerful it is
2/ You sharing your wonderful knowledge and spirit Shilpa
3/ Bing about to study homeopathy full time
4/ This amazing home
5/ Beautiful sunny day today! :-)

Grateful for -
1. My God and spirituality which give me courage everyday.
2.Being in a country (US)that allows me unlimited opportunity to study, work and grow as a person.
3. My best friend, patient and cheerleader my husband.
4. My small family -amazing daughter and 15 yr old pug Trixie.
5. Homeopathy for getting me through the worst and being able to help others do the same.
Last but not the least thank you for your inspiration and dedication Shilpa your passion is powerful and infectious :)
Happy Diwali to You, Atul and your Son!!

thanks once again for your personal insight into gratitude .enjoy allyour blogs and tuition Shilpa.

i am grateful for your help a nd expertise.
for my children
for my friends.
for finding homeopath.
my ability to play music .
seeing the long term healing effects of homeopathy on myself.
most importantly im alive

Just today I am grateful for:
My mother lending me her car to drive to the dentist appointment in another city
The dentist who is treating me for a little money (because I have no health insurance that would pay him in full)
The opportunity to see the old part of a new city and feel the freedom of being able to move around independently
The sun shining bright and its warm radiation
being alive and healthy!
Thank you Almighty Lord!

Hi Dr.Shilpa,
Thanks for your videos. I'm grateful for:
1. My patients who stick with me for their long treatments
2. My Critics - who always keeps me showing things i need to learn everyday.
3. My family - who has been such a huge support to me all the time.
4. My Parents - who always encourage me to think big
5. My Profession - because of which i am a Doctor today who can help people with their ailments.

Carl Almodovar

I grateful for:

1) Gods Love.

2) Your Support and sharing about Life.

3) The yescourse.

4) People who support your efforts.

5) To struggle with inspiration and learning from you.


I'm grateful for:
1- my kids
2- my house
3- my job
4- my husband
5- my country
6- my mind

I'm grateful for:
1- my kids
2- my house
3- my job
4- my husband
5- my country
6- my mind

Hi Shipa

Once more a thought provoking exercise.

I am grateful for
1. being open enough to finding homoeopathy over 20 yrs ago,
2. being able to get a training in homoeopathy when I was living in a rural area,
3. my children, who allowed me to practice on them- to watch them become more balanced beings.
4. that as my health improved, my contentment was immeasurable.
5. finding this course that I can do online.

Thank you- Shilpa, for this wonderful video. You do a terrific work and thank you once again for being an inspiration.

I am starting today. Thankyou