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The one big mistake that every practitioner makes ( and how to avoid it)

Sometimes it’s the most simple things that trip us up.
I’ve done it, I’d guess you’ve done it, in fact… I don’t think I know a single practitioner who hasn’t made this mistake at least once in their practice.
The funny thing is, this one thought is both one of the fundamental things that everyone should base all their practice on… and is also one of the most common pieces of advice given out in my Argentum Mentoring Program..

And the reason for that is very simple — this is one of the most powerful fundamentals for your practice, and it’s also one of the absolute easiest to get wrong.

This video is about how to not make that mistake again.

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Agree fully with your point ! And that makes it even more difficult when you know your limits. Patients want you to bring the moon into their arms.

Anyway this is : food for thought.

Totally beautiful, Shilpa!

Dear Shilpa, you are right that we should carefully listen to the patient to detect his personal need of what should ne healed! Yet in choosing this approach we run the risk to just palliate the condition. Greetings. Mona Anisa

Thanks for your thoughts Mona. Stage 1 is not palliation in a one sided case. It is the best you can do for that patient anyway for want of a clearer deeper picture. And it is a step in the door. Once the picture unfolds in the subsequent followups it is a choice for you and the patient to move on further.

Very sensible video. I always ask my patients what they want from the consultation if they haven't told me already.

Very good recommendations to get the Miasm. Interesting
comments. Thank You
Deanna Cooper

Very well presented. Why just homeopathy? Half the world's problems will be resolved if only people listen to each other.

You have really pointed the biggest obstacle to cure Shilpa. I do agree that we all get caught up in the similimum trap and in advertently do not properly undeerstand the patient.

You have really made a very important statement 'YOU ARE NOT YOUR PATIENT'

Thank you, it is beautiful as it is simple.

after going through this video what i felt was that i was making this mistake all the time. now you have enlightened me on this. thanks a lot dr.shilpa

sainath ramesh

It is comforting to know you can get desired results this way. I think there is a misconception when finding constitutional remedies or when working with single remedies that there is only one correct one. It is nice to know that results may be obtained working your way through using those that address the most pressing problems.It is the onion peeling approach many Naturopaths use. The first N.D. I saw maintained that your health is like an onion. You work on solving the immediate need first as if it were the top layer of the onion. Once that is gone, a different set of needs presents itself etc etc.

It is not a mistake only with patients but a misteke we may times do in our lives,because we simply are not able to see what life or other people request from us according to what they feel , are or think. We really ha as homeopaths and most of all human beings be able to develope that kind of perception. Thanks once more Shilpa for sharing your points of view and experience, for it is always enlightening.

I like it. You are right. I will do this.