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The Practitioner's Mindset...

If you’re a CAM practitioner, you get paid to be creative,to create the best tools and resources for your patients when conventional tools are not working.

But here’s the thing… you can’t create from a depleted mental state. To build your practice and make an impact, you need to invest in your mindset — here’s how to create an abundant mindset…

Do you operate from a mental place of scarcity or abundance? Please scroll down and tell me in the comments section…


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This is a very apposite and timely reminder - thank you so much! It's far too easy to get upset by all the negative press and comments out there in the world and, like you say, I do believe it has a negative impact on the way we operate in our practices, which is a crying shame. Thanks for reminding me it doesn't have to be that way.

My pleasure Richenda.

Thanks Dr.Shilpa. This just came in at the right times when i literally feeling very depressed. I will focus more on Homeopathic Learning now on!

Thanks Nidhi. Keep learning and impacting with your wonderful work.

Thank you so much Dr Shilpa. A very timely reminder for me to keep focusing on abundance and the gifts we and homoeopathy have to offer. Your not "little Miss Sunshine 24/7" resonated so much with me.

Dr Shilpa what daily practices do you use to keep a mind set of abundance and confidence?

Thanks Tracy. Here is a video I put together where I talk about some of the practices I have built in my life and business to rejuvenate my mind and soul.

Thank you very much dr. Shilpa.
Everyone should be aware of that as it is applicable on every each area of life. If somebody can't believe, in the same time he/she can't see it. What our mind focus on, multiplies itself.
Sometimes it is easy to say it than to live it. Must be practiced again and again to experience it.
Best regards Anna

You are great, Shilpa. Thank you

So true, Shilpa. What we focus on grows, because our thoughts create our world. If all I see are problems, I'll get more; if what I see are solutions, my mind will create ways to solve. We are always creating, but most people aren't aware of it. They think life "throws them a curve", "puts obstacles in their way", etc., but never realize that they invite those things into their lives. Becoming aware of our thoughts allows us to direct the creative process toward what we want, positively and joyfully.