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The Real Reason Why I wrote HomeoQuest Next Gen ( HQ Mobile version update)

The reaction to my survey about my HomeoQuest Next Gen Software FINALLY being done was AMAZING.
There were over 170 responses, and it was fun reading so many people's thoughts and ideas.

So I shot this SOFTWARE UPDATE video to share the real reason why I wrote HOMEOQUEST NEXT GEN, a sneak peak inside the software, why the software took so long, and a lot more…

Since this is just the beginning of the next HomeoQuest phase, I'd love to hear your thoughts – please leave a comment below…


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It will be awesome and amazing. Thanks.

That would be really nice to have both repertorisation and other features.
Homoath firefly is exellent .How it would be differnt from hompath firefly,what additional features would it be loaded with?remains to be seen.Last but not least what price will it be available for?
Anyway you and your team desrve congratulations for all your efforts for bringing innovation.
Sayed arshad quadri

It sounds amazing, Shilpa - and congratulations to you and your team on getting ready to bring it out!
And it will be great to have all the additional features, not just the repertorization. On that note: When using Quest, I am often unsure about the best phrases in a case to put in. This isn't about the mobile version in particular, but I would find it really helpful if at some point you could do a tutorial on how to best use that feature, including a few examples, and explaining why you use those phrases and not others. Once all the work on the mobile version is finished!

Thanks Margrit. This is extremely helpful. I am planning to make a special training on Quest and will definitely include your suggestion.

While some, maybe many, unfortunate, ignorant souls scoff at the very concept of Homeopathy, I am truly blessed that God has given me the enlightenment to know and appreciate its efficacy, that too not blindly but empirically.

Finding HomeoQuest which has been so lovingly and dedicatedly created by you has been an additional boon for a lay person like me, through which the tardier process of going through the various repertories has been almost eliminated.

No amount of Thanks are enough for your service to humanity; my prayers to God to bless you abundantly are the only befitting response to your work.

Can't wait to try it! It looks amazing. And would make repertorising so much easier

Thanks Julie. Look forward to hearing how it works for you.

Its brilliant thank you so much for all your hard work!

Dear Shilpa,
So much thanks for registering me in the HQuest Mobile. So happy to have it. I just tried one simple case to repertorize. The results were amazingly correct.
Really an exciting software. I had been using other Mobile Homeo repertories but it is a different taste. Today I haven't much time but take time later in evening to go further in it. but advise us how to share it with friends of Homeopathy.
It looks a great great tool to use. You are doing really a good Job for the community.
May you be blessed.

It has been a pleasure Shakir,
Thanks for your kind words and I am glad you find HomeoQuest different and extremely useful.
Keep sharing your feedback so we can continue to make this even better and everyone can benefit.

It was wonderful program initially when it launched on my android mobile.Searching was fine and repertorization was also awesome.
It did work for a good of time.But now I feel it is not doing what it should....
I enter something to search, it works for it and results come in a good manner. Now if I enter another symptom and enter "Search" button, some results do come but the "search bar" disappears and scrolling between pages of results become limited. It is happening for a month or more.
I thought it would overcome, but as days passed it is still on.
Kindly advise if I can do something to tackle this problem.
Many thanks!