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The Road Ahead.....


What do you want?

This is a question I ask every patient at some point when they step into my clinic. Because in my experience the potential of what I can offer through homeopathy depends on what a person really really wants in life.
And more importantly because I have always found it extremely gratifying to provide my patients exactly what they want. And the more I give myself the permission to follow my own wants I give my patients the permission to follow theirs.

Now I have always loved writing a diary and setting my yearly resolutions since I was really young. However around 2001, I read the book “I am Ok, You are Ok”. That inspired me to write some really "improbable" goals then for years to come. Anyway I had forgot all about that and life went on.

And then an amusing thing happened. A few years ago when I was pregnant with my son, I was reading my old diary all those years ago and realised that I had met pretty much all of those seemingly far fetched goals that I had written down. Obviously, I was surprised.

As my baby grew to be more and more independant, suddenly I had lots and lots of spare time to ponder about my own wants and one day I woke up and asked myself “what’s my next chapter?”

Somehow when you work really hard for some big goals, and then one day you realise you have met those goals, you set a perfect launching pad for the next level of your journey. That’where I was in 2008…


Clarity in mission

Before 2008, the “Why” behind all my ventures was about growing our new business, becoming a practitioner of my dreams, starting a family, being there for my son when he needed us and creating a good life – but that also meant putting in a huge number of after work hours on the business just trying to stay afloat.
That’s where we were... In struggle and survival gear.

So one day my husband Atul and I decided to step back and look at what we really really wanted. And gradually we worked our way out of that struggle and survive gear – it was only when our business and vision started to align together.

The next few years we cruised along overcoming ups and downs. All the time learning, evolving and growing. We were clearly working towards a life where we have the time and means to do what we always wanted and still have time for the family.
And, wonderfully, we started to see our vision becoming a reality. It was a worthwhile joyful journey to reach our next destination.

And then there was the huge leap forward – when in 2012 Atul could choose to quit his day job and spend full time on a project that was a part of his life's dream.
A dream that we wanted to achieve by the time our son Smit was in big school.

That completely changed the perspective for me.
I found that for the first time I had choice to actually look at my own life time goals.

Now this is not the first or the last time someone is looking at their life time goals but for me it was the first and hence a very gratifying moment.

The Road Ahead

It was a quest that needed no external reference. It came together through the months during our long summer camping trip in the bush and then hours of endless discussion during our morning walks.
We learned a lot from that soul searching… about ourselves and about what we wanted for the next chapter of our lives.

Its hard to put everything here but I can say three things that are a part of my personal and work mission… that inspire me to create, connect and contribute. And I found it has a deep relevance to what I do, and its place in the world.

1. Integrative Medicine is the key to real health.

I could write pages on this, but here’s a summary: It is not about one system of medicine against the other. Conventional medicine is amazing for acute emergencies and boosting survival in dire situations. Holistic mind body medicine such as homoeopathy is incredible for chronic diseases and preventive medicine, thus improving human potential to live life to the fullest resisting illness and disease.
Both conventional medicine and non-conventional practitioners working together will make an impact, creating real health and wellness… and raising the quality and quantity of life throughout the world.

2. Massive Open Online courses are the future of education.

Again, I could talk about this all day, but here is cutting a long story short: information in this world is being generated, delivered and eliminated faster than anytime in the history of the world. I believe every health and wellness practitioner has something to share with others based on their own unique talents, gifts and in everyday clinical experience. This knowledge is being created faster than it is being shared. So I am excited about creating an online platform where dedicated, homoeopathic and other wellness practitioners and professionals from corners of the world can connect, share their own gifts and learn from each other beyond time, zone and place.…

3. My personal business is all about connecting the above

It is about creating an online platform for practitioners around the world to develop professionally, grow their practice and find the best tools to share their passion with the world.


The Road Ahead
At the start of this year, I was sitting at a coaching seminar. It was an extraordinary group of around 20-30 people that I had never met before – they were incredible experts in various domains, including things like business and executive coaching , cutting edge health and wellness, mind body technology and psychology. Many of them were top-selling authors, and entrepreneurs who ran successful ventures and businesses.
They started with the preliminaries and went around the group to introduce themselves and set the intention for the seminar. Many spoke about what they wanted and their vision.

I’m naturally an introvert… and frankly I sort of hate this thing - sharing my personal vision with an unknown group. I could spend hours talking about this to my coach.

But when it came around to my turn, my heart was pounding and from somewhere a voice inside me said:
“I’m Shilpa, and I work with practitioners who will transform the way the world looks at Health and Wellbeing for time to come ”
I don't know how I came up with that. And I got their attention. It was liberating. But more importantly, it was true.
Shilpa Bhouraskar
I help wellness practitioners and educators bring their gifts to the world. There was a time when it was all about me and my clinic and my clients...Now slowly as a community is being formed and as they connect and learn, I realise the potential of reaching every corner of the world through them. As a whole, together we can all make a difference in the way the world perceives what REAL health is all about.
It’s a big road ahead...

And I am talking about this to you as a part of my homoeopathic network for the very first time, … .It's not easy because as I am saying this, a part of me is resisting to speak up. But deep down I have reached a point where I am ready to talk about this without feeling uncomfortable.

Because this is important work and bigger than any one person and only together we make a difference.

I remember for the first time when I connected with my students through my first blog video – similar to the way I would teach at a college course – I had an AHA. I saw that I could reach people from every corner of the world and share the same passion. The difference was that students past present and future could watch these videos again and again and benefit much better that way.

And more importantly through my online academy I could provide this opportunity to each and every practitioner around the world who wanted to connect, teach and share their story and experience in a similar format.

Lastly a core part of any learning is interaction and discussion – having a trainer answering questions on the forum, courses and in the homeoquest portal – was far reaching. It’s a lot more work for trainers this way… so I usually only run select cohorts per year – but it gets great results for all mentoring and academy students because this stays with them for years to come.

(Right now I’m gearing up for my next online academy – connecting my students and network with the expertise of incredible amazing teachers and professors from my medical college and hospital in India. It will be dream come true learning from my own mentors and teachers again….)


The next stop

If you’re just starting out thinking about your goals… then most of you will need to think about getting clients, about putting together a great practice and being the best practitioner you can be.
But once you get there – once you’ve built a regular client base… you should start focusing on your real purpose, because that will sustain you.

And it will transform the way you look at your business and what your business provides you.

Finding your Why isn't something you can do in a single sitting but trust me - simply finding a quiet time and writing down what's important to you in your life and work is a worthwhile exercise.

More importantly your mission does NOT have to be about the future of mankind. There is no right or wrong, big or small about this and it does not have to be a final destination. Its your personal journey and you can always change your destination as long as you get ready to go further.

It took me a long while to get there and it may take a turn in a different direction. Who knows one day you could find me in the quest of working towards a perfect fusion between various forms of Indian and Western Classical dancing. But as of now I’m still happy with health and wellbeing.

So the bottomline is as long as its worthwhile and fulfilling its right for you.


I really thank you for coming along on the journey with me and reading this far. This anniversary blog really turned out to be bigger than I intended. And I will definitely keep you posted as I evolve...

But for now, since I just stepped up and put myself out there, I have one favour – please leave a comment below and let me know what you really think of all this.

(I have put some photos this time instead of a video. They are from a camping and bushwalking trip around Mount Kosciuszko and the national park around NSW and Victoria. These trips are where we find our grounding and endless inspiration to replenish our souls.....)


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Wonderful !Well done and well presented! Your emotions and dedication are evident and appreciated! Lynda

Hi Shilpa, Well I must admit I had a wipe a tear or two from my eyes before commenting. In a largely advsersorial world you seem to be talking about the wonderfully uplifting energy of 'synergy' - the 'new maths' where 'dividing' doesn't 'halve', but instead leads to 'multiplication'. Your dream could take us anywhere and I am looking forward to the ride.........Thanks for all you have done for us so far in OZ

Thanks Pauline, I love your analogy of maths and synergy :)

Your inspirational blog is very much appreciated. Thank you for sharing so openly and with such great spirit.

It is well expressed.I could sense the touch of your mindset.
I understand that you are doing a good job for the sick,the sufferers.
I appreciate the role being played by you for teh cause.
I therefore wish you the best of luck!.

Congratulations Shilpa...from one introvert to another knowing that there is something we can do to change the world and help each other on the way!


Thanks Donna,

I look forward to this journey together.

Dear Shilpa,
Congratulations, very well narrated.Whewn i was reading your blog presentation my emotions were coming and rolling from my cheeks, and saying hay its similar far or less your story.This is a inspirational blog and I appreciate your openness with such a greatness and full of spirit.The roll you have played to help each other in this journey.
Thank you very much and keep us enlightened with your inspirations.Warm regards.
Asefa Firdosy

Thanks Asefa. I am touched...

Awesome blog Shilpa,showing you passion and love for your whole life- getting the balance is so important.

I have really enjoyed reading your blogs and your thoughts since you started. As Practitioners in this field it can at times feel like a lonely journey, but having your site it has helped bring us together- even though I have to acknowledge I do not usually contribute with writing- my introvert side.

Keep up the great work

It great to see you stepping up and contributing Rosemaree :)

This is beautiful Shilpa! Thank you for sharing these thoughts. I am with you on the first point about integrative medicine being the way of the future. And l do so appreciate your reminder to discover or rediscover our purpose as a basis for sustaining us in practice....May all your dreams come true!

Hi Shilpa. Your ability to think BIG and then make it happen never ceases to amaze me. It also makes me feel a bit slow in my own evolution. I do have a vision, but it's kind of on hold whilst my kids complete their schooling and all the crises that accompany adolescence. In the meantime, I keep 'putting it out there' and building a stronger and stronger foundation from which to build once the time is right. I congratulate you on your vision, and your courage to take the leap and make it happen. Also on your use of technology to present your message so well. Thanks for sharing this. xx

Michelle you were my first introduction to Australian community and spirit and I still cannot forget that meet. You rock in your own way Michelle as a parent and an individual too. So keep on keeping on...

As one who has worked on both sides of medicine, I cannot agree with you more. The best service to our patients is to provide them with what they need. All forms of medicine have their benefits and their drawbacks. Let us use every tool and skill that we can to heal. Regarding the setting of long term goals, you have set down in writing some of my fragmented thoughts and helped to understand myself better. May you continue to evolve.

Thanks Hafeez,
I have great respect for medical practitioners like you who can beautifully connect both sides and move ahead strongly. So thanks for connecting here.

I have always admired the way that you put yourself 'out there' Shilpa. You repeatedly come across with dignity, intelligence, humility, and a genuine desire to share your knowledge with others. I love listening to your video blogs too. I think one of the most poignant messages that I have heard and understood from your blogs, is to ask one's patients 'what is that you want?' and this has been of great value to me, because sometimes one can simply forget to get down to this point with one's patients. In truth, this is of course applicable to us all as human beings, as well as homoeopaths and patients of homoeopaths! And I truly thank you for keeping me focused in this direction. You are right about being able to help one's patients more ably with this in mind.

Thanks for your wonderful blogs and your great intentions Shilpa. The world needs wellness leaders and educators, not just wellness practitioners. I wish you ongoing success and happiness, and I am without doubt that you will find it.

Thanks for your kind words Carolyn :)

Thankyou Shilpa for your sharing. I have just read the tail of responces and feel thatwhat I would like to say is alredy said. So, dito.

Dear Shilpa, Everything that I could have said has been said, so all I will add is a big thank you for your ability to articulate so well what a lot of us feel; that in itself is so inspiring.
I totally agree with you about integrative medicine - it's not about who is 'better', because that means whose ego is bigger. It's all about the true wellness of our patients, and therefore of humanity.

How can we now collectively utilise your words of wisdom so as to take the poison out of the sceptics, calm the anxious, silence the critics and convince the power brokers?

Liz Walton

Thanks Liz...

Wow! Amazing idea to bring wellness practitioners around the world together. Your inspiration I believe will inspire many many individuals globaly.

Thanks for having the courage to share your goals and ups and downs with us all.I appreciate the hours you put into your blogs and your dedication.
Lynda D

Many of the themes you discuss, I can relate to in my own life. Similar but different. I believe that integration is the key word here. Integration of beliefs, ideas, goals and methodology. Perhaps the greatest obstacle is discovering how people with different individual goals can work together to accomplish some kind of unity that allows for those within the framework of family.
Your story is inspiring because it provides moral support, example and hope for those of us,like you, believe in the possibility that old models for success didn't work.

Thanks, Shilpa. I am finding your journey and training tools extremely valuable. I lag behind you in forming a cohesive set of goals but am finding my experience is similar to yours and that inpsires me to see you blaze an exciting trail that includes all if us. You have my best wishes for the exciting future of health and wellness!

As a former EFT practitioner, Reiki Master, Hypnotist, Bowen practitioner, acupressure practitioner, and forever student of homeopathy (now "retired" and practicing on my livestock), I couldn't agree with you more. All modalities have something to share. Conventional medicine shines in emergency care. Alternatives all bring in something wonderful, often that differing perspective needed for healing.

I've learned much from your blog and must thank you again and again for putting yourself out there to share your vision of healing.

Thank you Shilpa for your generosity, I feel honoured to be part of this incredible learning journey. During the last couple of years I have learned that by sharing our knowledge we are healing others and at the same time healing ourselves.
(a boomerang effect) That makes the world a much better place to be part of. Abundance will keep on coming because the glass never gets full(empty) by sharing with others.
Warm regards, gracias Blanca

Dear Shilpa,

thank you for sharing your thoughts and the realization of your purpose. It's very inspiring and reassuring to read this blog post.

As far as I can see, you're on a great track with what you're doing, it seems you're establishing connection among practitioners. I totally agree that everybody just working by themselves is not going to bring about the big change, so I'm happy and grateful that you've found this to be your driving motivation.

You're right in that I see for myself building up a constant flow of patients as a primary goal. Also I can see that this is not my goal in itself but more a wish to help as many people as possible and get more experienced as well. But rather sooner than later I want to join forces with other practitioners, to have a bigger impact. And even though I cannot see the exact manifestation of this desire yet I know it will come in time.

I encourage you to keep following your passion and want to tell you that I enjoy all the things you share a lot and get a great deal out of them!

Very warmly

Yes, I agree that the combination of both, alopathic therapy and homeopathic vision, could help the patient. But of caurse it is a difficult way! ... But interesting

Congratulations Shilpa for being brave enough to stand up for your beliefs. As a Nurse & a Homeopath I totally agree that we all need to work together. Education is the key for moving forward,
Best wishes Beverley

I love what you are doing and the motivation behind it!! You are flying with both wings to buddhahood. Wisdom and compassion. Bless you!!!

Dear Shilpa,
I have been wanting to reach out and thank you for helping me and my compatriots on this homeopathic a veterinarian trying to navigate the precipice between conventional and integrative medicine..a modern day 'homeopathic mongrel' it's a great comfort to have a place to go to and learn other techniques and know that there is someone out there who is filled with passion and energy to help out those like me... Thanks

nice, mam .
forgive me, i think you have a PULSATILLA temperament.
At some place i think about Natrum mur , but at last i stand with the Puls.
please dont mine if you tell me i am true or not then i will be a good case taker physician.
if my think is wrong then please tell me your temprament .

Hello Shilpa,
Once again your words resonate so well with me. I admire your enthusiasm and drive...there is no doubt in my mind that the changes you aspire to will happen.
Thank you.

This was beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing. May God grant you the desires of your heart!- Evelyn

Dear Ajit Kumar

it's funny, I thought Shilpa was a Phosphorus. But I believe they can be pretty hard to tell apart. What do you think?

Lisa Davidson

Hi Shilpa,
You are an inspiration, thank you so much for your knowledge, careing and initiative and practical wonderfully useful input. This is how the world should function working together and I hope that is our future.
Thank you for the soul that you are.
warm regards, Helena

thanks for sharing :)

Buenos dias amiga mía. Has hecho lo que yo hubiera podido hacer si mi tiempo lo pudiera controlar más. ¡Enhorabuena!
Sería magnífico si pudieras incluir la traducción de tu blog y del programa al español.
¡Feliz Navidad!

Very informative, enlightening and inspirational!
I will follow the advice.
Funny that after following many lectures and blogs, I always thought that you were a very extroverted person and therefore, the lectures and the way you expressed your views, came to you naturally. In oder words, because you were an extrovert, you were naturally a great teacher.
Definitely appearances are deceiving:)))

I can only say it is impressive and inspiring. It may prove to be turning point in our lives. Asghar Ali

Thanks Shilpa for your wise true and wonderful words,you're a true inspiration,for me, as I have been missing this sort of dialogue for the last few years and it shows in my practice.
Most of all your humility shines through and makes me feel like I can do this too!
On a more practical note you have converted a true Ludite like me to look at technology in a new light.Your instructions on using your programme give me faith that I can master it and be of even more use to mankind.
Heartfelt thanks,

Gracias Shilpa por tan loable labor.
Estamos en esta vida para servir ,ser felices y hacer felices a los demas.

Salud y Bendiciones

José Neva

Your words are inspirational, Shilpa, and in perfect alignment with my personal philosophy. Bringing the worldwide homeopathic community together to share our professional experience and clinical acumen is, I believe, the very best way to insure not only the survival, but the thriving and expansion of the beautiful gift of homeopathy. Thank you for your generous and gracious efforts on all of our behalf.

Thanks Mitchell.Wonderful to connect with like minded people like you.

Lovely Shipla, very touching and truly 'From The Heart' I wish you all the best in your Quest and I'm sure you'll get there!!
In Peace

Sorry, I spelt your name wrong Shilpa xx:) <3

Thanks Mary

Thank you Shilpa, much of what you say resonates with me. I also always ask patients what motivates them and what they would like to see themselves doing in the future, it's terribly important to ground oneself in this way and it often puts things into a different perspective in a very positive way. I look forward to trying out your software and thank you for enabling others to access it free of charge. Thank you. Ann Lovatt

My pleasure Ann. Enjoy

Dear Shilpa,

This is inspirational and beautifully written. Thank you for the inspiration! Thank you for sharing your thoughts and plans. Very impressive.

Kind regards


I very much appreciate your willingness to share these cases and this program with us beginners. It is exactly what I need. What a wonderful vision! Thanks you.

Dear Shilpa.. I Am thankful to you.I am new in homeopathy.I am trying to search homeopathic softwares. which help me in my practice. this is the best software.

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after reading all this,the comment which i give reflects my stage of experience.and it is at the beginning. but i too want to share knowledge and gain knowledge about the science of wellness like homeopathy. i want to evolve .but im in a stage of struggle for survival in my practice.and i hope that this platform will help me grow up and make other new ones to grow in the line of evolution. am truly connected to you because my goal is also the same as yours.

It read it all ,wonderful . I believe you really want to do something new in life . Hope I will learn a great deal from this link . Keep it up and God bless you .

I am really impressed by ypur dedication and hard effort to the cause of Homeopathy and the ideals what you stand for. I am interested in Homopathy as a hobby and has done a certificate course from Kerala and a diploma course from the British Institute of Homeopathy, London. I am thankful for your effort from which I beneft and apreciate your sparing time, effort and resources for the benefit of all concerned.

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As usual Shilpa, you are a gem and at 67 I admit I envy you and your clarity so young. Well done both you and your husband for being a truly inspiring partner!

Thanks for your kind words Sohani. It is this inspiration from amazing practitioners like you who continue to grow their passion with time that keep me going today.

I think you have a great idea and looking forward to watching it grow.

I have only properly started homeopathy and your videos and attitude are inspiring. Thank you!

I am interested in Homeopathy as a hobby and has done a certificate course from Chennai. I am thankful for your effort from which I can benefit and I appreciate your sparing time, effort and resources for the benefit of all concerned.

Dr arvind kumar singh patna.bihar India
I'm going to use your software

Dr arvind kumar singh patna.bihar India
I'm going to use your software

I enjoyed reading about your personal journey Shilpa. I especially appreciate your candidness in describing your personal feelings and experiences. I'm grateful for the step by step instruction on setting goals as well as examples. I really I really enjoy your style of teaching. I find it to be very thorough.

Thanks Suzan....

Thank a Lot Shilpa

Furqan Jeelani
Your inspirational blog is very much appreciated. Thank you for sharing so openly and with such great spirit.

Your vision is amazing - and inspiring. At my age, I feel my best years are over, and I wish I was as young as you are, and as inspired! But your enthusiasm comes across strongly, and I guess it's never too late to start and to do the best with whatever life places in front of you.
Thank you for sharing Shilpa! And all the best luck to you in the years ahead.

Thanks Liz.
Your passion for living life to the fullest is really contagious.
It is a joy to have you as a part of the homeopathic network.

You are inspiring! Thank you for your intimate sharing. A vision I had as a very young person was learning and sharing medicine with the people and all the Beings of the world. My path led in other directions for many years, but I came back to it in alternative ways. Then, very late in life I learned about homeopathy. What a revelation. So, thank you, Shilpa, for providing the energy and dream for giving and learning in such a wonderful community!!

Thanks Rhianna. Lovely to connect with you too.

There are very few in this competitive world who thinks beyond them. You are a blessed one send for a mission. May you be successful in all your endeavors.
Dr.PS Deb

Thank you for looking out for the needs of all our people, equipping practitioners of various sorts with tools for deep healing. And thank you also for the frankness of sharing your journey. It will inspire us all, I believe, to be honest about our dreams and visions.

Thanks Kurt.
Welcome to the community and it is wonderful to connect with you here.

Hi Shilpa,thanks for sharing your thoughts with us.Doing wonderful,inspirational.I am looking forward to know more about your experiences.

Thank you for your generosity and sharing your story. You have inspired me to follow my passion!

Hi Shilpa,

As a homeopathic newbie, I am in awe of all the lofty goals and exciting information that I will have access to and to learn from to help others. Thank you for making this possible. Mary

  1. Integrative Medicine is the key to real health.
    I could write pages on this, but here’s a summary: It is not about one system of medicine against the other. Conventional medicine is amazing for acute emergencies and boosting survival in dire situations. Holistic mind body medicine such as homoeopathy is incredible for chronic diseases and preventive medicine, thus improving human potential to live life to the fullest resisting illness and disease.
    Both conventional medicine and non-conventional practitioners working together will make an impact, creating real health and wellness… and raising the quality and quantity of life throughout the world.

Well said. It is a must to happen for the good of people.

I am just an enthusiast and try to treat self and family with homoeo meds with the help of books and online resources.

I am a freshly passed out homoeopath and after reading about your journey I am really inspired and motivated on what I want to do in life. I believe in Integrated approach to curing the sick individual.
Thanks a ton.