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The three steps for a successful outcome in a stuck case

Homoeopathically stuck case

Most patients who come to homeopathy have tried many conventional treatments and many other alternative therapies before.
And most of them want their disease to be eliminated completely and possibly permanently.

If they have never tried homeopathy before some of these cases may seem really simple. Homeopathic approaches even at Stage 2 provide key prescriptions that do the job wonderfully well. We have all experienced these cases in our clinics many times especially in kids who start homeopathy very early.

However there are patients who have been on many common homeopathic prescriptions before that did not solve the problem completely.

This is exactly when we have a case that is homoeopathically stuck. Such cases have always challenged and fascinated me.

In studying all my stuck complex cases, there were almost always certain missing links that were never explored or covered by remedies.

One tried and tested way in my practice which has helped me in finding these missing bits is to explore all four stages of evolution of the disease process ie from core disturbance to the pathology as I have elaborated in my books.

But there was something more that was common in cases which cannot go through the four stages.

What holds your patient back?

Many times when travelling through the stages there was something which held these patients back.
This 'holding back' in some of the stuck cases was subconscious. ie although many of these patients were ready to travel through all stages there was a resistance at the subconscious level which they were not even aware of.

It was only evident during the case taking process. The cases start going tangent at some point. They protect themselves from feeling vulnerable and facing their deepest fears and address issues they had never explored before which actually formed a part of their core disease process.
Unless it was explored during case taking and addressed by the remedy the transformation and complete resolution was not possible.
But there is something which I need to share here. What holds your patient back is sometimes exactly what holds you back.

Let me share with you a case around four years back to explain this. It is a case which was not completely resolved because I was stuck and afraid to go beyond my own fears which were necessary to complete a process.

However it played a huge role in helping me unlock many more similar cases since because it helped me explore what held me back as a practitioner too and encouraged me to step up and complete the process for many clients later.

So this journey is both exhilarating at the same time the most intimidating for both the patient and the practitioner.

So today I want to share these three critical steps which make this journey smoother and help complete a breakthrough.

The three steps of unfolding a stuck case

I call it integrative homeopathy. This is because it isn't another new approach that forms these three steps. It is an amalgamation of all our known homeopathic approaches till date in an organised manner so you don't miss out any important bits homoeopathically. But at the same time it is about being able to let go your own issues and simply 'be' for your patients so that they are able to do the same.

Step 1.Honoring and respecting the needs of your patient.

In the last two blogs I have shared with you this vital step. This connection with my patients in the first interview breaks the ice. I simply choose any one approach at a Stage where they were most comfortable at. This not just created trust but also prepared them for the journey ahead so that their real wants could be fulfilled.
This remedy not just opened up the case but it also created an amelioration at the lower stages which made the deeper stages emerge clearer.

Step 2.Taking control and helping them connect with their deeper disturbance

Once they had indicated that they wanted to go further, I had then taken the lead and took them through a journey. It was a journey within themselves where we traced the source of their problem and disease. It was connecting with their core disturbed energetic pattern of the disease process. It also confirmed how the disease was created in the first place.
This complete disease understanding process can take one or more sessions.
At some point they may experience a certain resistance. Depending on the case this resistance could be strong or weak. This is one critical step which was missing in my earlier stuck case. This is difficult to explain but when you are completely 'there' and are not scared to ask those questions, express that conviction and faith, they can trust that its ok and safe to let go.

The most common feedback from patients when they come through a strong resistance at the other end was that although exhausting at times there was a deeper sense relief which was hard to describe. So it is worth it for both the patient and you in a way.

This breakthrough point in these case may help them experience the start of healing right during the process.

Step 3.Fine tuning prescription and resolution

Here appropriate remedy/ies and potencies were selected and prescribed at the deeper stages to continue the momentum which started during the first session for a sustained and complete resolution.
Again there was no right or wrong approach. It was about that completing the process according to your own strength and gifts and what aligns with your patient. Each and every patient is so different and opens up at a different rate. Generally one remedy ( simillimum) became crystal clear the nearer I was to the core disturbance. A simillimum generally can be confirmed in a case using every known approach.
With or without the simillimum what was more important was to cover all four stages of the disease spectrum with appropriate remedies.

Why and When did I decide to take my patients to all stages?

If you look at the work and approaches of successful homeopaths through history you will realise that each of them shared a common greater expanded vision ie make a significant impact in the world and contribute to health and disease. They spoke of actual cure and about achieving ideal health.

The greater their vision, the greater was their sphere of awareness and presence and greater their influence on helping their patients towards this ideal health.
Hence their approaches were a distillation of that. What was common about these approaches was that they covered at least three of the four stages in a disease evolution.
So unless all those stages were addressed complete unfolding was not possible.

I was teaching the works of Compton Burnett to my final years students last week. He had a phenomenal success rate in treating gross pathologies with homeopathy which is still a huge challenge for homeopaths to this day.

Although regarded as a non classical homeopath at heart with predominance on specificity of seat and organopathic approach, I realised that was just not true. He was very clear about the pros and cons of just working with organ remedies. He realised that curing needed something more and studying his cured cases you realise that he complemented organ remedies matching at lower stages with zoic ( nosodes) remedies at higher stages. He was someone who used the low and high potencies with equal ease, and hence worked at lower and higher stage with equal mastery.

No doubt he could provide his clients the outcome they wanted no matter what approach he chose.The process was common.

In my own experience I have rarely cured the entire disease in my clients when my vision was only about treating pathologies. Having said that I have struggled to eliminate the pathology if my vision was only about finding the deeper energetic disturbance.

Let me know your thoughts and experiences.


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That was an excellent article. I well remember feeling stuck myself, how could I take them further when I was scared myself? Or I wasn't present enough to know how to take them there. Experience helps. We never stop learning.

Thanks Madeleine


Very educational.. Somehow I think universal energy has to be with you to guide. Ultimately is not you as one only can allow oneself to beused.
Thank you for sharing wonderful cases, Jean

thanks Shilpa, I have often felt stuck with a client and felt that part of the sticking is that I don't quiet know how to go further and a fear of what if I don't know what to do with the information they provide. It has been a lesson in trusting myself, the process, honesty and further study for me. We can only get better with experience and intent.

Thanks for sharing that Sally.

It did take me a long time to be ok with not knowing what to do with the information the clients provide.

In hind sight that's the best place I could have been in. To simply continue being curious and understand the clients more and more.
The less the remedies emerged in my mind the better because then I was less likely to direct the consult towards something I thought I knew about them based on these remedies.

Trust me the remedies will come once you have let the consults flow and just be. Simply give yourself the permission to let go and they are crystal clear.


Thanks for that video Shilpa and for sharing your insights.

Dr.Shilpa, in this case if puls has offered much relief to her, it might be the satellite remedy of her simillimum. If the patient might have returned, you would have went further to explore the simillimim but as the patient didn't turn up, you could not reach the core. You have done your job well but u might have went further in the 2nd sitting itself. Anyways as this case is much earlier case, you have hesitated but presently you are taking the core very nicely as I have seen the video of oct 2014.

Well done Shilpa. Keep going...

Excellent Discussion!

Facing that situation myself with some patients I decided to go as far as I could from what they gave me. I really see the need to learn and become better so I can go further but sometimes its beyond my experience and knowledge and I had to accept it!
Thanks for sharing this case!