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This is homoeopathy at it's awesome best...

So on the 17th November 2008, Jeremy And Camilla moved to Tanzania and started a non profit organisation - Homoeopathy for Health in Africa that builds clinics that offers free homeopathic care for people living with AIDS/HIV in Africa.

They started with one and today they have built 20 such clinics in Africa.
I have been working with Jeremy through various trainings and projects since 2013...
However on the 10th Birthday of Homoeopathy for Health in Africa Jeremy shared a special movie with me. And that movie changed something fundamentally about the way I will look at homoeopathy and its impact on the future.
Watching this 30 min movie is a life changing experience. You will never feel bad about what critics and skeptics will ever say about homoeopathy.
Because the more such impact we have, the more we will change the way the world will look at homoeopathy for years to come. This is magical and needs your support. And frankly it will change the way you will look at your homoeopathy and your patients.

And today I want to share this with you. It is a trip report of their 10 year journey. And this movie is pretty special.
And one thing I want to mention is that in this movie there is no stock footage. All is real. All that footage is taken 100% where they are in action over there.
It is pretty special so here we go.


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great work.

This is an amazing video and I have been following Jeremy and Camilla’s progress with great interest over the last few years.

I would like to also bring to your attention the following work in Africa which Elvia Bury ( now 90 years old ) is doing. The London Mission Society was largely responsible for spreading Homoeopathy in India and South America. Although this society no longer exists, it has always been Elvia’s dream and vision to spread Homoeopathy in Africa in a similar way. Through her contact with a missionary who works in many countries in Africa, Elvia has been training lay preachers in basic Homoeopathy and has equipped them with remedies. Her focus has been the epidemics that are rife in the areas in which these people live, AIDS, malaria, cholera etc as well as high blood pressure, diabetes, first aid etc. The following YouTube clips show some of her work:

She has also asked her pupils to keep records. Whilst this is not always easy for them, some of them have been able to do so and send her regular reports. The results, as we know they would be, are amazing.

Elvia and Jeremy and Camilla are in contact with each other and a couple of Elvia’s students have gone on to study in Kenya and/or with Jeremy.

Wow, what an amazing video, Jeremy and Camilla are doing such a great job, all for the sake of homeopathy and humanity. Absolutely amazing.

Knowledge is power, having the knowledge of homeopathy to help the people is great, I hope I can achieve that one day.

This is such an amazing and inspiring video!! What Jeremy, Camilla and their team are doing there in Africa give a great impact not only on homeopathic world, but whole people on the planet.