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This treasure changed my life...

I found a long lost treasure buried in a corner of my garden shed… And it brought me back to the start of everything.

It’s been a crazy journey, from struggling to find my feet as a beginner practitioner to now training over ten thousand practitioners in 74 countries through my network and Academy.

And it ALL started because of the gems in my special collection....

Please leave a comment below and tell me what you think…
What has been the turning point in your homoeopathic journey?


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Homeopathy is wonderful and the people who practice it by heart is wonderful too. Thanks Shilpa. Congratulations,


Thanks Roberto,
Yes indeed. This is such a heart centered business. And I am grateful that these wonderful practitioners showed me exactly how...

thank you for sharing with us. I appreciate your honesty about the anxieties you experienced as you struggled to understand the different approaches to homeopathy. It definitely provides moral support especially when working with difficult cases.


Thanks Deborah. I believe the more we acknowledge our challenges the more we can brainstorm solutions, grow as a community and create a bigger impact...

Honestly Shilpa I'm jealous of all your hard work and experienc! I think that the lack of exposure to 'practice on the floor' as it were is my biggest problem and the crux of my fear in terms of jumping into practice after a years of part time study. Thank you for sharing you self so widely and wow imagine the great book you could write explaining the remedies at all the you think you might do it??...

Cheers Deb

Have you been reading my mind Deb? :))
It does seem to be a worthwhile project to undertake for sure...

I would love to see such a book from you, Shilpa!

Thank you Shilpa. Shilpa all your hard work and experience. I am a little jealous too like Deborah. I think that the lack of exposure to 'practice on the floor' as it were is a big problem (Thank you for writing Deborah) It makes me want to spend a year in clinics in India and experience all the practice that you can get and techniques that you would see working (and not working) such a wonderful learning curve, for remedies, techniques, yourself and your clients.

Yes I highly encourage you to make that trip Sally!!

it is very nice

I am not a homeopath but I enjoy reading about different cases. I am awirking as a yoga instructor and woud like to get a certification in first aid foor sports injuries. Do you think that's doable

Thanks Davira. I am glad you enjoy homeopathy. I believe you should be able to do whatever you want to do in your life.
Best Wishes.

Not everyone has the opportunity to see and learn homeopathy the way you did. I am glad your big heart makes you share your knowledge through this amazing network you created. THANKS and God bless you !

You finish by reminding us to be mindful of respecting all the different ways of practising homoeopathy which is really nice.

My 'practise on the floor' is treating my herd of dairy goats. I can now recognise a symptom in my goats and give them a specific remedy and see the change over night. I have been able to observe how to change potencies as an animal improves. It has really helped to boost my confidence and keep me aiming for a full-time clinic that treats people.

My "practice on the floor" is also with a herd of dairy goats. I would love to get together, as it were, and compare notes. My email address is I would love it if you would contact me.
It's so hard to find anyone with experience treating livestock, and especially goats.

it is really heartening to note that we need to be receptive to all great ideas from masters instead of being rigid to one tool or technique. great education to me. thanks dr.shilpa


Wonderful Dr.Shilpa! Even i am as passionate about Homeopathy. Lovely!

What a journey you had Shilpa and Thank God you didn't give up because now we are all learning so much from you. Your contribution to homeopathy and what you bring to your mentee's is invaluable and so needed. So Thank you so so much:D

Thanks Suzan,
Today it is mentee's like you who inspire me and continue the momentum...

Thanks for sharing your inspiring journey Shilpa and your valuable insights.
Talks like this one always come along just when needed to help us power through the doubt and struggles when presented with challenging cases!!

Thanks Leone.
Best wishes as you embark on this challenging yet highly worthwhile journey.

thanks Shilpa for sharing your journey. You were fortunate to train in India and get such vast experience wish we had such recognition for the benefits of Homoeopathy in Australia. Do you have any suggestions as to how to encourage interest from our medicalised society.

A great question Caroline. I truly believe that as we build a community of highly successful confident and empowered practitioners who provide successful homoeopathy across every corner of the world, our results and impact will speak for us.

Shilpa, you're the best! I love your intelligently nuanced approach to homeopathy and I love more that you share it with everyone. Thanks for inspiring me to continue the journey.

I agree with what others have already written: You have gained so much experience practicing homeopathy - and lacking that extensive practice is a big issues for me as well. In addition, I very much admire your dedication: going out there seven days a week and continuously exposing yourself to all those different approaches - that takes so much...!! So glad you persisted, Shilpa!