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Using Intercurrents in Practice

Inspiration from Supervision.

When I was invited to take up clinical supervision at the student clinic at a college in Sydney at the start of this term, I was in two minds. As much as I have thoroughly enjoyed being a clinical supervisor in the past,over the last few years I have been happily occupied with my private clients, students and online educational activities. Hence before I committed I wanted to ensure I could give this role adequate time and full justice as I have in the past.

Now looking back at the end of the term, I am so glad I took on the role. Nothing can compare the excitement and challenges of supervising and training students in real clinical practice.
We had an extremely busy clinic day each week so I was constantly shuffling between rooms keeping an eye on multiple cases being taken by students in different rooms all at the same time. I found myself multitasking and changing hats between being a practitioner,trainer,coach as well as a teacher. At the end of the day it was an exhausting, exhilarating as well as a humbling experience.

But I must say that it was all worthwhile as I was sharing this with a team of wonderfully talented students.
I guess the part that I personally enjoy in supervision is ability to talk beyond theory and books. To be able to share practical hints, tips and ways of adapting and modifying traditional approaches and resources at different stages to suit the needs of the patients and creating an outcome for them.

All this has inspired me today to share one such practical approach that I frequently use in many cases quite successfully. Hence it is no surprise that I personally learnt this approach outside of the class room. It is an approach of selective use of specific nosodes as intercurrent remedies before or during a chronic case management at Stage 3.
Even to this day when I speak with colleagues from my college hospital and share experiences, it is one of the most frequently used approach to complement a constitutional prescription.

Using Nosodes as Intercurrents

Nosodes can be used as constitutional remedies or sensation remedies at higher stages to match the whole patient like any other homoeopathic remedy in our materia medica. However I have seen them being used extremely successfully as intercurrents by many experienced practitioners in two specific situations as follows -

1) As Antimiasmatic remedies based on predominant miasm - When there are lack of peculiar symptoms in a case eg in one sided diseases or when well indicated remedies do not act during the course of a chronic treatment. This is related to the Kentian Miasmatic Understanding.

2) As Isopathic remedies based on “Never Well Since Syndrome (NSW)” - When a client has been NWS an exposure to a specific acute disease causing agent ( This is related to Hahnemann's miasmatic understanding)

For me using nosodes in such situations to either open a case or boost the progression of a slowly progressing case has been immensely helpful in innumerable cases. I prefer using this to an ill indicated Stage 1 remedy based on disease specific symptoms.

( For more information on stages and miasmatic understanding in practice refer to my second book - The Quest for Simillimum - Miasm and Stages. The first book is free and can be downloaded from the left side of this blog)

I am sure there is a lot of literature available to explain how and why this approach works and many wonderful books have been written on the subject. However my intention for today's blog is twofold. First to acknowledge this simple but extremely powerful approach and secondly to emphasize the role of secondary prescriptions after this nosode.

I want to share a case from my student clinic this term to understand this process.
Click on this video to watch the case unfold.

For me this is just the beginning of her journey and no doubt there will be other remedies along the way. But the intercurrent remedy in the form of the nosode was a vital link in her journey. And as practitioners we are so priviledged and thankful to have patients like her who have the trust and the willingness to continue their journey with us so we can all learn through the process.

Hope this helps you use this tool in similar cases within your practice. Let me know your own experiences and inputs below.

As always, success is all about being open to different approaches, using the ones that work and eliminating the rest.



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Thank you.
Great case. Jean

Shilpa, how did you prescribe the opium? 30c , or higher, dry dose or liquid and how often did you ask her to take it.
Thanks for that insight, very interesting.

Thanks Jane. It was liquid in a 200 potency. 5 drops daily for 3 days then stop.

Hi Shilpa, Interesting.

I'm wondering though about the point of the nosode. In this instance, it seemed that it "opened the case up", rather than do anything else. Had she perhaps, come to the Homeopathic clinic in the first instance, and got a first prescription of opium with a good case take, she may have saved the pain of the nosode. (which btw was it a 6x? couldnt work this out). Any 6x nosode is bound to bring up a load of physical symptoms i would imagine.
Open a case up... or explode a case outward?
Would the opium have acted so beneficially without the EBV?

That's a good question Kylie. It is always difficult to say what could have happened in a particular case if something else was given. However from experience yes Opium would have acted beneficially without the EBV. However the point is would Opium have been as clearly expressed?
Possibly the EBV helped that process...


Thank You
Interesting , You should continue this project. This type of job is essential for the development of Homoeopathy

Thanks a Lot for your interesting breakthrough .
Pl keep up for more such application .
Dr N K Prasad

Am so blessed by this site we such homeopaths in Ghana for a while.Thats great keep it up.

we need such a homeopath in ghana.

Thanks for your great case. I have a client whom I want to perscribe a snake remedy to. I am wondering about the idea of perscribing the syphillinum as an intercurrent if needed. It's a bit scary because syphillinum seems like a strong remedy and does not cover her symptoms except in a miasmatic sense (her rection eg: dispair, suicidal, hopelessness etc) which feature strongly in the case. Have you perscirbed syphillinum in this way (as an intercurrent)?
Thanks, Amy

Yes I have prescribed Syphillinum as an intercurrent remedy especially to open cases when there are no clear indications for the core remedy but the syphillitic miasmatic expression is quite clear.

Thank you for another fascinating case. I was lucky to have studied with a Kentian homeopath whose father was a friend of Kent's. He taught me to use high potency nosodes in the same way as I used any other remedy, either as a primary remedy or as an intercurrent. They've never scared me. I think that's the reason my patients don't have any more serious responses to them as to any other remedy. I firmly believe from my experience that my feelings about the remedies effect my patient's responses to the remedies.

Thanks Shirley. It must be fascinating to learn from someone who was so closely associated with Kent!

When I was a young whippersnapper and had no idea of who Kent was, I thought nothing of having Dr. Smith as our family doctor. It was only after I had studied with him for a few years that the significance of it hit me. I'm glad I didn't know when he first offered to train me. I would have been frozen with awe. As it was, I felt he was the kindly grandfather figure who wanted someone he could pass his practice to when he retired and for some unknown reason, he had picked me. I think it was because I was a mathematician and liked mystery stories and puzzles. He must have thought those would be good qualities for a homeopath to have. I actually wasn't too enthusiastic about the idea when he first approached me with the idea of becoming a homeopath. He promised me that if I liked solving puzzles and liked a good mystery story I would love homeopathy. He convinced me to give it three months and if I didn't like it by then, he wouldn't push the idea any more. By the end of three months I was hooked!

Hi shilpa thanks your sharing, but i am not loaded your video in my browser. How i linked it?

This is a YouTube video Aamir so please check with your internet provider.

Thanks Shilpa your guidance

Dear Shilpa Thank you for you case and insight. I have had to use an intercurrent remedy once when a person I was treaing with Lachesis. There was pain in his left knee, which was not going with specifics or repetition. So had to use Medorrhinum 200C which cleared and then Lachesis started to work again.

Thanks Shilpa for sharing your experience with nosode. I always had fear to use nosode in prescription. But now I can used it whenever it required. Thanks once again.