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What really matters in practice...and what doesn't.

Lots of time when I hear my students start a new practice, they spend a lot of time doing things that they shouldn’t be doing. They worry about things they shouldn’t be worrying about. They prioritize the wrong things and do the stuff out of order.

So if you want to start a practice that is highly attractive to your patients then there is just one thing that matters and this video is all about that.


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Thank you Shilpa, I'm in this process of establishing myself and it's a tremendous reassurance! You are putting into words what was dawning on me these days and I feel more confident to continue sharing myself authentically.

I am glad to hear this Jost. Keep growing and sharing your gifts..

Thank you for this! It was exactly what I needed to hear today

I always thought that my characteristic of showing clearly who I am would be harmful to any business I dared to start.

Thank you for clarifying this issue!

Same for me. And it also shows how sadly distorted our perception of ourselves and our uniqueness is! If we deeply thought of ourselves and our abilities as beneficial and helpful to others, we wouldn't hesitate to show us.

you give me the power to continue. thank you

Hello Shilpa, I appreciate you sharing your experiences. I find it encouraging as I prepare to begin my practice in I agonize over creating a name, create a market research questionnaire, etc. I appreciate the warning to put my focus in the right areas.

That's wonderful Cheryl. My best wishes are with you.

I love this video and message Shilpa. You have demonstrated all of what you speak about here and I resonate with you and that is why I have joined your community and decided to learn and study with you. This is so encouraging, hopeful and I love the direct suggestions you offer. Thank you so much for all you give!

Thanks Suzan. It is a pleasure to support you in your journey

i have a circle of friends and relatives coming to me for treatment but oftenly i regret that why this circle in not expanding but when i listen your lecture every time i comes to see the light in darkness and i motivate myself by listening your motivating lectures thanks

As always beautifully said. I love your authenticity.This is really helpful as I keep thinking I have to be really good/be able to "rattle" off a remedy whenever anyone asks me in passing for a remedy for particular issue(like Dr.Trupti who has amazing MM knowledge and seems to know remedies for therapeutics).
Since moving recently,I don't have family or inner circle of friends here. I have joined a local ladies whats app.;which is generating discussion and last night had 2 calls. How do you suggest reaching out to greater community? I'm thinking Facebook as a possibility. However,since FDA against homeopathy I'm cautious about putting the word out there. Also considering finding places to speak such as support groups for parents of special needs as children, with special needs in particulars the clientele I want.

Thanks Chana. Yes the best way to reach out to the community is finding where they meet both online and offline and sharing your knowledge generously and authentically. FB is too general and not everyone out there may be your ideal potential patient. Instead you could reach out to special FB groups of parents with special needs.

Hi Shilpa, I totally agree with you. Building a community is the most important thing. Actually I am starting to think this can happen faster if one really understands what is it he likes and what is it he doesn't. This is not at all easy to me because sometimes I tend not to trust my inner voice and end up in situations that could have been avoided if I trusted myself in the first place. I think it is a big lesson when one learns he cannot appeal to everyone. Sometimes when you put yourself out there you discovery you appeal to someone you have never thought. At least I discovered this in music, I hope it works the same with homeopathy.

In my experience it is the same with homeopathy too Vania :-)