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Looking Beyond Arnica For Trauma...

Is Arnica Your Default Remedy For Trauma?

We had an interesting discussion in one of my Argentum Mentoring Sessions a month back.
One of my members had a query on managing a case of Trauma.
Her friend's teenager son had fallen off a cliff. He suffered multiple fractures, but remained in a stable condition in the hospital.
She wanted ideas on what could be done homoeopathically to best help the boy.

What followed were some wonderful inputs from members on the Arnica protocol. However for me the main criteria was to look beyond the use of Arnica as a default medicine of choice in every injury and trauma. While sharing some key injury groups the main focus was knowing when not to prescribe Arnica and what to do instead.

Personally I have always hesitated giving Arnica before ruling out other indicated remedies in trauma.
I still believe Arnica is one of the most overprescribed remedy in homoeopathy today and more often than not it is prescribed when nothing actually needs to be given.

Looking Beyond Arnica, Aconite and Calendula....

Hence this time I want to present a case of Severe Concussion after a Car Accident. I used the Boger's Approach at Stage 2. This is the perfect approach when you have common pathological symptoms but you can still find the genius of the remedy at Stage 3 and 4 in a few minutes.

In the process I discovered an extremely useful but rarely used group of remedies. For me many remedies in this group could well be used as a near specific for cases of concussion.

I promise it will offer you a fresh insight for your next case of trauma and inspire you to look beyond Arnica, Aconite and Calendula….

What medicines have worked for you in accidents and injuries beyond our common trauma therapeutics.
Please share your stories below as we would all love to learn from your experiences.


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? hypericum

It was being lifted high in air that produced thought of Hypericum but obviously this a good analysis

What a memorable introduction to Oenanthe - I was thinking Cic as the case was unfolding because i have found Cic helpful for a child who had been lying sideways during labour and his head was being pushed back during contractions - and Cic also has been helpful when symptoms of childhood abuse have surfaced - and after an infant suffered menningitis following suppression of a rash - but Oenanthe seems to be indicated for acute accidents - or a series of them, as your case illustrates. Thankyou Shilpa

I once got a case of crushed/pinched finger in a door 4 days back, of a lady agd. 30 yrs. She came with her husband but did not speak herself, her husband narrated me how the incidence occurred, I saw her a bit restless and asked her what is troubling you? And she started speaking with a slang word about her husband and children, the husband on the other hand apologies to me and said that is the point doctor I bring her to consult you, because she is not of this temperament, but behaving in this manner after she got this injury, and I prescribed Chamomilla 1M single dose with P/L for 3 days, after a week she came with a smile on her face and apologies to me again and again, saying that felt like wild after the injury.

This is such a beautiful example of Chamomilla in an adult!! Thanks for sharing Jayant

Hello, Lovely case, Shilpa. It made me do a little reading on Oenanthe and I was interested to see that Phatak has it listed as worse for injury. Very interesting.

Thanks Fran :)

In my opinion Bellis is a good choice " ---when Arnica fails" I have written about it in my blog in HWC.
It can be checked out there.

Hamamelis is well-known as a remedy for varicose veins and haemorrhoids, but it is also an excellent remedy for acute traumatic injury - particularly indicated where there is venous congestion with bleeding and bruising. Think of Hamamelis for broken nose or black eye following assault or mechanical accident, with complaints of bleeding, bruised soreness, congestion and a tense bursting sensation (eg. painful fullness at the root of the nose; like the eyes are being forced out; like head will burst). Hamamelis hastens the absorption of intraocular haemorrhage; relieves the pain after operations; and can be used as a local application for open wounds and first degree burns. Wants to be shown 'the respect due to me'. A colleague had a case of a night club bouncer who was assaulted while trying to keep the peace. Hamamelis immediately relieved the severe congestive pain of a broken nose.

Thank you for sharing this case, Shilpa. I was confined to Arnica, Bellis perennis, and Natrum sulphuricum for trauma.
Not anymore. Not after listening to this video.

Hi Shilpa, this is a lovely case both in terms of Sx but also differential diagnosis and not being limited as Ismar mentions. I was just listening to some of the audio CDs from Joe Kellerstein's first aid series. I will be interested to see if Oenanthe comes up.

I found that in cases where in as first aid we apply heat or cold package,or rub some ointment spray etc,ARNICA even when indicated would not give desired result, since the orginal symptom had been suppressed

Dear Shilpa, Thanks for introducing anew medicine for trauma cases.For accidental cases i have used Arnica and hypericum if nerve is injured any where.

obviously you have illustrated ad analised the case very acurately with different repertories.Thank you very much.

Keep on bloging such new remedy in use.

Thank you very much for this interesting case. Unfortunatly I didn t have a case like yours. I had only fractures and with calcarea carb and silicea I had a very good response.

Somewhere I read that good old Arnica has the sensation of the head being extended upwards or leaving the body and going up thru the head but obviously this is not the remedy for this case. Do you know if the mum used arnica at all with her girl? I also was thinking of Opium but was struggling to fit the 2 together and now I know why. thankyou

Thanks Sally. Yes she had taken Arnica.

that was a great case, thank you for sharing.

Thanks for a very interesting case Shilpa.

Thank you Shilpa! It's a new remedy for me. Beautiful analysis.

Thank you Shilpa. I've never had the families explained so well before. Your lectures are so easy to understand and assimilate. Your hard work is really appreciated.

Dear Shilpa,
I suffered a bad concussion and neck injury from a car accident back in the year 2000. I wrote a book and included a homeopathic index in the back.

My book includes my story as well as a discussion on what a person feels like who is living through the trauma - especially one who is unable to articulate because of aphasia. Perhaps it might be of interest to you.


The title of my book is Brain Jolt: A Life Renewed After Traumatic Brain Injury, Second Edition with Homeopathic Appendix, by JoAnn M. Jarvis, RN, DHM. It is available on Amazon and also on and Barnes and Noble's site as well.

One remedy that was especially helpful to me personally was Opium.