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Why is confidence overrated in clinical practice ?

Starting a new practice or any new venture, where you are doing it for the first time is a scary experience. Many people think confidence is the key secret ingredient to success and boosting confidence is the answer. Unfortunately it is not.
This video is all about succeeding inspite of that..

Let me know what are your thoughts on my video. What was the key ingredient that got you started?


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I totally agree with you that commitment comes the first for homeopathic practice. I have seen too many talented colleagues left the field saying it is too difficult. Too difficult to make living, too difficult to deal the emotional stress, too difficult to manage clients....their reasons seem to be varied, but the link among them are the lacking of commitment.

Thank you for overcoming your tiredness to do this video. I am almost finished the two year program with George Vithoulkas and need to put together cases and prepare to take the certification exam. I have been told that I need to take on cases and start "practicing" for experience. I feel like I don't have the confidence because I am not certified yet and yet I know I need to take on cases in order to complete certification. It feels like a catch 22. I am passionate about homeopathy and you keep my passion alive when I get discouraged. Thank you!

Thanks Monica, Yes I completely understand what you are going through. Remember its all about baby steps. Start with one case. And please don't be too hard on yourself if you don't get it right the first time. No one does..

I suggest starting with acute non-emergency situations. That should have the greatest chance for success, and the lowest penalty for being wrong. It will also help you differentiate between different symptom pictures for the same ailment.

My first "patient" was myself, back around 1982. I took rhus tox to treat my sciatica, and after several doses I ended up with flu-like symptoms. That led me to find a homeopath to give me constitutional treatment.

Oh Shilpa, SPOT ON! I am a student and the more I have been doing your courses and watching your videos and reading your blogs, the more my enthusiasm and commitment has been rising. About to start seeing clients (under the guidance of an experienced homeopath) in the next month, and I'm actually looking forward to it! A far cry from my previous situation of being super scared and feeling totally unable. Thanks.

This is so heartening and wonderful to hear Julie. Can't wait to see you building your dream practice..


Thank you Shilpa, your video was a good reminder for me. I bit of friendly push.

Yes, this is a very important reminder for me in my homeopathic practice. That is, my commitment & passion provides the groundwork to increased confidence & success. Such a potent message in a little over 9 minutes! Thank you Shilpa :-)

This was a timely video for me. Because I have been wavering lately about expanding my practice for all the reasons you stated. What I kept thinking about was your other instructions about the practitioner being the blockage to the simillimum. I realize that it is necessary to convey to the client that the process is one of discovery and that both the client and the practitioner must be committed to the process. If you believe in the process, then it is easier to make a commitment to continue until you have discovered the key to the simillimum.

For some time, I have been committed to homeopathy believing that lack of success was my failure. That includes my inability to draw out from the client what was needed to find the key. I still believe this, but it helps to hear a homeopath relate the need for commitment and share personal experiences with lack of confidence and the need to persevere in spite of it.

thanks for sharing!

About hearing you made me realise it is all about commitment, not only in homeopathy but also in life as a whole, in every step of our material and spiritual journey. I still feel depressed and question my knowledge when a patient doubts my capacity... But what we should not do is let this feeling stop us from doing what we feel in our hearts is right; Homeopathy is right; compassion and love are right; forgiveness is right. And continuing make us stronger and wiser. THANKS . GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY>

Thank you Shilpa for your commitment to your community. As a new practitioner, I just took the Certification Exam here in the States and I realize that will be a process. In the mean time I will take your advice and just move forward and take chances. I have a very small client list and work another job full excuses right?

watching this video opened up a new dimension in my life ie start off with a strong will and determination even at the cost being nervous which is inevitable. and by contant learning and improvement one can reach the goal. but if i may add this learning and improvement presupposes ABILITY to learn and improve without which we may not reach our goals. thanks dr. shilpa for enlightenment.