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Why most business building strategies do not work.....

The Stages Concept for Homoeopathic Business

Many of you in my homeopathic network are familiar with the way I have classified the various approaches in homoeopathy in four different stages. This Stages concept has helped me understand the the entire process of how the homeopathic process works.

Now the stages concept is not just about homoeopathy. The business process out there can also be classified in exactly the same four stages!
And more importantly the depth and sustenance of every business strategy is dependent on what stage you implement them at.

Getting new clients

Let me walk you through an example.A practitioner wants to get new clients in their business.
He or she can go out and use a number of strategies that are out there in the business world. Every strategy is a tool that helps them create a change in their current situation and get more clients. However the depth of change and hence the type of result he or she would get is dependent on at what stage that strategy is adopted.

So lets have a look at the various strategies for getting new clients with their stages.

Stage 1

Stage 1
These strategies are related to making changes in your environment or behaviour.

E.g Find a new premise or clinic location. Creating a website, or social media page etc. Joining a business networking group. Speaking at an event about your services or conducting a first aid workshop etc.

Stage 2

Stage 2

These strategies relate to changes in your capability ie learning a new skill or technique

E.g Learning a sustainable business formula or Educating yourself on an effective business system that continuously gets new clients through your door. Developing sales skills to convert potential clients into paid clients.

Stage 3

Stage 3

These strategies relate to changes in your beliefs about you and the world around you. Eliminating your deepest fears, concerns, conflicts and misconceptions about yourself, your business, customers, money, relationship etc.

E.g Resolving the fear of success or the fear of failure
Changing your beliefs around your low self worth
Addressing the conflict around money and spirituality. So in short working on all those beliefs that stop you from getting the success you deserve.

Stage 4

Stage 4

These strategies are focussed tapping into your innate potential not just within you but also within your family system ( innately inherited). Releasing blockages and helping you flow to live your life purpose experiencing freedom and abundance...

So as you see there are different levels of change we can create in ourselves and our business. And there is nothing RIGHT or WRONG about wanting to work at a specific stage.
However it does not mean that every strategy works in the same way for everyone at all times.
Every stage is important in its own right and has a specific role to play for every individual.

The Best Way to Start

Now the interesting question is what is the best way to start?

Let me give you a few scenarios to explain what generally happens -

If you work at Stage 1 and 2 and use the right strategies, they will create immediate results in your business. But these changes will not affect any of the higher stages.

E.g if you change your clinic location ( Stage 1) you may suddenly find a few new referrals and bookings. Further if you follow the exact business system ( Stage 2) you will find you can get them into your door and commit to you for a long duration.

However if you have not worked at Stage 3 aspects around your beliefs you will struggle with low self worth, conflict around money and spirituality. And in no time will you self sabotage and get back to feeling crap. So you will recreate exactly the situation you started with... So no matter how much you invest in the best location or advice in town you will be back to square one.

Alternatively if you work just at Stage 3 and 4 you will be able to slowly release your inner conflict and disturbing patterns of the past and family that hold you to live your true purpose. These will over time percolate down to affect you at the lower stages. This will change the way you express, connect and relate to your clients in your business. These ripples spread out as you attract the right kind of people around you and you will find the opportunities and create the success you want.

But there is a problem here. There is no immediate result in your business directly from day one. Depending on how much work that needs to be done at these deeper levels it may take months or years to see the effect on your business. In the meantime you will continue to struggle financially and drained emotionally. Which will mean that you are more than likely to give up.

My Own Experience

The Quest For Simillimum

With my own experience I had been working on myself through coaching and homoeopathy at Stage 3 and 4 for years. Although I developed a lot of clarity around my passion and purpose in the world, I still struggled around my business systems and tools.

But fortunately I got clear protocols at Stage 1 and 2 that worked for me before I could give up. Suddenly this whole process got an immediate boost as everything aligned.

I could eventually formulate and sustain a tried and tested business system and pathway around my passion that eventually funded my lifestyle.

If I had just used strategies at Stage 3 and 4 I would have given up long back. At the same time if I had just used these strategies at Stage 1 and 2, I would have not got the real value from them.

So if you are using just one or two stages in a half hearted way or using the wrong tools altogether at any stage it will not give you the results you want.

So you see you need a BALANCE of working at all four stages around your business with the RIGHT strategies suited to your needs so you can actually have the things that are sustainable in your life.
It doesn't matter whether you go bottom up or top down through the four stages, but you need to go to the whole way to get consistent results or it doesn't work.

So Where are you at?

That's all for now. Hope this gives you the groundwork to build your business strategies.
Finally I have a request. I want you to share at what stage you are struggling in your business. Hope this will give you the clarity and get the best out of some really valuable resources that I will be releasing for you in the coming week.


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Dear Shilpa,

this is very complex topic...but we can talk on it & probably out of this discussion we may be helping some body out there..unknowingly.Hats off to Shilpa for creating such issues which can create endless discussion & in turn help at least Shilpa to review & modify her own business technique .

so all readers should follow some of the business promotional technique as in this case done by our Mentor ms Shilpa. In short one should have some inspirational MENTOR who can guide you.Here the beautiful thing that I have noticed about Shilpa is that she is doing two way job,i.e. behaving like a Guide as well as learning like a student ..trying to get some more clues that she can move forward.So my dear readers ..out there every body ..please
always be hungry to learn & learn..always behaving like students.This is first success Mantra .& now something more.....
Help Yourself
Unfortunately these two words tend to describe the generally selfish and materialistic culture in which most of us live. They result not in self-help but in dependency. Our education and our role models do not encourage us to help ourselves to grow, change and expand our capacities as human beings. Real self-help means recognising that no one else is responsible for our thoughts and feelings, and that we are only ever victims because we choose to be. Our destiny is always and only in our own hands – despite all apparent evidence which may indicate otherwise. Learning to help ourselves is also a prerequisite to extending a hand of assistance to others. We all need a leg up from time to time, but once there, we are always on our own.

please post your reply to this email( also since I am not a regular visitor to this blog.

once again thanks to Shilpa..

Dear Shilpa, I do believe that this model is an actual reality of what actually happens in a business that succeeds in attacting clients .
My experience is also that the ambience and atmosphere you chose to create and the staff that you hire also brings with it the energy of the kind of patients you get .
At one point, my clinic was rather run down because of damage done by unexpected flash floods and the patients that came in were rude and demanding. Later , when I repaired and renovated the place, there was a huge shift in the type of patients . This may seem physical but it is not really since at the same time, I worked with my staff on their attitudes and also with myself. Shifting from being money centered to being principle centered and service oriented helps a great deal and the money part solves itself .

Well done Suriya. And thanks for sharing your experience. It is amazing how things shift when we choose to work at multiple stages.

Well put Shilpa, I'm very interested that you mention family system in stage 4, I'm visiting my birth family interstate next week, so I'm going to take that perspective with me. If my role in the family is inhibiting me from flourishing then I'm open to whatever needs to happen there for my benefit.

Because they forget that the best way to build longlasting business is credibility and it can be achieved not by preaching or cheap marketing gimmiks.