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Your health is in your hands!

When I had recently moved to Australia in 2004, I read an article from Paul Zane Pilzer about the Wellness industry, which said - "Today a new health related industry is emerging that has nothing to do with sickness but all about creating wellness. Wellness doesn’t treat people who are sick but people who are already well, want to stay well, slow down the aging process, feel healthier and keep away from becoming sick."

Having grown up around natural medicine in India, it was really heartening to read this as it certainly showed a positive wave and change in the outlook towards health and disease even outside India.

Further the article mentioned that wellness is not the same as health care. What we call the health care or the medical system has got very little to do with health but concerned with treating the symptoms of sickness.

So this set my mind thinking.

Today as I work with a global clientele across 74 countries I often see people who was passionate about Natural medicine become too polarised about one system over the other.

I grew up in India and having trained as a homoeopathic doctor, I have seen both conventional and homoeopathic systems being used to complement each other and both forms of doctors working together in hospitals. So for me it was never a question of which system was better but more importantly being able to recognise the fundamental differences between the two systems and learn how to use the best of both to our advantage.

And I believe this is an intelligent choice for the future of health and healthcare for us. Now the question is where does homeopathy fit with this changing concept of health and disease.

How is Homoeopathy special?

The concept of disease is changing today. The world today sees the importance of body-mind relation and views disease as affection of the whole human. Recent research accepts that immune system has a big role in preventing chronic diseases and considers that a person is sick first and infections come later.

Herein lies the advantage of homoeopathy because it treats the person as a whole individual and helps strengthens the PNEI axis ( Psycho- Neuro- Endocrino- Immunological) axis. This for me is the core of holistic health.
True Holistic Health is not just absence of symptoms and disease. Being healthy in the true sense is when you meet the demands of life fully and easily, enjoy life to the fullest without restrictions and reach your goals successfully resisting stress, illness and disease.

Homoeopathy aims to help patients achieve that quality of life and reach a level of health where the need for long-term medication homoeopathic or otherwise should gradually reduce in certain chronic conditions.

It stimulates and assists the natural tendency of the body to heal itself by using specially prepared medications sourced from from plants, animals and mineral substances predominantly. They are prepared in a process of potentisation( serial dilution and vigorous shaking) in such a way that they are rendered non-toxic yet highly effective. They are prescribed according to the principle of "Similars" that means that a substance that causes something has the capacity to heal the same thing.

What does health and disease mean in Homoeopathy?

The body is striving to keep itself healthy and in balance and harmony. This is what we call homeostasis. It is an innate response of the body's self healing mechanism to adapt and survive through evolution.

When threatened the body responds by producing symptoms such as pain, fever, cough, diarrhoea etc. This helps body to restore and bring back balance. This is exactly what happens in most acute conditions. However if the body for some reason is unable restore balance, it creates a long term disharmony. Disharmony is dis- ease. (not at ease) – This ongoing battle between body’s defences and homeostatic mechanisms and external/internal agents can lead to chronic conditions.

Hence Homoeopathy regards symptoms as a reaction of the body’s internal mechanism to balance and hence realigns them and supports them, instead of suppressing or opposing them.

These symptoms form the unique disease picture and homoeopathy classifies patients according to this individual picture he or she expresses. No attempt is made to separate the mental and physical conditions. The picture is taken as a whole without concentrating on just one part of the body.

We are surrounded by germ and disease causing agents all around us, inside the body, outside in the food, water we consume and the air we breath. But they can affect us only if the body’s homeostatic mechanisms are weak or unable to cope. Homoeopathy regards the fundamental cause of disease to be within the body itself, which are the weak homeostatic mechanisms of the body. And it aims to strengthen this mechanism itself so it resists harmful agents every time you fall ill.

Hence the major advantage of homoeopathy is that it assists the body in the battle between your body and external agents in an acute infection and your body emerges stronger after each acute illness. It is one of the best preventive systems of healing because your tendency to acute sickness gets better and better with time.

The second important advantage is that by boosting the body's internal healing mechanisms it helps realign its coping mechanisms both mentally and physically.
So it is incredible for people with chronic recurrent disease such as all types of non-specific allergies including hay fever, asthma and skin rashes. It has a distinct advantage over conventional medicine for people with all types of emotional conditions such as depression, mood swings, anxiety as well as stress induced illnesses such as headaches, migraines, gastritis, ulcers, skin disorders such as eczema, herpes. ENT and Respiratory disorders such as earaches, ear infections, sinusitis, colds and coughs, Gastrointestinal disorders like indigestion, constipation, diarrhoeas, colic, irritable bowel syndrome, Muscular and bone system disorders like muscular pains, arthritis.
It is amazing how the frequency of these episodes gradually wane with correct constitutional remedies over a period of time.

So the long term advantage of homoeopathy is in bringing about a harmony within as it balances both the body and mind. The mind gradually relaxes you start experiencing a feeling of well-being. A relaxed mind makes positive decisions and contributes to the quality of life. Homoeopathy makes real changes in people’s lives. This is probably the greatest satisfaction any homoeopath can give and derive. This is the incredible potential we look forward to with homoeopathy when a homoeopath treats you constitutionally. This is what I call Stage 3 and 4 homeopathy.

Having said all that it is important to also realise that Conventional medicine is invaluable in emergencies where you lose vital fluids like massive blood loss, which requires supplements. Certain Surgical conditions require mechanical interference. So do certain severe acute life threatening disorders, which require external help. You can’t attempt to encourage an exhausted drained soldier who is dying. You remove him away from the invader and revive him first!!! Remember homoeopathy can only focus what resources the body has in the right direction, but in someone with suspended or depleted resources, let someone else take care of the invader now without depending on the body!

This is an intelligent decision and a trained homoeopath can quickly recognise the state when you require interference and reference.

However interference and wanting quick relief each time for every ailment without empowering the body to take control is not going to make you independent of fighting your battle. This dependence can make you weaker and your body lacks the confidence to take care of itself. A vicious cycle which can be habit forming. Your body will not want to take the effort to fight. Even an attitude of absolutely avoiding the pain and suffering, ‘just get me back to my job’ will not help in the long run. The laws of nature require efforts and patience but the efforts are worth it in the end.

Understand this difference; Give your body the right resources to fight naturally and innately as a first choice. Work with it and help it grow stronger every time, nurture it well and watch how your health blossoms over the years to come. Care and love your wonderful body. Your health is in your hands!!!


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Dr.Shilpa you are absolutely true with the essence of homoeopathy. I am impressed with your idea.


Thank you so much for taking the time to reach out to your fellow homeopathic practitioners around the world. You give so much. You really create a worldwide free platform and train for successful journey for easy healing with homoeopathic medicine .your‘s bullet train named homeoquest .

Dear shilpa kindly comment on following problem !
I see some new students simply too afraid to start Practice due to some aggravation after the well sleeted remedies in skin disease (eczaema, psoriases) i.e. SULPHER and GRAPHITES.and patient also disturbed for some time?

Dr shilpa it is dream to create a short successful easy and true clinical material medica from deepest sea of homeopathic symptomatology where many student drowning.

The selection of remedy like a pearl searching from a deep sea. The second prescription also a matter for new comer’s .yes your homeoquest is a helpful tool to search for pearls.

I learned a lot from your articles


Dr Masood

With every next case I enjoy in magic of homeopathy. I did not use anything more than machine produced by myself. Now i know that man is made from frequency, and frequency and vibration is only difference between health and illness. This is thing that make life wort to live.